Rotating Desktop Pictures - Mac OS

Rotating Desktop Pictures – Mac OS

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This video will show you how to create rotating personal photo desktop pictures – using the Photos App. Learn how to create an album in the Photos app to put pictures you want for your desktop background. We’ll show where to set the duration of the photos so you can determine when the photo changes. Liven up your desktop screen with your favorite pics!

Quick Jump Guide:
1:00 – Launch Photos App
1:14 – Selecting multiple photos
1:45 – Create album for desktop photos
2:42 – Set album as desktop background

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Barbara and I'm Karen and we're the sink sisters this is our tech bit on desktop pictures rotating images so today we're we're here working on our Mac and we're using Sierra and as you can see up on our screen we have this lovely photo that is one of the stock photos that comes with the system most people a lot of people know how to use their personal photos for background photos on their debt on their computer but did you know that you can rotate through several pictures that's great isn't it yeah what is that so make your day more interesting because your background picture will change right and if you're not sure how to set your desktop picture in the first place you can check out a video yeah we have a ting desktop picture creating it us mperatures yeah so today we're gonna show you that how to do multiple pictures so first of all I'm gonna start and I'm gonna go down into the Photos app which is this colorful app icon looks the same is on your phone they're kind of integrating right now right it's right so the first thing you want to do is you want to get to the area where you want to pick out the photos from and that's where we are and if I hold down the command key I can start clicking pictures that I want right so the command key lets you select pictures that are not right next to each other okay if I held on the shift key it would do like a whole row that's right right that's right so how to get that oh I don't know all right so I've got my pictures done now the next thing you're gonna do is you're gonna come up here and you're gonna go to edit file you're gonna go to file mm-hmm and you're gonna do a new album right and that's gonna what create an album and put all those pictures in it right right so I'm gonna call that desk top okay good good name good name I'll know what it is right hello so if we click on that album you can see all those photos so now we went throughout where we picked the photos first right and then we created an album to put them into you could create the album first and then add piercer to it right or this photo that we have now at any time we can put new pictures in there yeah which is great so if you you know take more pictures you go I want to add that to my desktop picture just drag it into the yellow sure so now that way and you can we you know we named it this but you can name it anything you want but this makes sense because you recognize it right right so now what I'm gonna do to actually set it for your desktop you need to quit out of the Photos app and go into the Settings app which is a gear icon just like on your mobile device and then I'm gonna go into desktop & screen saver okay and then it's gonna come up on your photos under folders I think it takes a little bit of time here right I think it's under photos – yeah and then I'll bones a yeah it's tucked away it is yeah so that was good to see if you have everything closed up its in photos and albums right and then I'm gonna scroll down and there's my desktop pictures oh there they are and they show so I'm just gonna go ahead and and change picture I've just for this purposes of our video I'm gonna do every five seconds so we can see that but what are our options are we have you can even do as long as every day so each day Oh are you gonna come on window yeah you'd come down yeah a different day if you were doing some serious work this might be kind of it waste our time and then we can also do the other things that you were I think you showed it right video yep yeah you can change how it's they're fitting in there just dredge well I don't I'm not a fan of stretching stories I think fits fits a screen I know but you could Center it you could go I like that yeah yeah oh no you know what I like I like fill yeah yeah cuz then it fills the whole screen yeah opps a picture a little bit so it may not work for some of them but if you're doing this background yeah yeah but anyways it's a I just think this is a cool feature I actually just learned about it recently so I loved it that's how you can change your desktop picture to be rotating photos thanks for watching the sink sisters check bit and please subscribe to our Channel you

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