Resident Evil 2 (2019) - Easy Allies Review

Resident Evil 2 (2019) – Easy Allies Review

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The remake of Resident Evil 2 honors its legacy while bringing modern improvements that make the terror feel brand new.

Written by Michael Huber
Video Edited by Brandon Jones
Reviewed on PlayStation 4 Pro
Available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

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Resident Evil 2 originally released in 1998
on the PlayStation and has since been ported to numerous platforms. Over the years, it has frequently been cited
as a fan-favorite entry in the prolific, ever-evolving franchise. So in August 2015, Capcom announced
that a full-fledged remake was in development. Now, over twenty years after the original game’s release, it’s time to re-enter the horror. Resident Evil 2 is set in the fictional Midwestern town
of Raccoon City near the infamous Spencer Mansion. A few months after the bizarre incident
involving the elite S.T.A.R.S. unit and illegal bio-weapons, rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy loses contact
with his department and enters the city to investigate. Claire Redfield is also in the city
looking for her brother Chris, and the pair soon finds themselves besieged by zombies. They agree to search for survivors
but are quickly separated in the ensuing chaos. While the central plot remains faithful to the source
material, characters are expanded upon in subtle ways. Leon and Claire both have their own separate
six to eight hour campaigns, featuring different characters,
weapons, and story beats. Leon is joined by the enigmatic Ada Wong
as the two investigate why the outbreak happened, while Claire finds the young Sherry Birkin in peril. While the majority of each campaign unfortunately
takes place in the same locations with similar puzzles, they offer slight variations
to keep it from feeling like a retread. More importantly,
different weapons force players to apply slightly different tactics for each character. Each campaign takes place primarily in the Raccoon
Police Department and its immediate surroundings. Due to hardware limitations in the original version,
rooms were separated by loading screens that provided some measure of safety from the undead. Now virtually nowhere is safe,
as the building feels overrun and menacing. Much of it is in shambles with locked doors
and broken contraptions. Slowly but surely, boarding up windows,
unlocking shortcuts, and solving the many secrets within
is deeply rewarding. Compared to the original layout,
the remake manages to differ considerably but retain many similarities. Certain hallways and rooms are nearly identical, offering feelings of intense nostalgia
often cut short by a terrifying foe. Combat encounters are risky and dangerous
even on standard difficulty. Zombies are relentless as they bob and weave
in an effort to close the gap and chew your neck off. Headshots are essential but they require precision
and patience, the latter of which isn’t always possible when surrounded by a horde. You can also shoot off limbs to provide
a tactical advantage depending on the situation. Resources and ammo are always in short supply so missing shots isn’t only demoralizing,
but life threatening. The cramped confines of the RPD building
are a nightmare as zombies lurk in the shadows and lunge from seemingly out of nowhere. Even after landing countless headshots,
you never truly know if they will stay down or rise again and again. The only way to be certain
is to destroy the head entirely; a job made easier by high powered weapons
like the shotgun or magnum. Zombies are more ferocious than ever
but hardly the most intimidating foe. The iconic lickers return, capable of evisceration
with just a few swipes of their sharp claws. Trying to exterminate the deadly creatures
can be considerably taxing on resources and should be avoided whenever possible. The most dangerous enemy however is the Tyrant. The hulking menace relentlessly pursues
Leon and Claire throughout much of the campaign. It is extremely unsettling to hear his ominous footsteps
echo through the walls only to stop right outside the door. Unloading tons of ammo into the brute
can knock him off balance and stun him just long enough to make an escape, but he will find you again. Just when you think the situation is under control,
Resident Evil 2 pushes back. It may come in the form of a new enemy type,
a complicated puzzle, or a brutal boss fight. The boss fights do a wonderful job
of consistently escalating the stakes and they offer some of the most memorable moments
in the game. Sometimes just shooting them isn’t enough,
and like most of RE 2, they ask you to think on your feet and stay calm. If things are sounding too stressful,
there are three difficulty settings, including Assisted which has weaker enemies, regenerating health, and aim assist. The standard setting features an adaptive difficulty
in which enemies become easier or tougher
depending on how well you’re doing. Hardcore offers stronger enemies, no autosaves, and most notably,
it requires ink ribbons to save progress. The options are perfect
for newcomers and veterans alike, ensuring everyone can engage with Resident Evil 2
and still feel the palpable tension. The puzzles have been reworked
while maintaining their core themes. Keys in the shape of card suits and plugs
shaped like chess pieces make notable returns. The amount of variety is remarkable,
and even though some are much harder than others, they never feel cheap or obtuse. Documents and items can be examined
to find various clues, while the intuitive map
clearly labels rooms that have more to offer. The item box is an essential part of classic Resident Evil and it can be used to store equipment
when you are over encumbered. Many weapons and items make a return,
but there are a few crucial additions. Combining a red and blue herb
provides a defensive boost for a limited time, making it perfect for boss fights
or other intense encounters. Gunpowder can be used to produce different
ammo types, depending on what’s needed, while secondary weapons like the combat knife
and grenades can be used offensively or defensively. Gunpowder and secondary weapons
aren’t new to the franchise, but their implementation here adds
an additional layer of depth to round out combat. Resident Evil 2 looks stunning. The RPD is consumed by sinister darkness,
only penetrated by half-destroyed lights or your trusty flashlight. Flames burn cruelly in the rain-drenched night, and each zombie’s lifeless eyes
stare hungrily at their next meal. Gore is rendered in intricately repulsive detail, ensuring that you’ll feel and remember every kill. There are a hefty amount of unlockable rewards
for completing various milestones. Simply progressing through each campaign
unlocks concept art and character models, while earning an A or S rank
by completing the game quickly earns additional costumes and bonus modes. There are even a handful of tasks
that ask you to perform different feats like not using the item box
or solving certain puzzles as efficiently as possible. The records section also highlights the fastest times
and highest ranks earned for each campaign. It all adds extra incentive to replay the game
multiple times, perfecting speed runs
and attempting unique challenges. Resident Evil 2 manages to remain
faithful to the original while simultaneously feeling new and modern. Superb visuals bring everything to life,
emphasizing the constant sense of terror. Puzzles are brilliantly balanced, and slowly escaping the RPD by uncovering
its many mysteries is incredibly rewarding. Meanwhile, new additions like the secondary weapons
and defensive herb increase the depth of consistently dangerous
combat encounters. Whether this is your first trip to Raccoon City
or one-thousandth, you are not prepared for the horror that awaits. Easy Allies Reviews are made possible
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38 Replies to “Resident Evil 2 (2019) – Easy Allies Review”

  1. Easy Allies

    Hi all! I like to keep my reviews as spoiler free as possible. One of my criticisms I felt like was too much of a spoiler. I also felt nitpicking things like “visual pop-in when you place a board on a window” are unnecessary to address and just bloat the review. – Huber

  2. Alan Hansen

    Can someone please kindly tell me the name of the music which plays at the end of the review when the score is given?

    Thanking you ahead of time.

  3. McK

    Imagine the riot in the EA community if anybody but Huber did the review. Lol

    "uh yeah guys, we lost all of our Patreon support"


  4. VikingBoyBilly

    This review's so fake it might as well be IGN. You should get a human to play these games, or maybe a zombie. It's a step up from a canned robot.

  5. Thwap23

    Man reviewers really can't win, if Huber would have given the game a 10 a ton of people would have just said he's biased because it's Resident Evil but with the 9 he gave it a large portion of the comments are people saying they are disappointed he didn't give it a 10. I feel for you Huber, I know it's a 10 for you personally, great review and I appreciated you being objective. Great wordplay, 10/10 review. At the end of the day, it's just numbers, it's your words that matter.

    I just wanted to add that I just got into the Resident Evil series starting with REmake and now this and am loving everything about it. It has a really underappreciated story/narrative in my opinion, an unfolding mystery about a pharmaceutical company making bioweapons, what's not to love! I have been a fan for a very long time and have heard you gush about the series for years but was never really into survival horror. Between RE2 being your favorite game and the remake coming out I decided I'd give the series a shot. I started up REmake on Steam since It was already in my library from a humble bundle and man am I glad that I did, I got really into it pretty much right off the bat. Amazing game and I liked the RE2 remake, even more, suffice to say I guess I am a survival horror fan. The best part is I buy a LOT of game bundles and random games on sale on PC and actually own pretty much the whole series, all I need to buy is a copy of 3, Code Veronica and Revelations 2. Between the rest of the series, The Evil Within and Dead Space 1&2 it should be a great next couple months for me and it's all thanks to you. Thank you Huber, not only for getting me into Resident Evil but a whole genre of games I didn't know I'd love. It wouldn't have happened without you.

  6. Adam Poole

    7:26.. defensive herb?… that's not a thing… they're are healing herbs and defensive weapons like grenades and the combat knife

  7. BoxyTheSpaceDog

    I disliked that game shows you points of interest around items you can collect or use instead of you as player searching the environment for them yourself,also there's no atmosphere,no eerie music that would follow as you enter certain places,basically no soundtrack at all.Also that Tyrant enemy is just pointless,you can knock him down but never kill him which looks altogether unrealistic.Also there's a lot of Hollywood movie type of dialogue with unnecessary swearing just to create tension but altogether feels forced and artificial at places.With 2 campaigns that look similar this looks like lazy work and also graphics aren't nothing special neither for todays standards.

  8. chanakaZk

    20 years ago, Resident Evil PS-1 game and graphics felt like this too, only because it was a game beyond its time!! I never came across such a good, creative story line with such good graphics! Second best for me is Dino Crisis.

  9. Lion Of Truth

    I always get a cozy feeling listening to this man’s reviews. Makes me think of G4 TV and the early 2,000’s. Love that old school vibe. ❤️

  10. EX7Sonic

    People are complaining about the score but after playing it myself, I completely agree. Probably the biggest thing for me was the lack of diversity for the B scenario. It's basically the same as the character's A scenario with some items moved around and a sooner encounter with certain enemies. Compare that to the original game where the entire last section is a completely different area from the A scenario and the story is slightly different. Not to mention two different final bosses as well. Aside from that, the game is amazing. Despite beating it 3 times now, I still get the creeps in the early game when you first enter the Police Station. Minor Spoilers:

    One other thing that is kinda minor since most of us already know the story is that Leon and Claire's stories don't really intersect or impact each other. Again, going back to the original, you see them interact with each other more in the Police Station and the things they do affect each other like Claire blowing up the wall to the Chief's office or Leon pushing that swat car out of the way. Also, it makes no sense as to why I'm solving the same puzzle the other person should have already done. Like why am I trying to find the medals again?

  11. Laura Gómez López

    Dear Resident Evil 2 team,

    I want to thank you all for all the hard work that came into making RE2 remake a reality. Millions of people like me had their wish come true with the release of this game.

    I want to stress how much I loved my first play-through of New Game Claire or Claire A (old nomenclature). I cannot describe the amazing feelings of joy while thinking how to save ammo, solve puzzles, where to go next, etc. I was an extraordinary experience for me.

    However, I do want to share with you a couple of thoughts that crossed my mind while playing Claire A, that made Leon B a bit of a disappointment:

    ∙When Claire meets Leon just outside of the police station, after getting the spade key, I thought: “this is amazing! It has been between 30 and 60 minutes for me to get here (arguably more than the demo, and especially playing the game on Hardcore mode), so this only means that Leon has been wandering the city for a while before getting to the police station!”. No such luck: Leon B gets there in a 1-minute run. Missed opportunity.

    ∙Leon doesn’t just go in to the police station right there, so it could've taken him a while to get to the main area. Maybe he gets there after Claire leaves for the first time. That's exactly what I imagined as soon as the secret passage that was opened using the 3 medallions with Claire A was closed right behind her. I imagined Leon being able to leave the station for the first time through an alternate passage, using items other than the, by then useless, animal medallions. I even pictured having all of the doors unlocked by ∙Claire still be unlocked, and maybe have Leon’s unique gun ammo and key items there so that it would still be worth exploring. Maybe tougher enemies like the lickers would already be there, too, which would make sense if B scenarios were meant to be slightly tougher.

    When I first ran into Mr. X, it was for sure a great first encounter, out of nowhere, without the need for a cutscene to make it that much more impactful. I did however think that in Leon B you would get to see where he came from (helicopter like in the original game, or something new), and have a completely different first encounter; maybe even while Claire was fighting William downstairs. And maybe that's why he was already there roaming the police station when Claire A gets back from the garage.

    ∙As soon as William ripped Mr. X going into the elevator, I had phenomenal thoughts of fighting a mutated, half-torn Tyrant in Leon B right around after that scene.

    I will stop here because I think that even only these 4 thoughts make my point come across. Even only these 4 points can give you a picture of all the many instances where I was picturing what was to come of my B scenario run.

    I adored my first playthrough with Claire; enough, on its own, to want to think of RE2 as a 10/10 game in my mind. And that thought is still there, don't get me wrong. BUT, when I got to the station as Leon B to meet with Claire in less than 60 seconds, I was a bit disappointed by the inconsistency. Solving the same puzzles and using the same keys to unlock the same rooms (except for heart vs. club keys) didn’t bother me much, even though avoiding it was reasonably possible. However, when I played through the same William fights in the exact same locations, ran into Mr. X the exact same way while solving the exact same item placements, and worst of all, having Annette’s death be completely inconsistent with what I has just watched during Claire’s play-through, it didn’t feel good.

    Still one of my favorite games of all time. Thank you for making this game a reality, and I hope to see many more of these in the near future!

  12. Chase Redd

    As much as I love the original, the Remake was better to me. Also playing this Remake with the OG soundtrack made me appreciate it much more. My 5th favorite game of all time now.

  13. Sandor Clegane

    I have one complaint about this game, the music. It doesn't fit, feels rather boring and stale in my opinion. But then I saw a dlc with original music/sounds! Sneaky Capcom, normally I wouldn't buy such dlc's but I need it for this game, everything is so amazing so I'm glad they added this atleast, even though it should have been an option from the get go.

  14. Tensketch

    1:38 – you make a comment about how the campaigns come across as similar with only slight variations. A few media outlets seem to have made the same mistake, playing the same campaign twice with each character instead of the opposite campaign with the other character. It makes you wonder if the game offers a counter-intuitive means of displaying this feature, as a few people have made the same mistake for their reviews.

  15. Ryan Milligan

    Damn that first licker encounter made the 12 year old me piss himself, im a big boy now, no bunking off school with mates to play..

    Il be bunking off work instead

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