Resident Evil Code: Veronica X All Cutscenes GAME MOVIE

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  1. Rachel Ryan

    Alexia Ashford must have inhaled laughing gas at some point because she never stopped laughing  before she  spoke quite creepy actually

  2. D空

    Wow, the voice acting is so bad and the script is ridiculous (Claire should have been dead when Steve burst his SMGs at his father.) Still enjoyed it tho, hah.

  3. MysticAlucard15

    Steve's voice reminds me of Gary Oak from Pokémon.  His voice also sounds like Link from the Super Mario Bros Show.  "WELL EXCUUUUUUUUUUSE ME PRINCESS!!!"

  4. osiris constantinos


  5. MysticAlucard15

    Fuck you Gary Oak, I mean Steve.  Makes me wish Claire would throat punch you and feed you to the zombies so that you can descend to the Distorted Realm to be Giratina's meat puppet.

  6. Chiji

    One of the best re stories just that the dialogue and acting is shite lol but if you look past that it’s really good, poor steve

  7. H MAN

    interesting how crazy the plot is yet I thoroughly enjoyed it. While RE Zero and RE6 have convoluted plots. I think I was really curious with where the story was going at the time, and this was a nice twist. I remember after, waiting for the next one, to see this final showdown with umbrella. How dissapointed I was 10mins into RE4 🙁

  8. gibbs615

    I say this was the REAL CANON ALEXIA unlike the bratty & kinda annoying one from RE: THE DARKSIDE CHRONICLES just like this was the real canon story too!

  9. Ally Sh

    15 years ago, when I first played this on Dreamcast, I was fascinated by everything, graphics, plot, voice acting, being in 3D and so on…. As charming as it may be till this day, I only have one problem now, the dialogue, it's shitty as hell! Fuck it's so childish… Then again, I still love Code Veronica, and I'd finish it again if I have the chance to ❤️

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