Repair Job - Bored Ep84 (Repairs on a mac can be dubious) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

Repair Job – Bored Ep84 (Repairs on a mac can be dubious) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

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Repair Job – Bored Ep84 (Repairs on a mac can be dubious) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

Viva La Dirt League

I'm like using iPad I bought this computer a few yesterday you can provide it if there yes have a help are you following the computer ah so hope you use something to kill it at all ah yeah anyway how can I be able to see okay well I bought a loft you you so no one here yep and I took it home that's not working and I need it to work what I can do is have a quick look at it see if I can fix it for you now across the back this what I wasn't yet finally join me to have a quick look at it yeah yeah hallo thank you yeah all done dent should be right as rain read it wrong sorry not just lot of powder all over the keyboard are you event it with cash or credit Caliban I'll help out text Aaron stand circuitry a typical stuff bits three nine nine a bit crude okay okay yeah yeah I'm just your bitch still the same yeah let's redo that is a little done no from yeah and then it's working right that is 100 bucks for you there okay thanks good really need it so I've got a load of dog yeah problem any money look after though good hey guys what's going on be sure to subscribe but more importantly patreon patreon is genuinely very important to us in the stage it's kind of fueling beloved Italy and there's a bunch of awesome prizes over there so be sure to head on over and check it out and win stuff

46 Replies to “Repair Job – Bored Ep84 (Repairs on a mac can be dubious) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)”

  1. Bharath muni

    poor customer of total vldl bored series
    is he is the customer from EP 82 (FLOOR MODEL) who bought LAP from ROWAN ???

  2. log out of ur account

    why tf is rowan the one scamming everytime in these videos. i wanna see rowan get beat up for being a dick

  3. Kimera

    To be fair, that guy is a MC user, they coun't replace a GPU if their life depended on it.
    This video is based on real life events at the store.

  4. Jorcy Gale

    I had this similar issue before, I bought a laptop, after 3 days of using. Its already broken, like blue screen 24/7. After I return to the store, and tell them about the laptop issue then they blame me for it. Which actually the ram that they sold me was a the problem. They said it going to take 2 month to fix the fucking ram, eventually it's been a year and they still haven't contact me. sad life.

  5. Ironbear

    I really love that guy, hes such a good customer, he keeps coming back supporting the business all the time! 😀 (Also I really do love that new guy, hes cool as! :D)

  6. SgtT8ie

    Am I to assume the elaborate plan of Rowan & Rodney job-sharing is about to come crashing down? It's the only explanation I can come up with for Rowan being unable to remember serving the customer….. other than Rowan's a dick, obviously.

  7. FlyingMonkies325

    Why i'll never trust any company, if it's broke then it's broke… nout you can do there but not go back to buy anything to that particular place lol, it's probs why their shop is always so empty, people always rely on phone shops especially but there is no such thing as a "repair department", there might of been at some point… but now with all the cut backs they don't wanna pay anyone to do that job, i like Argos for electronics because mostly they work really well and good quality, for computer builds i buy all my parts online because PC World and other computer companies sell parts that have quickly expire after a year or 2…

  8. Thomas van de graaf

    That is obviously fake it made a cut and then a pc god jumped in to make that fix and then they put Rowan back in the same place to pretend it was him.

  9. Misses Witch

    He should have been more angry about it not working, And then Rowan should have turned it on afterwards to show it was fine! ^^

  10. chupi4life

    I'm looking forward to how Rowan is going to troubleshoot the problem the next time he comes in. We know that type of customer…very needy and never satisfied with a job well done >.<

  11. Stargate88

    Why would anyone not like everything these guys do. They are very talented and very funny. Going through a lot right now and these guys are what brightens my day with laughter every day. Wish I could support with $, but can't right now. But I will very soon. Thank you guy's for what you do. Again, you guy's help me to laugh and keep a positive attitude each day. God bless ya!!! Sorry, rant over. Just can not understand how anyone could gie them a thumb down.

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