RODE VideoMic Shotgun Microphone Review - PC Perspective

RODE VideoMic Shotgun Microphone Review – PC Perspective

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Though we are a PC hardware and technology website by day, we are also video creators by night (and sometimes day as well). If you don’t believe me, check out our PC Perspective video tag or even our very own YouTube channel. See?!?

While we do have a big fancy studio setup for in-house production, sometimes on the road you just need something quick and easy but also high quality for recording. While our collection of DSLR cameras does amazing with video quality, the audio from the in-camera microphones has always sucked and lugging around wireless mic packs seemed unnecessary much of the time.

hey guys welcome to PC perspective today we have a little bit of a different video to share with you all this is the rode microphones video mic not exactly a computing device but we do a lot of video recording here we do a lot of mobile video recording and we time that we kind of finally got fed up with internal camera mics and large setups and wireless mic packs and for quick short trips we wanted something that was much more convenient and easy to use this is a half inch condenser shotgun microphone and basically what that means is it will attach to consumer-grade camera gear or professional-grade camera gear for that matter and improve your audio quality tremendously so inside the box there's really not much to this device you get the microphone and a cable it is powered by single 9-volt battery that they say will give you a hundred hours of recording time it is the new version of this video mic is actually mounted on a shock absorbing plastic mount I guess that will prevent it from you know any vibrations or knocks against the camera tripod or anything like that from actually interfering with the audio that you're actually recording it uses a standard kind of shoe mount here obviously it's just plastic no issues with electric they have to deal with there and it would simply mount on a camera like that and then you attach the three-and-a-half millimeter adapter connector into your camera this particular camera requires an adapter for the smaller size so we have one of those here but installation is really just that simple it's a super cardioid polar pattern which basically means that it will attempt to record only the audio directly coming from in front of the microphone and it will try to remove or at least filter out audio coming from the sides that's kind of the whole point there of what shotgun mics usually do it has native response of 50 Hertz to 20 kilohertz but it does have a switch on the back for a 80 Hertz buy pass filter or high-pass rather which will attempt to cut out road noise air conditioner hum that kind of stuff so if you are a casual consumer you just like maybe want to get some high higher quality audio with your DSLR video then this is a great option to check let's go ahead and show you what the different recording types sound like so our first flip hears we're actually just going to use the integrated microphones on the Panasonic gh2 over to the standard operating mode for the rode videomic we should sound quite a bit better there's still be some road noise obviously I can't tell it everything but it should be significantly better than anything on camera alright and finally here we have enabled the 80 Hertz high-pass filter this should be a little bit quieter on the road noise behind me and this might be the better option for a lot of these particular outdoor settings now you can pick up the rode videomic for $170 it's a little bit steep for a lot of consumer grade applications but it does come with the 10 year warranty and as I think you can hear the audio quality difference can be quite dramatic

24 Replies to “RODE VideoMic Shotgun Microphone Review – PC Perspective”

  1. zantigar

    Now why can't everyone do this like you – a clear short, highly effective review of a product!? Great job! I wish you did ALL the video equipment reviews.

  2. Andrew White

    I need to do voice overs from my home office PC. Can it be done with this? If so, do i need diff software or drivers?

  3. Mikko Cruz

    Hi there guys! So I bought a RODE VideoMIc Pro, and I tried using it ony my pc, but is doesn't work. Is there any way to get this thing to work on my pc? because it also doesn't work on my DSLR because my Nikon D3100 doesn't have an external mic input. so yeah….PLEASE I NEED ANSWERS ASAP.

  4. Adrian

    Do you have to attach the cable to the audio jack?
    cuz sony a6000 doesn't have audio jack and sony provides microphone that work only by connecting them to the hot shoe
    so I want to know if this microphone work the same?

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