SizeUp for Mac OS X by Irradiated Software

SizeUp for Mac OS X by Irradiated Software

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SizeUp for Mac OS X allows you to quickly position a window to fill exactly half the screen (splitscreen), a quarter of the screen (quadrant), full screen, or centered via the menu bar or configurable system-wide shortcuts (hotkeys). Similar to “tiled windows” functionality available on other operating systems. Also move windows from one monitor to another, from one Space to another, or restore a window to its original size and position (SnapBack).

when you're using multiple windows on your Mac it can be difficult and cumbersome to manage now there's size up the perfect space management solution for all those messy windows size up allows you to quickly resize and position your windows with simple keyboard shortcuts or by using a handy menu bar icon size up comes with a number of predefined actions for resizing or moving the frontmost window of almost any application Safari Finder pages it doesn't matter size up will work its magic to help wrangle your windows into place furthermore you can easily move a window from one monitor to another or move a window from one space to another size up is highly configurable allowing you to reserve space at the edges of your screen or add some distance between windows to avoid shadow overlap trigger size up actions in any application with user configurable global keyboard shortcuts size up makes it easy to manage files in finder juggle terminal windows research on the web and much much more make optimal use of your screen while saving precious time and frustration see what size up can do for you download a free trial today or learn more at irradiated software com

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