Sam and Max Hit the Road - PC Game Review

Sam and Max Hit the Road – PC Game Review

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PC Game Review of the classic LucasArts title Sam and Max Hit the Road! Looking to buy and play this game? You can find it on

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46 Replies to “Sam and Max Hit the Road – PC Game Review”

  1. The Fonz

    Way too much dialogue in this game and indeed most adventure games as the genre got old. Everyone wanted to include the humour of Monkey Island and kept making more and more “wacky” dialogue, most of which was inane.

  2. Adam Bourne

    My favourite Lucas game. 20 years on from my first play through i'm still in stitches over the Max's animation during the whack-a-mole game when he takes a stray hit! Also love the VR sword in the stone scene with Sam trying to wrench Max's head off, still makes me crease up!!!!

  3. Joe Cassara

    Sam and Max had such sophisticated comedy and a David Lynchian tone to it. Disagree with you on the story and ending; it was a statement about humanity’s relationship with nature. And that soundtrack! I consider S&M better than Monkey Island. (Steve Purcell is a real intellect. Ron Gilbert is a bit of a doofus.)

  4. Dilandau3000

    Driving to different parts of America in a few seconds might be hard to believe, but then we are talking about a bunch of guys who once drove their car to the moon. Somehow.

  5. Yard Wolves

    The mini-games were not touched on, but I remember them being fun distractions from the frustrations of being hung up in the main game. There was a car surfing game, where you had to watch out for highway signs, and Car Bomb, which was battleship with cars.

  6. Bean Álainn

    My copy of this was particularly challenging as the disk had a flaw causing a crash about 30 minutes into the game.

  7. TheChowitzer

    There was a fantastic Sam & Max animated series that, due to some kind of crime against humanity, was never given a second season. It's one of my favourite underrated cartoons from the era.

  8. Xanthey Belmont

    I spent so much time in this game as a kiddo. First as the floppy version, then again when i learned the CD version had voice acting!

  9. ShaggyShan

    I think of all the Lucas Arts games, this is the one I played the most as a kid. Really informed my style of writing, I think.

  10. NekoMouser

    Man, I loved this game so much when it came out. I probably spent more time playing their in-game battleship clone than anything else. And I've been finding excuses to say "Not if you don't mind me clawing at the dash and shrieking like a cheerleader" whenever possible for 25 years now.

  11. Otaking Mikohani

    Honestly the only LucasArts games I played as a kid were the Super Star Wars series and some Phantom Menace activity CD-ROMS.

  12. maverickbna

    I can't pick that up. No, really. I can't pick that up. Are you dense? I can't pick that up. Read my lips. I. CAN'T. PICK. THAT. UP. I give up… whimper

  13. D0S81

    1:17 ''….because inanimate objects are not people, and i can not attain a companionship, or tangible loving bond…'' you've obviously never had a rampant rabbit. lol…..wait, thats not to say i have had one, im a dude, its just i hear that those types of things are a pretty good replacement for us men….so i hear…mostly from some of my ex girlfriends. haha….im kidding…i heard it from all my ex girlfriends.

  14. SvenQ45

    Sam and Max ist like my alltime fav: Dott. Less story but I do love it! I just love that you pointing and clicking yourself to death. 😀 In Dott you have so many things to do!

  15. The Garden of Eatin

    Roses briefly mentions Conway Twitty in this video, and I'm liquored up, so I'm going to tell this pointless and unamusing story. The only thing I know about Conway Twitty is a Christmas album my parents had on LP. Conway and "Twitty Bird" took a trip to the North Pole, and every other thing they saw reminded Conway of a song, which he of course sung. It had album art which resembled the things Conway would talk about "seeing" at the North Pole. That–and mistaking Twitty Bird for Tweety Bird, was basically all I remember about that album, which was pretty old even then. #truestory

  16. Bogumila Czwakiel

    I watch sam and max tvshow😽👰🏿👰🏿👍🏿💩💤👩‍❤️‍👩👩‍❤️‍👩😻

  17. Marilyn Diamandis

    Oooooo boy I'm feeling that nostalgiaaaa! I played this game when I was, like, seven or eight and I loved it so much. I never managed to finish it because the puzzles were too difficult, but I loved it so much oh gawd! I was probably waaaay too young, but… woops :V

  18. Brooksenhower Schwartzaburger

    I love ypur videos. I know what its like to be different and to have unhealthy veiws of yourself so thank you

  19. Mike Chandler

    Stumbled upon your Titanic video and then clicked your end-screen to reward through time back to Sam & Max. You're seriously making me relive my childhood. I've started doing world record speedrun reactions videos with my 8 years old son, through the entire Legend of Zelda series, but you've got me thinking I need to include some old PC games from my childhood in the mix. He would be amazed. LOL. I LOVED SAM AND MAX! Gotta find out if this game can be played anywhere online! 🙂

  20. Even Berg

    I did not mind the heavy amount of dialogue, as I was the proud owner of a SoundBlaster 64. The WTF – feeling was there, when I ended it, and it is sadly a game I do not remember very much at all, despite the three months it took to complete playing without the internet.

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