Repairing of Desktop SMPS ATX power supply how to basics by innovative ideas

Repairing of Desktop SMPS ATX power supply how to basics by innovative ideas

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This video Computer Power supply PSU fault troubleshooting and repair shows how to repair Computer SMPS of new generation PSU of computers like DELL pc.
I have shown the repairing of Computer SMPS, ATX power supply.
The output we are getting from SMPS are-
3.3 V …… 14 Amp
5 V ……… 25 Amp
12 V…….. 14 Amp
5V ………. 2 Amp
-5 V
-12 V…


Before attempting to make this project, Please be aware of electricity, and if you are having any electronics expert, that will be fine. Please make this project at your own risk..


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21 Replies to “Repairing of Desktop SMPS ATX power supply how to basics by innovative ideas”

  1. Sajjad Akram

    In my case my power supply turns on when i push the test button but second time it does not turn on. To turn it on i have to unplug it for several hours and then it does the same thing all over again. what can be the problem?

  2. Gulamhaider Shaikh

    Wonderful bro.There are so many videos on atx smps but not informative as yours.I suggest,upload a new video on this topic in which the primary consists only single mosfet , and ic tmy567pn ,and or tmy566pn,,-576,-577,-578,-579,-for generating 5v stdbyvotage , switching the atx smps on when excited just by one kick of earth point to the green terminal.

  3. Jailson Damião

    Eu tenho fonte deste modelo trabalhando em um PC, mas na saída de 12+ o indutor teroidal aquece muito, poderia me ajudar?

  4. Parth Bhat

    Hi , thanks for sharing . I have been using my atx power supply as an bench power supply to power my embedded projects.. Today when I used it once after I turned it off and turned it back on after a while.. The only standby light is working.. And its not responding to PS_ON as that pin is shorted to ground through a switch..
    What can possibly go wrong with it suddenly ? .. No swollen caps and no burnt fuse.. Its just not responding to the PSOn any ways yo troubleshoot it ?

    Thanks in advance

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