Skyrim PC performance tips for beginners

Skyrim PC performance tips for beginners

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Offering basic advice on setting up steam, pc and graphics card settings.

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hey everyone this video is for all you who are new to skyrim on the pc and i'm just gonna be offering some really basic tips how to get it to run its best and i'm gonna be doing a follow-up video for modding and how do you mod your game what to use things to avoid so yeah stay tuned for that if you're interested so to start things off i'm going to talk about steam and what you're gonna want to do when you install steam is create its own folder outside of the Program Files folder and the reason why you do this is because of the user account control the UAC in Windows so apparently it can conflict with either Steam or Skyrim so what I do is I just made a folder called steam main and installed steam into there and then you just download the Skyrim like you would normally another thing to be aware of is to fragging your hard drive make sure that it's cleaned up I would recommend defraggler from the same guys who make crap cleaner and just google it you'll find it I use crap cleaner as well you know clean out your system after you use those it'll increase your performance quite a bit another thing you can do is go into your control panel and look up power options and change your settings to high-performance that helps also go into your display settings and go into personalization now the regular windows I'm using Windows 7 and the theme uses up resources so go down and select windows basic you can select classic or basic I've heard that the difference is negligible so yeah basic works a little bit it works just as fine so you don't get any fancy transparent windows but it definitely increases your performance in in the game so select that and I'm going to talk a little bit about your settings for your video card now I have a Nvidia card so for anybody else who has anything other than that you're gonna have to do some searching online for how to set your settings up and yeah so anyway with Nvidia you have these settings and if you don't know what they mean I didn't know what they meant when I first started out so you can search online a really good guide for this is on GeForce comm and I'll give you the link for that and basically goes through the settings in the display settings in Skyrim and what you can change there and also settings in your card as well and other tweaks you can use it's got a really good system see the difference with the slider here and you know gives you a really good idea on what you're expecting when you change your settings so yeah check that out also another fella who does a video for setting up your computer for performance or your card rather is this mister VanDerveer and i'll give you the link for him he talks about all these different settings in your Nvidia card and what they mean and whether you know they're worth choosing and how will affect your performance another thing you can do is go into your Start menu and type run in the search this will pop up and open MS config so type that and hit OK you'll be brought to your system configuration and go to services hide all Microsoft services you don't want to show off any list goes on and then what you're left with our other programs that may or may not be necessary so you can disable the programs that you don't need and go to startup as well and disable whatever is hogging resources so yeah pretty basic that's about it in my next video I'll be covering modding and there's some important things to be aware of because you can't just like go in and start throwing in mods like crazy and taking them out and before you know it you're gonna have crash to desktop or freezing or other problems and I'll address those in that in this next video that's coming up so yes stay tuned for that and I hope I was able to help any of you guys out take care

14 Replies to “Skyrim PC performance tips for beginners”

  1. Random Gaming and Tech

    I have an intel pentium g2020 dual core @ 2.9 GHz, 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM, And a GT 640. I played skyrim a lot about a year ago and it preformed great when I only had 4 gigs of ram. I booted it up today and it ran horribly, I have no idea why and I'm really disappointed. I was even able to play ESO on high settings… >:I

  2. Jomo

    I've got an Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @2.20 Ghz, RAM 2,0,  Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 ti, 1 Tb Hd.
    I'm being wrecked! There are mods wich ny machine cannot handle anymore. At least, not if I'm expecting a good or average performance. Within some months I'm intending to perform an upgrade.  I'm aiming for an Intel Core i5  DDR 5, Motherboard Asus or another compatible. Any Sugestions?

  3. gabriel M

    HELP! i was getting steam out of Program files. there were two folders, one iside Program Files and another inside Program Files(x86). Can i merge them replacing any files or is there a problem with that?

  4. gearlock trinity

    Gigabyte EP45-DS3L
    Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3000 MHz
    GeForce GTS 250 BFG Edition
    4 gigs of ram

    I don't use antialiasing and anisotropic filtering is set at 8x
    I'll post vids of some gameplay soon

  5. gearlock trinity

    Thanks, yeah I've been waiting a long time to get a decent rig, playing in ultra settings getting an average of 45 fps makes my xbox pale in comparison. And then there are the mods which add so much, It's been great seeing all the creative work on the skyrim nexus. I'll be posting some mod reviews and gameplay soon, thanks for the windowed mode tip I'll try it out!

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