Should You Play - Borderlands 2 (PC Review)

Should You Play – Borderlands 2 (PC Review)

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In this video, I review Borderlands 2. I’ve decided to separate the video into 3 sections.

1. I go over the improvements they made over the first game. Did they learn from their mistakes in the first game?
2. I look at the hits and misses of the co-op experience. Is playing with your friends all it’s cracked up to be?
3. I see if there’s any replay value in this title. How much time are you getting for the price of purchase?

Unlike the first game, Vault hunters will have to deal with more than the mystery of the Alien cache itself and will have to contend with the brutal leader of the Hyperion Corporation.

Borderlands 2 is available on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. This review was made using a PC copy.

Borderlands 2 was developed by Gearbox Studios and published by 2k games.

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the call of danger and loot is not so easily resisted hey guys today I'm reviewing Borderlands 2 if gearbox is most popular franchise and they're hoping to build on the success of the original but the first game having a few flaws I'm here to help you decide should you play Borderlands 2 a quick disclaimer I'm reviewing the PC version it shouldn't make this review relevant for console players but there it is also if you decide the Borderlands 2 isn't your cup of tea I have a list of co-op games that I think are worth your time this review is just my opinion express yours in the comments especially if you disagree to bring everyone up to speed Borderlands 2 is a first-person shooter that blends the post-apocalyptic and sci-fi genres together the concept is that unique individuals come to the backwater planet Pandora to hunt for an alien vault the borderlands series is unique because it brings MMO elements into an FPS game items are randomly generated which means that they can have a variety of stats on them like fire bullets earth corrosive rockets that really allowing you to customize your play style it also toots things fresh since you'll be changing weapons every few minutes as you hit enemies you'll see damage numbers fly over their heads and a SuperSpeed version of what you'd expect in a classic MMO there's an insane amount of variety and customization in Borderlands 2 in the first game guns were unique because of the random stats generated on them arms manufacturers only meant that a specific weapon was more likely to have a certain stat in a sequel they've retained all the unique stats on the gear but they've added some complexity by making each of the manufacturers effect how the weapon handles Jakob's for example lets you shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger while TD or weapons are thrown like grenades when reloaded a welcome improvement over the original is that you can now automate money and ammo trough by monsters this really speeds up the game character customization used to be limited to changing the color of your armor they've added head customisation and many optional quests reward you with the unique head you can put on your character nobody looks the same and that's amazing unlike the original Borderlands it doesn't feel like you're killing Scaggs and bandits until the last 10 minutes of the game this game added a whole new set of enemies from giant rock throwing Frost guerrillas that enemies that seem to have invaded from Resident Evil another thing that's important to note is that the enemy AI is much more fluid they won't stand around and melee attackers role in sidestep as they run towards you on the flip side the quest log is a clunky and botched system you're only allowed to track one quest at a time and you'll have to toggle between quests and map screens to be able to see what area each quest is in another flies that in multiplayer games triggering multiple quests at a time will make NPC dialogues cut each other short and make you lose some story elements it sucks that you have to play the game solo if you want to enjoy the story a lot like the enemy variety the landscapes in the original game is very limited there's one giant desert until you reach the end of the game and this one it seems they listen to player feedback and the area has become vastly different as you progress through the story for example you can expect to roam through a glacier and drive through a giant junkyard any request for the fall this game was intended to be played in co-op similarly to what you've seen diablo difficulty scales perfectly based on how many players are in the game you'll feel challenged whether you're alone playing with a friend or running around in a full party 4 we were able to create multiplayer games using matchmaking with LAN or a party system not unlike what you'd see in Starcraft 2 Luke gets better with more players and if everybody's playing a different class you end up with better items that help you tackle the tougher monsters the problem is you have to share loot if you're playing with strangers you'll end up racing for item chests and compete over who gets the good stuff with a group of friends it won't be so bad but having to discuss item upgrades really slows down the pace of the game it's not game breaking but recent games like Guild Wars and Diablo have much better loot systems classes play differently and this does wonders for synergy in a four-player game you'll need someone who can take some damage and someone else who plays the sport role when you have a full game flanking becomes important because some enemies are too strong to be tackled head-on vehicles are made for two to four players meaning that you'll have someone in the Gunners seat all the time there's some aspects of the game that make me think the devs never bothered to play it the concept of backtracking if done right is a good way to make the game last longer a great example would be some of their own optional quests that make players return to cleared areas with an added twist or some new story element some of the other quests however force you to run to and from an NPC for no reason or make you run back to the entrance of an area once you're done it's just too much running around open world games thrive because they have a list of things you could be doing and they give you the freedom to do whatever you want Borderlands 2 takes the overworld concept and forgets everything else I could brush it off in the original game but now it's getting ridiculous for the first Borderlands I only did one playthrough I felt like there wasn't anything else for me to do after I saw the credits roll I moved on to another game gearbox wanted to appeal to the players that really wanted to get their money's worth your character isn't completely silent and you'll unlock some of their backstory in audio logs as you blast your way through the game another incentive is how differently each class plays from their preferred weapon to how their skill affects combat you'll experience the game differently if you're in in-your-face gun Zurcher then if you're a long-range sniping assassin this means you might end up with having more than one avatar just to see how the other ones play out there's also a new edition called badass ranks their awards given for completing specific challenges and are applied on every character you have what's cool is that there's no cap on how many you can complete so you're always going to feel like you're progressing no matter what character you're on on a more technical side there's a lot of players that have been experiencing a little framerates that's to to physics not working properly with AMD video cards but work around this to set it to low but a patch might be needed to solve the problem also there's been connection issues with steam Friends games the connection times out or is lost which makes starting up games take longer than it should should you play Borderlands 2 well the bottom line is that I I'm not sure I can blindly recommend Borderlands 2 the game has a few flaws that really get on my nerves but they do set the stage for some great moments with your friends the co-op gameplays fluid and the different classes play very well with each other but you'll spend more time than necessary running around rather than shooting things Borderlands 2 offers an experience that no other FPS is strive to copy it's not perfect but it has its moments it's just that at 60 bucks per copy there's some good alternatives out there meaning that you might be able to find something to play with your friends at a fraction of the price

9 Replies to “Should You Play – Borderlands 2 (PC Review)”

  1. MrDenizen

    It's a good game on PC. I'm not sure if I'll complete it, as I'm easily bored, but I've played it for 8 hours or so and I am having a ball. It's very funny and looks amazing. I only paid $10 or so on Steam for it, so good times 🙂

  2. Twistyjbkiller

    I'm sorry but I WAY disagree with you're opinion I absolutely love the game and its 30 dollars know WAY WORTH THE MOMEY

  3. Penguinface212

    This is by far the most addictive game I've ever played, so I must disagree with your vid.i would easily recommend this game to everyone

  4. Mophyre

    i have it on xbox and love the game but with just enough money to get the pc i am wondering should i get it? i would like a good kind set of friends that would help me level up and also dupe some good guns while helping me enjoy the game. please message me on my google account if you would like to help. thanks.

  5. Fawzi Menkhour

    Great video that outlines the important aspects of BL2
    They managed to improve on almost all the elements and addressed most of the issues found in the first one

    The PC version has a good amount of care put into it, it doesn't feel like a port. Thats not to say its perfect though, since as you mentioned there's a lot of issues trying to get games started and the lag for ATI users is unacceptable

    The quest tracking, backtracking and horrible driving has also seen no improvement. Fun game though

  6. Pyrulen

    Got to agree with you on the quest tracking and back-tracking on this one. Overall it IS a good game, but there are better alternatives until this one goes on sale.

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