Rust: Beginners Guide(How to Play Rust SOLO in 2019)

Rust: Beginners Guide(How to Play Rust SOLO in 2019)

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This is a highly condensed beginners guide to playing Rust solo in 2019. This 2019 beginner’s guide to RUST will go over how to build a base, how to quickly gather resources in rust, how to get low grade fuel in RUST, and how to create the PERFECT RUST beginner base. This guide may help people playing on a team but it is mainly aimed at solo rust players. As always questions, comments, corrections, critical thoughts, and all things rust related are welcome in the comments section below!

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28 Replies to “Rust: Beginners Guide(How to Play Rust SOLO in 2019)”

  1. GodDoge MC

    Firsat time when i got base i didnt lock the lock so someone stole my base -_- and then i Got in lucky i killed him
    Than i got it back when i broke the door

  2. 9Lives Network

    My story getting drunk and waking up naked but not on an island but on a forest. cool tutorial man. rust is on my library for 3 months already but i only got 3hrs of gameplay since i dont know shit.

  3. Harry O’Shea

    i’m just starting and the biggest problem is food. like i don’t know what i can eat. i just keep dying to starvation. idk food just seems rly scarce

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