[Solve] How to repair Send/Receive mail in Outlook 2016

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  1. metro rac

    hi, i am not getting the repair icon , the outlook g-suite was working fine, it stopped sending mails since last two days . please help

  2. Kunchok Gyatso

    This looks good and helpful. But the screen is very unclear and speaks with a very funny accent and inaudible voice. So, didn't like much.

  3. HiM Chhuneja

    Video sucks .. You tried to use port number 465 using TLS .. Really ??? WTF 465 works with SSL only stop making fool

  4. fuck off

    I have a problem I cannot get ay emails!!! I have a email on the website but i am not getting any emails what shall i do!!

  5. David Powel

    I am using Outlook 2016 and I can send pain email but when attached file of 4 MB, it stuck for indefinite period of time. Any help would be appreciated. mail is working fine ad I am able to send and receieved plain emails. able to receive file as well but only unable to send attachments.

  6. Penny E

    PERFECT. I am a 65 year old female with ZERO technical ability and I was able to find the repair file and all I did was click on it and my Outlook repaired itself so that my aol email is no longer stuck in the Outbox, but actually sends now. THANKS!!!

  7. Abdul Mujeeb

    Hi i have some issue in outlook that is one of my user is facing he would be getting the mails and all of sudden some times he gets fully blank emails except email ID and subject nothing is seen in that mail but same email can be read on web mail and configured in mobile as well if that blank email is forwarded to some one there can read the emails so if you have any solution please let me know

  8. vallabh bhirange

    If you are receiving error 0x40002108 then go to win+R
    Type command
    Outlook.exe(space) /resetnavpane
    It will work

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