Review: LG 5K UltraWide 34-inch Display - worth the wait?

Review: LG 5K UltraWide 34-inch Display – worth the wait?

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The LG LG34WK95U UltraWide 34-inch 5K2K display (On sale for $1399 at B&H: is a 21:9 display with a native resolution of 5120×2160. Is it the perfect display for Final Cut Pro X? Read full review:

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hands-on with LG's 34-inch five k2k ultra wide nano IPS display is it worth it thanks for watching nine-to-five Mak be sure to thumbs up click the subscribe button and then enable notifications with the bill icon so you won't miss any upcoming videos so here it is folks the highly anticipated LG ultrawide monitor at 34 inch 21 by 9 widescreen display we are going to talk about this right now this of course was revealed at CES 2018 it won awards and all that at CES and if you've been following me on Twitter you know I have lamented about how long it's taken for LG to finally release this well they did and it is available for purchase right now of course that's good timing with the Mac Mini and the new MacBook Air just released as well so we're gonna unbox this thing check it out and tell you if this ultrawide monitor may be a good investment for you and your particular workflow so here it is 34 inches diagonal a very very wide monitor we'll get right back to that let's go ahead and unwrap everything else here is the base stand it is comprised of aluminum and you can see those little rubber pads on the bottom to help keep your monitor steady on your desk and you can see a nice little thumb screw here that allows you to quickly lock it into place with the monitor arm which is right here now this monitor arm also easily connects to the rear of the LG ultra wide display and it has tilt built-in so now let's go ahead and connect the base to the monitor arm you can see how easy that is just turn the little thumb screw like that and we're locked into place so flip it upside down and let's go to the accessory box here and see what's inside so we have a whole bunch of different cables of course you have your Thunderbolt 3 cable this is a 2 meter cable which should give you plenty of slack to connect to your Mac you also have a power cable notice no unsightly power brick which is nice you also have a cable management tool that snaps onto the monitor arm and you have a display port cable notice a little 5k tag there we'll talk about that in a little bit and you have a USB uplink cable this is a USB B connector in a u.s. a connector and a whole bunch of documentation in here as well and can anyone tell me what this is I've seen those before but I don't know what they are yeah so anyway let's talk about connectivity on the back of the display so you have a whole bunch here of course you have your Thunderbolt 3 connection you have display port which is DisplayPort 1.4 compatible and you also have 2 HDMI 2.0 ports so that is not going to be something that you want to want to use though on this display we'll talk about why that is you have a couple of USB ports in that USB B connection which gives you up linked via a USB connection to your Mac if you want to do that of course you also have uplink via USB C slash Thunderbolt 3 and that of course is the preferred connection that you want to use for this display of course you also have a king synced in lock down below as well so if you want to attach or remove the display you just press down a little button like that and it unlocks and snaps back into place you can also mount it on a vase alarm if you want to do that it's 100 by 100 compatible above the air vent on the back you have an ambient light sensor on top of the housing and thanks to the adjustable arm you can raise or lower the display by a hundred and ten millimeters so depending on your desk height and your just overall desktop configuration that can be handy very useful to be able to lower or raise that it can also tilt by 15 degrees for it and negative five degrees backwards like this so again it's all about getting that perfect viewing angle and to make sure that the display is level on your desk you can also adjust left and right just a hair like this so just in case your your desktop is a little unleveled you can get the monitor leveled out just right now let's look at some other features of this display on the bottom you have a little joystick button and this is used to adjust volume and to adjust all other settings on the display there's just one button and it does everything so it's a four-way joystick and you can also press in on it to confirm any changes that you make now there's also a pair of 5 watt speakers on the left and right side of the display and as usual for a display they're pretty terrible what the the job done in a pinch alright so here is the LG 34 wk 95 you that is a very long model number but that's what it is again the 5 K 2 K ultra wide it's funny because LG changed the marketing from the 5k will to ride to the 5 K 2 K ultra why we'll discuss why that is in a little bit ok so let's get it all connected to our 2018 Mac Mini by the way if you haven't seen our 2018 Mac Mini review make sure you watch it after this video and thumbs up if you've already seen it and enjoyed it but now we're going to talk about the meat and potatoes that is a resolution and really this is going to be the determining factor as to whether or not you should look into purchasing this display resolution because that's what it's all about and I mentioned that LG changed the marketing a little bit here is the default resolution you want to hold the option key when you click the scale button and that will give you all the available resolution values here and you can see the default resolution is 2560 by 1080 which is half of the native resolution on both the X and y axis which is 50 120 by 2160 that gives you that nice Retina view with super sharp text that's big enough to read now let's compare the LG ultra wide to a true 5k display with 50 120 by 2880 resolution so as you can see the LG ultra wide actually has less resolution than a true 5k display you lose a lot of vertical resolution so you can't even say that it's a lateral move between a 5k iMac for instance and this display it's actually a downgrade with respect to pure resolution but here's the thing if you're coming from a UHD 4k display with 3840 by 2160 native resolution the LG ultra wide 5k 2k display is actually a pretty big upgrade because you gain a lot of horizontal resolution notice this this is the 4k view now let's expand it out to that LG ultra wide 5 k 2k view and you get a lot more horizontal resolution which is great for apps like Final Cut Pro 10 ok so let's talk about some of these other display connections HDMI the short of it is this if at all possible avoid using HDMI connections with this display because it doesn't have enough bandwidth to provide full resolution output native resolution output for this display so you're gonna be stuck with the nasty-looking 4k or less resolution text is gonna look blurry is it's just not an ideal solution at all so avoid HDMI if at all possible if you can't use Thunderbolt 3 for your setup use DisplayPort because it actually can provide full 5k resolution so this is a good solution for e GPUs without Thunderbolt 3 pass through but make no mistake about it this is a Thunderbolt 3 display and as such you really do derive a lot of benefits from using Thunderbolt 3 obviously it's the ease of use that single connection that does everything the fact that you gain a full resolution and it provides power it delivers power to a MacBook Pro and it will charge that macbook pro even the most spectacle speed so you can see I have my Thunderbolt 3 connection here connectors of the display and I get full power delivery to my MacBook Air and also you can use those USB a ports on the back of the monitor with Thunderbolt 3 so you can actually access those now here's a downside the 2018 MacBook Pro has some issues the 15-inch models specifically if you try to connect a 15-inch 2018 MacBook Pro with the AMD 5 60 X GPU you may run into some issues until it can get worked out between Apple and LG if you go to LG's site you will notice that lots of people are complaining about the 2018 MacBook Pro with the 560 X GPU obviously there are some problems some handshaking issues going on between that particular MacBook Pro model and the LG ultra wide 5k 2k display the good news is that if you kind of peruse through those reviews you do see one review here that says it works great on the latest Mac OS 10 point 14 point 2 beta I haven't tried that because I don't have a 2018 MacBook Pro anymore but hopefully that is the case at Apple and LG you can get this worked out soon let's talk about build quality this display has a very slim bezel but you can see where the bezels meet there's no molding on front covering those bezels so it's kind of an eyesore to see where those bezels meet there's a little line also the build quality overall it's pretty much all plastic saved the the base stand and because it's all plastic the the rears plastic the Front's plastic the arms plastic everything's plastic except the beasts in and as a result you get a lot of wobble when the stand is adjusted to its tallest height as you can see here now LG is certainly not the only display maker that makes their stuff out of plastic a lot of display makers do however I hate the trend I think it's so stupid just invest a few extra dollars to give us a metal arm at least so that we'd have some stability that is plastic even though it's painted to look like metal which is shameful in my opinion for a display that cost fourteen fifteen hundred bucks now to eliminate some of that bobble you can push the stand all the way down to its lowest height you get a lot less wobble in that case as you can see there unfortunately not everyone can work with this display set at its lowest height a lot of people need to raise the display depending on their particular needs and their desktop setup and as you raise it that introduces more wobble now the good news is that with the Mac keyboard I didn't notice much wobble as I type however if you move at all on your desk it is going to wobble this display and you're gonna notice it I've used some third party monitors with some absolutely terrible ways to control the settings but LG really does a good job they have that little joystick that we mentioned earlier that allows you to adjust quick settings on the fly of course you can adjust volume but you can go in adjust picture mode you can go in and adjust input on a whim just like this it's super easy to control with that little joystick let's go into the full settings here and let's look at some of the settings offers you have quick settings auto brightness you have your input list you can switch between inputs really quickly HDMI one to DisplayPort Thunderbolt and you also have aspect ratio so you can change that up you have PvP which allows you to run two inputs side by site which is really cool something LG offers on its other displays as well you have picture adjust you can go in and adjust all sorts of different settings within that particular field and you also have your general section for miscellaneous settings like USB upstream can set that the USB C or USB B you have local dimming in this display does support local dimming I have confirmed although LG isn't very specific as far as how many zones you have display ports you can set it to 1.1 1.2 or 1.4 as well you need to set it to 1.2 when connecting to your Mac via Thunderbolt 3 at least that's what I experienced here now let's talk about viewing angles and just overall display quality here this is an IPS display and as such you get those really nice viewing angles off axis now this is a semi matte display so it's not nearly as reflective as the 5k iMac display however I was a little bit disappointed with the anti reflective properties I thought they could have been even better on LG's display LG employs the use of nano IPS technology it applies nanometer sized particles to the screens LED to absorb excess wavelengths of light that in turn improves color which allows this display to cover 98% of the DCI p3 white color gamut and I did confirm that it does support white color if you go to web kits website they have a white color test there and it did pass the display p3 white color test that WebKit provides it also supports local dimming as I mentioned earlier and as you can see when this little ball moves around the screen you see the different local dimming zones light up there doesn't appear to be a lot of zones on this display but they are there nonetheless and that improves black levels because the rest of the display can remain darker then the portion that needs the light to light up whatever ass at his own screen so this will help improve contrast ratio which LG rates at 1201 for its ultra wide 5k 2k so should you purchase this display for looking for an ultra wide 21 by nine experience well if you're coming from a 4k display 3840 by 2160 resolution this is a substantial upgrade when it comes to horizontal resolution and as a result you get a larger working air for apps like Final Cut Pro 10 which have those long horizontal timelines but if you're coming from a true 5k display like the iMac Pro the 5k iMac or the LG ultra fine display this is actually a downgrade in resolution although I do think it would make a good secondary monitor for that use case but if you're upgrading from a 4k display this thing is a serious upgrade it provides much more horizontal space so if you're working with apps that take advantage of that space it can be a good investment for creative professionals just make sure you're okay with the build quality issues you know all that plastic and also make sure you remember that 15-inch 2018 MacBook Pro users may have some problems until Apple and LG get that issue fixed thumbs up if you appreciate this video subscribe for more videos like this and let me know what you think down below in the comment section this is Jeff with nine-to-five Mac

28 Replies to “Review: LG 5K UltraWide 34-inch Display – worth the wait?”

  1. Alex D

    so I bought the 34" 5k2k to go with my new 2018 Mac mini. when I have it in full 5k resolution, I can't read the text (as it is too small). the only way to make the text larger is to down grade the resolution. is there a work around for this? I mean, what's the point of having a 5k display if I have to cut the resolution in half to be able to read what I'm doing?

  2. TheAleKapa

    Came to see review of monitor. Got usless mac mini thunderbolt port numbers and apple products that i do not use,, walk through resolution for dummies. And not much else. What a waste of time.

  3. julien gonzalez

    Hi, I have a question for you, I have a 2018 Macbook 13 Pro with a egpu using a rx580. The graphic card has only 2 hdmi output and 2 display ports. Can I use this monitor with the full resolution?

  4. Guillermo Gutierrez

    thanks for the video man! question here: do you know if the issues with the 2018 macbook pros were resolved?

  5. Curtis Shideler

    I've got the LG HDR WQHD display (37.5 inch 3840×1600) and it works great with my 2018 MacBook Pro, as well as my eGPU. But, man I wish this was out when I ordered mine.

  6. Joe Brig

    I'm currently using a 34 inch 3440×1440. With the 5K LG, I would lose a lot real estate at the default 2560×1080. For the same real estate and retina, would the resolution need to be 6880×2880, then scaled to 3440×1440?

  7. Glenn Wilson

    Thanks for this, great stuff. Could I connect my LG 5K display through the Thunderbolt port on the back of this Ultra wide?

  8. Aaron Hammericksen

    Did I somehow miss the part where you go into detail as to why it's marketed as "5k2k", as you said you would? I've played this video back a few times already…

  9. TBR

    ok lets say i connect my iMac late 2015 over Thunderbolt 2 to DisplayPort as a second screen. And I also want to connect my gaming pc to that Monitor? Where should I plug it in then ? HDMI ?

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