Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus Drop Test!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus Drop Test!

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Drop Test VS iPhone 6S Plus Drop Test. Just How Durable Is The New S7 Compared To 6S?

what's up guys everything Apple Peru here and I've got the new Samsung Galaxy s7 edge this thing is Samsung's vision reimagined and it's now waterproof it's got microSD removable memory low-light camera I can take pictures in almost dark conditions it's incredibly flat and it's got a lot of great things going for it but how's the durability in this video was totally natural that I'd want to test Samsung's a new phone pit it against the iPhone 6s plus this thing we've tested already but as a point of reference I thought it'd include them so galaxy s7 edge vs. iPhone 6s plus drop test in various conditions now these things are both mad durable the iPhone 6s plus has aluminium 7000 and that new dual ion exchange glass we've tested it it was durable galaxy s7 Gorilla Glass 4 and hardened aluminium on the edges it exposes a lot of the glass a little worried about how it's going to fall you know there's a lot more exposure to sensitive materials on it but that's what this video is for right we're going to test waist height head height and we're going to go above and beyond that see what it really takes to destroy these things put them out of their misery how durable they're going to be in your day to day life so let's go ahead and put these guys against each other and test the s7 edge versus the iPhone 6s plus in a durability drop test in the past galaxy and Apple have been battling for as long as we know in terms of durability galaxies have always been very good and see if that continues nowadays the design has changed a little bit how's the durability iPhone 6s plus do this one first about waist-high taking it out of your pocket the phone slips let's do a perfect side drop first in a three to one nice little jump there now the material on the 6s plus has always been very durable and there's a good dent in there but if this was a six plus it would have been a lot more noticeable I was a softer metal not bad we're good same deal with the s7 edge this hurts this hurts so bad because you know this is such a beautiful phone I want to know how durable is this is the only way waist-high dropped three – Oh some of the water lodged in there from the water test just jumped out and it looks good so I've always noticed that with Samsung's there are more resilient to scratches and dents it's almost as if the material used is a lot tougher but it looks good works fine let's do be back not too worried about the 6s Plus because you know there's no glass on just to cover right here those do break once in a while if it lands right but you know it's just I don't more so guys scratches waist height rear impact 3 – nothing a report just a little scuffs and those aren't even that visible rear impact 3 2 1 oh ok so still good starting to notice some scratches right here on the top of the glass otherwise we're good same deal on these precious precious displays beautiful AMOLED is about to say hello to the ground first though the 6s plus 3 – perfectly flat evenly distributed or good here no issues definitely more glass exposure worried about this one three two oh we're good so again a little scratch is starting to come visible otherwise good so time to ramp it up to the head height this about five feet I'd say and drop these guys same deal I know the world doesn't talk on the phone anymore it's all texts nowadays but say you are talking for a very long time you just get tired and you got to let your phone go here it is head high side impact on these 6s plus alright so more dance more stuffs still usable display is good at is-7 edge three two one Oh I was quite them back to so we're good it's still looking incredibly clean for the amount of abuse it's taken all right oh wow okay I spoke too soon so there it is the rear is cracked head high on the rear you know you have more glass on the phone so there's a better chance that it will crack but the important part is the front hasn't broke yet back impact how much worse can it get so head high here so you're talking and it falls so three two one activated some buttons right here camera that's not broken it's looking pretty good ooh ouch you know look at that spider webs everywhere but it's actually surprisingly smooth when the glass breaks it doesn't jut out it still holds in place very well it's almost like safety glass so Wow face down can it take the impact let's see unfortunately the gorilla didn't protect this guy let's do the front-facing test now and this is almost certainly going to end in failure so let's do the iPhone first too much a dissipation here alright three two one Wow scratch deep scratching hair no crack no crack that's the best part so at this point looking good let's do the same to a7 edge here we go this is it three two one Wow there's no way that's arrived oh my goodness you surprised me yet again Samsung beautiful so no cracks the back is starting to jut out a little bit oh wow still usable this is the most normal drop test you're not going to usually drop your phone above 5 feet and at this point 5 feet the iPhone 6s plus it looks miles better than the s7 edge but the good news is the backplate is very cheap you know you can replace it for under $30 the front screen though you know those are expensive and both are doing great in terms of scratches let's turn these guys off and take a look both are looking great the iPhone 6s plus isn't as good at scratch resistance I'm seeing a lot of scratches right here right here up here and I have seen none on this guy so very impressive scratch resistant on the Gorilla Glass 4 let's up this and do a 10-foot drop 10 feet because Tom people do exist and a side impact I'll try and lend it on the side it's kind of hard to do but here we go in three two one so from 10 feet your headphone jack is bent it's going to be very hard to put it in otherwise not looking bad the Galaxy s7 edge definitely worse for the wear but this thing has a couple dents that are noticeable your headphone experience won't be as pleasant but the display has survived and that's the best part so to the s7 edge to one Wow so I think I see the battery the shape of it start to emerge pretty soon it's going to pop out here but it's a survivor not looking too bad the actual metal the scuffing but this glass back this is 10 feet iPhone 6s plus three to one still alive that's a solid thunk – that's have an edge will it survive I don't think so but let's do the same deal face down 10 feet dropping in 3 2 1 Oh yep that's it so we've got LCD bleeding in there it is still working though so I guess that's the good news ouch so 10 feet which phone is going to survive the iPhone 6s plus we tested it many times you know the durability drop tests and every single time it's impressed me with the how terrible it has been definitely 6s plus is the one of slicking veteran here so this is just to see naked phones which one is going to survive and both did great you know if you're not going to be dropping you from 10 feet your phone will survive it'll do just fine of course this guy has the advantage of being water resistant waterproof and I don't think that can be topped so let's see what it takes to completely destroy this guy and go up to 20 feet drop both of them see which one will survive dropping in 3 2 1 both of these guys landed on their back they did some aerodynamic skills a lot of glass charts coming out of here redo face down – my goodness the iPhone 6s plus just refuses to die it's it's actually bent like a banana a little bit right there but the screen still hasn't broken on this guy still working I just can't believe this it's bent but it still doesn't want to break so that doesn't speak miles about durability I don't know what else will so there you have it Samsung Galaxy s7 edge vs. iPhone 6s plus both very durable one you know survive far longer than the other end the s7 edge the batteries loose inside you can hear it shaking you see a whole bunch of cracks but it's still tripping on it's going to be expensive to fix but it does work so there you go guys thanks so much watching be sure to check out the water tests and actual comparison have a great day guys hope you enjoy this video peace

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