Seagate external hard drive how to set up on Mac

Seagate external hard drive how to set up on Mac

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this is a quick tutorial into your external hard drive now whether you have a Western Digital or if you have a Seagate or which ever brand this goes out for all external hard drives now it will be very easy once you plug it into your computer ok you want to format it ok especially with Mac we want to use time machine and other stuff like that um and that's why we want to format as the first thing that we do so even though if you don't get something like this on your Mac once you plug your external hard drive in don't worry external hard drives basically just like a USB stick just a lot faster and you'll see that you have a lot more space so first of all we want to go to Disk Utility so just type in Disk Utility all Macs have that ok no matter what year your Mac is you're going to have Disk Utility it's program that's always on your Mac ok from here you're going to see this right here ok your first one don't touch that one this one will be the one in your computer okay that's your hard drive in your computer if anything goes wrong on your Mac this somewhere you go to fix permissions and other stuff all right now we're going to touch this which is our Seagate ok I don't have a Western Digital and other ones I'm going to restore as well however we're gonna do this one first and it's the same thing for all brands like I said so first of all we want to format so we want to go to erase from erase you just want to format it for Mac ok if you wanted to work for Mac and PC then choose this option right here and just click on erase if you want to work just for your Mac ok so if you plug it in if you formatted this format right here journaled if you plug it into a PC it will not recognize it ok so you can't copy and paste files and share them with a another Windows machine if you have another Mac you just wanted to work with Mac and want to get viruses on it or anything like that then just do journals if you want to you know have exchanges with PC other Windows machines then you want to choose this option and then just erase it once you have that erased you're going to see something like this pop up okay if you don't see this pop up if you go to finder you will see it on the side so I'm going to open up finder so you I see that it will be right here on the devices okay this is once you erase it okay that means formatting you're going to see at Mt right now I haven't paste anything on to it like I said just like USB stick so you can just copy and paste off onto it I'm in this case I'm going to do a little bit something a little bit more complicated onto it okay just going to teach you that because a lot of you may want to do this especially if you have Mac okay now you want to go into partition under partition now I have a five terabyte now I need three partitions what are these three partitions one partition is going to be my time machine the other partition I'm going to make it just for some files that I have and yet the third partition is actually going to be for my photos my photos take a huge bunch of my space so I need one partition just for that so that means have 2/3 okay so in order to make partitions just click on the plus sign so once we click on the plus sign if you click right here on the first one it will make it right in half so it's 2.5 okay so we're going to make another partition there we go so divided by three but it still kept this one at 2.5 made this one 1.25 1.25 you can set them pretty much however you want them to be at this point what I need is this one to be actually three terabytes I'm going to do it at three I only need this one to be one terabyte so just type in one and this one I want it to be one to everybody as well okay so right now this one should be three one and one so that equals five in total okay so this one the three I want this to be my time machine here I'm going to copy some files onto it and here also some other files now this is the cool part about your external hard drive now let's say you may need and and especially if you only have one external hard drive which I don't recommend just having one you should have to always um just have one you may need it to share some information with Windows machine so if you want it to work like that then you want to have one of these and you can format part of it to be exFAT so that will work with PC so you can have this and you can name it you know PC or windows compatible so that way you know that this partition is the only one that will work with PC so if you plug it in you're only gonna see this partition come up and you can share files in that petition as long as you format it at exFAT now if you don't want that you don't need that just stuff for matters journaled which i'm going to do from here you can choose the name so here it's going to be for my pictures so I'm just gonna put photos on them okay you can omit whatever you want for my number two partition this is actually a major backup that I have some to animate backup all and this one right here this one I want to be my time machine so I'm not going to name it anything at the moment then you could name it whatever you want like I said like these ones right here um I'm going to leave this one alone because I don't want it to be named anything at the moment um from here don't worry if you change your mind later on you can always do this again just have to erase again and then just apply everything and then we'll go back to moon so don't worry about screwing up this part you can always change it now every time we erase something you will lose files that you have in it so it won't just erase your stuff on this you don't care about the stuff that's in your external hard drive from here we're just gonna press apply so partition and this shouldn't take too much time it's not a big thing what it's doing if you are formatting for PC it will take a little bit more time that's all just a tiny bit more time other than that you are making 3 partition so it's kind of like making 3 different external hard drives in all-in-one so that's why I like making partitions my external hard drives um this step you could skip all this and just like I said for matter one thing and then you have it set up and that's it you can just copy and paste all your files onto it so once it's all set up and finished on you should see three icons on your Mac which are right here so here's my entitle tight and title it I back up all my photos ok from here I can just name this one time machine and then to set up my time machine you can always just go right into system preferences okay so we're going to wait for that to load up just going to close this for now we don't need Disk Utility anymore um from here if you want to set up your time machine I'm going to give you a quick tutorial right now as far as just formatting your your hard drive you're done you're all set go umm from campus mtq your time machine which I think everybody should use so anyways here you have your option for time machine not sewing machine backs up your Mac except all your files your system itself your program so if anything crashes or anything happens you can always go back in time with it and then just load it up so that's why I really like time machine okay so here I have a few time machines set up already now I want to set this one up as as one of my time machines so I just have to go into options okay hold on just click on that click on options okay so here we have stuff that you want to your meter mention to exclude in this case we don't want to set that up just yet we want to set add another Drive onto it so just click on there and from here you can just click on your untitled um at this point before doing this I would already rename this so to rename it again you don't need to go to this cute ility just click on it press return key on your keyboard and then just press Delete and you can name it time machine okay you don't have to I just find that it's better to do that so you know what's going on I do have other two machines here that I don't need anyways I'll just click on that and from here you should see your time machine three terabytes okay and you can just click on use discuss as soon as you do that it's gonna format it so we use with Time Machine you can also um once you have itself Time Machine you don't always need to use it as I mention you can always copy paste files onto it I don't recommend doing that anyways but you could so don't worry if we done that you're like no I really want to put files in them in there you can I just don't recommend it and that's why we made the partitions so that's it for this tutorial if you guys have any questions comments you can write them here below and don't forget to subscribe and rate thank you

47 Replies to “Seagate external hard drive how to set up on Mac”

  1. Kalyani

    hi. thanks For a detailed video. Howevr, I have been trying to set up my Seagate 4TB and when I did the first step of erasing , it says "Erase process has failed. Click Done to continue." I am unable to move further from there.. pl help

  2. Tech & Design

    When using Disk Utility, if you are unable to choose the scheme for your drive (GUID, MBR), go up to the top and choose 'View', then 'Show all Devices'. This will allow you to chose the ROOT, most likely right above the drive you were initially clicking on. From here it will allow you to choose GUID when you erase the drive.


    I have 2 iMacs, an older one i am giving to a friend and , a newer one, I have bought a Seagate 4TB what i want to do, , or wondered if possible, to take everything from my old iMac and then plug the seagate into new iMac and then have available everything on my iMac and also will be backed up, is this possible please..?

  4. Liselle W

    Glad I found this thank you for sharing. Just to confirm. On Erase page, we select the first option and click Erase? I went to Partition page and did as what you said but the "Apply" button is not clickable.

  5. Valerie Backhouse

    One thing i dont understand: why didnt you connect time machine to back up partition if this was meant to be the back up? please reply

  6. Ann Redgewell

    Was sort of following until the Partition thing then completely lost the thread? just want to know how to transfer all my data to the external hard drive?

  7. David Gatdula

    I am trying to partition my hardware… However, the 'Partition' button is not highlighted. Also, the 'owner' is disabled! How do I enable the 'owner' section?

  8. Millie Valenzuela

    Hello, thank you for your tutorials. I have a question using that external hard drive ONLY as a back up STEP BY STEP cause my Mac is asking for information that I don't know what to choose and why ?

  9. The Reel David Goodloe

    I plan to use my external drive for audiobook production. Does Time Machine allow me to open and track an audiobook file after its been saved to the external drive?

  10. Elizabeth Todd

    What a relief! The Toolkit user manual that came with the drive was written for die hard techies. I was able to use this video to get the job done! Whew!!!

  11. Michael Bernardo

    FYI, if you are running High Sierra, and your external drive won't even mount in Disk Utility, but shows greyed out on the left side, the only way I know you can recover from this is to load it to a previous version of Mac OS X. You can partition it and format it as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Then reconnect it to Mac OS X High Sierra.

  12. Bend Em

    How about the new file system 2018 ? And how to set it up for pc and Mac and NAS so it’s a file server on the NAS router ?

  13. Olga Ginzburg

    I'm wondering what happens if I proceed to remove a huge swath of files from my computer (to clean it up, make it run faster, etc.) after I've backed everything up to Time Machine. When I plug that drive with Time Machine back in, will the newest update to it mean that those original files get erased? Should I at some point have Time Machine stop backing up the computer in order to preserve older files that I choose to no longer keep on my computer, but that still find valuable and need? I'm sorry if this is wordy and unclear. Your tutorials are incredibly helpful, thank you!

  14. dxrrx

    ok off the bat my macbook does not show the seagate drive on desk top or finder, i have changed my preferences multiple times & it will still not show up

  15. longliveezio

    Tip: Make future videos shorter and straight to the point. I don't want to watch a lecture. Just need to know how to perform the skill.

  16. Rene

    Hello and great tutorial. So what is the reason you wouldn’t want to save anything to that time machine partition? What is the reason for having a photos partition and another general use vs having just two partitions, time machine and general where in general you can save photos, videos and anything else you desire? Does the partitioning help the write and read speeds if it is dedicated such as the one for photos? Thanks for the videos and assistance.

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