See the Microsoft Surface Pen in action

See the Microsoft Surface Pen in action

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The Microsoft Surface Pen. Write as fast as you think.

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my name is David William Hearn I'm a composer Orchestrator and arranger my favorite feature of the service pan is the fact that it feels and looks like a real pen and it still is that sounds is really important way it feels in your hand Beethoven Bach Mozart you name it they all wrote the same way and now we're writing with a digital pen on digital paper there's something beautiful about that continuity my name is Melissa D capua and I am a doctorate student using the surface pen has been a very transformative experience it's interacting with a computer in a totally different way I can actually hand write my notes right directly onto the screen which helps me remember them better and score higher on my test the pen is also great because I can use it in Photoshop and an illustrator as opposed to using the mouse and the keyboard the pen gives me much more control over what I'm doing on the screen my name is Satya Vaughn you I'm an assistant professor at the University of Washington I do fine diffic research space propulsion fusion energy a fusion spacecraft will allow you to go to Mars in a month instead of nine months so as a scientist back in one click into one note and recall all my notes as well as to be able to write equations very very quickly I have it all in one very portable computer the surface pro 3 it saved me enormous amounts of time the surface pro 3 and the surface pen allow me to go outside and compose wherever I like total freedom to go anywhere to write anything that's something that's unique the surface pen is great to have to be able to highlight circle take notes and it has infinite number of colors and an infinite number of highlighters so now I just have one thing I have to bring with me to class when I'm brainstorming I need to be able to do flow diagrams and charts and think very quickly and the pen is the fastest way of doing it it really feels like the evolution of a pen gives you that ability to think musically the right natural

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  1. Jason V

    if you thought this was good, check out the mac pen. The mac pen outclass this in every way possible. PLUS this dude is a straight up liar, surface pen and surface screen is the worst out of the 3 , include mac and wacom.

  2. Aldo Pucci

    In a non hipster world the surface would be the most popular digital utility money can buy. But unfortunately we live on a planet where a huge touch phone that can't phone is the coolest thing to have..

  3. YIC

    how did the scientist use the purple button to open the note that he was using previously?
    when i do it, it just opens new page

  4. hhhoooaaaxxx

    haha but the pen is not that great. i have surface pro 3 and when you draw slowly the line is jumping all over the place! any fix for that in near future and for overheating ?????

  5. Fredrik Scherstén

    "The surface pro 3 and the surface pen allow me to go outside, and compose wherever I like, total freedom, to go anywhere, write anything, and that's something that's unique" – Hmm, I believe an traditional pen and paper would work here.. ? 🙂 However I really like the surface!

  6. Channel Recreated follow the link

    Wow this is the best commercial for a pen I have ever seen and is it normal for a type cove 2 keyboard to have the r key to be slightly of center?
    And btw I love the surface 2 it is the best surface I have ever used (I have only used the surface pro 3 In a Microsoft store and I didn't like)
    But I have a feeling that the surface 3 will fit my needs and will it work with the type cover 2 or do I have o buy a new one?

  7. anzatzi

    This is MS's first serious treatment of the pen functionality they have put at the heart of the Surface initiative.  My main complaint here is that you could easily conclude there is no palm rejection based on this video.  Does anyone at Microsoft understand how good this product is?

  8. Arctis

    Nice. Now Microsoft got their game up. The Surface 3 is a lot better than the iPad, and is pretty light and powerful as well.

  9. Lâm Đặng

    @Matt Chapman: that fabric loop is not sewed into the keyboard itself, but have a sticky side. so you can stick it practically everywhere

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