Review: Rocket League (Xbox One, PC)

Review: Rocket League (Xbox One, PC)

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Join us for a look at Rocket League for Xbox One!
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hi it's jess here with a look at rocket league for xbox one the first must buy of 2016 rocket League is a fast and frenetic sports hybrid from psionics the game has been available for some time on PC and ps4 and finally Xbox one owners have been able to join the party rocket League puts teams of up to four jet powered cars in a variety of football like arenas the task is simple dry of ram and smash the ball into the opposing team's net the team that scores the most points wins pretty simple right rocket leagues key strength is how easy is to pick up and play the game is entirely physics-based making it incredibly accessible learning to master the game's physics while predicting your opponents movements are managing your own positioning elevates rocket League beyond its deceptive simplicity beyond it up to 4 V for local and online multiplayer modes rocket League also features a cpu season training modes a replay viewer and tons and tons of cosmetic customization psionics are also adding fresh modes as free downloads supporting the game with licensed DRC like back to the future delorean and the new Batmobile rocket league is a high value title providing hours and hours of addictive fund for a relatively low price making get a windows central must buy pick for Xbox one as usual our full reviews in the description I've been jazz for windows central and you can find me at jazz cording on twitter and thanks for listening guys

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