Remnant From The Ashes Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"

Remnant From The Ashes Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"

Views:383456|Rating:4.82|View Time:23:28Minutes|Likes:11864|Dislikes:438
Karak sits down to review Remnant From the Ashes out for PC, PS4 and Xbox. #remnant @remnantgame
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Remnant From The Ashes Review

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21 Replies to “Remnant From The Ashes Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"”

  1. Michael Denczek

    Gotta disagree with you on this one. For forty dollars, this game is fantastic. Buggy, but the patches keep addressing issues…

  2. jedi87

    The coop seems very bad atm my net is fast but people keep joining my game and the just going…i love the game thou just abit frustrating because i need help with boss haa

  3. Xerathiel vi Darquise

    Value it at 10 to 20 bucks. Replayability relys on rng bosses. That arent even hard…
    Also only if you and your friends ran out of coop games.
    The best part is the feeling of the guns. As my friend said, the weight.

  4. Tweakicizer _

    I just picked up this game yesterday and I really wanna praise the AI, for at least one encounter I had. Playing co-op, we we're in a subway area I think just starting. My friend and I got separated and he was fighting a brute and I fell down some stairs. Two of the axe throwing enemies we're rushing me while i was reloading. And i noticed one stayed a little ways back up the stairs and the other came, rushed around and flanked my back. I turned to kill him, but as I did the other up the stairs threw an axe at the back of my head and killed me. I was like "that's smart as hell" not even mad I died.

  5. Nickolas Shults

    thank you for the review. i was on the fence about picking this up, now that i have a better understanding ill wait in buying this after a few things get fixed.

  6. Vijayraj Singh Bisht

    Noted. Going into check back later list of games.

    Hopefully, Remnant have grown a lot by the time THE booster's have arrived.

  7. Six Sick Sixs

    Most overhyped piece of shit ive ever bought and i had to get refund for it. Its not a good game, do not fucking touch this hot garbage. But if you are about to buy it, for the love of god read some negative reviews from steam, the truth is there. If you still want to buy it, well hey man its your fucking money so flush it down the drain if you want.

  8. Dustin Dansie

    I completely disagree, this is a buy now! I think the developers already gave us a "sale" by offering a game that's worth 69.99 for a much discounted price. There is tons of replayability, great shooting mechanics, rpg elements, and solid gameplay. I don't see how control gets a buy now but this game gets a wait for sale? I feel like ACG's reviews sometimes gets away from reality, but I do still enjoy his perspective even though I disagree with him sometimes. I think he does a good job and I respect his opinion.

  9. Eric Smith

    Watched a couple of your reviews and was hit out of no where with your impressive technical language in describing the soundtrack in this one. +1sub

  10. Saiaxs

    I’ve heard it’s occasionally impossible to progress from the very first zone due to how the levels are generated, forcing you to need to start over within the first 20 minutes

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