Smash Bros. Ultimate - Sakurai Discusses Reveal Trailer Gameplay + Small Change to DQ's Hero

Smash Bros. Ultimate – Sakurai Discusses Reveal Trailer Gameplay + Small Change to DQ's Hero

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In his latest Column, Sakurai details the process of preparing gameplay for Character Reveal Trailers and also highlights a mild change to Dragon Quest’s Hero since their E3 debut!


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50 Replies to “Smash Bros. Ultimate – Sakurai Discusses Reveal Trailer Gameplay + Small Change to DQ's Hero”

  1. VulcanFaux

    No I havent. But it's still neat to hear about.

    All I'm doing now is trying to find a way to pass the time til hero comes out.

  2. CrowSona

    I would be a Robin main on smash ultimate if I didn't know ma boy #8 was coming in as part of the Hero and my boi joker's here too dam I'm lucky oh yeah and banjo-kazooie to I guess

  3. Massimiliano Giacometti

    I honestly did not understand this whole video. Can somebody please explain what is going on on dq Hero not release date? I thought he will come out a month ago

  4. Flash Gordon

    Who cares its just a video game. Sakurai always explaining bs i don't explanations like a child. He made the game so do your job and stop looking for praises. Little bitch.

  5. Anonymous

    I'm excited for banjo not because I have played it, I havent except for a little on a Emulator but Thry are such Classic Characters and I love the lore

  6. La_Passione_Gio

    I’m so excited for the hero, I finally finished DQ11 after 150 hours of game time, and after playing DQ1, 8 and 9 I’m so excited. DQ is and has been such a huge part of my life I’m so excited

  7. Shiny


  8. Boneless Pizzaness

    Us: Is there a new DLC for Smash coming?
    Nintendo: Yes. The Hero from Dragon Quest 11.
    Us: Oh that’s so cool! I can’t wait for him! When is he releasing?
    Nintendo: 2019.
    Us: Ok, cool. He’s coming out this year, but can you be more specific?
    Nintendo: Summer 2019.
    Us: More Specific?
    Nintendo: June 21, 2019 — September 23, 2019
    Us: Ugh! We mean the day of the month the Hero comes out, and the exact time it happens! Can you tell us that!?
    Nintendo: Good question.

  9. Mamou April

    I hope the Dragon Quest Hero will come at the end of July. And I hope I'll see Sora and Kairi appear in SSBU as DLCs at the end of Fighter's Pass. I'll also choose Hero (Erdrick) in Classic Mode for SSBU.

    Whattya think?

  10. Geisel Diesel

    I’m leaving for vacation next week and not sure if I’ll have WiFi at the place I’m staying so please come out before that

  11. TempoUT-911

    The Hero seems like every perfectly made doomsday device.

    Would be near indestructible had they not installed a self destruct button..

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