Speck SmartShell SATIN Cover for MacBook Pro Retina Display Review

Speck SmartShell SATIN Cover for MacBook Pro Retina Display Review

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I review the Speck SmartShell SATIN Cover for MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

I am the lucky owner of an Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display the first notebook from Apple in fact that includes the wonderful super high-resolution screen it is a truly amazing sight to behold and just like other Apple owners I too felt the need to protect my latest acquisition before any unsightly marks appear Here I am taking a look at the smart shell setting cover for MacBook Pro Retina display which promises to maintain the look of the notebook without adding weight or obvious additional bloat to the overall size the cover arrives in two distinct sections one part that protects the back of the display and the other the underneath and sides of the lower portion that houses the all-important computer components keyboard and trackpad none of the ports are obscured and more importantly none of the events either that help keep the system cool enough to operate you might expect the cover to be an addition you only wrap around your MacBook Pro when you venture outdoors however due to its clever observation of ports of vents it can remain permanently fixed this is aided by the fact the cover looks just as aesthetically pleasing as the MacBook Pro itself in its more naked state the black cover certainly adds a pleasing contrast with the silver aluminium elements visible around the keyboard the Apple logo on the rear of the display even shines brightly through the cover just in case you're one of those individuals whose pride in Apple extends to ensuring your peers feed the all-important illuminated branding another possible advantage is that when closed your MacBook Pro doesn't scream it's an Apple product for those who might be concerned of not just scratches but opportunistic feeds who can spot an Apple item a mile off even to the touch the cover feels right and not in any way an alien element you've just attached it is this attention to detail that helps you realize that not only do you enjoy increased protection but also in addition that actually adds quality to the notebook it's at this point I really find an it's hard to find any negative comments to attach to this review and I suppose if I am being picky I would have to highlight the fact that fingerprints do tend to show a little on the cover in certain light however as I say this is being picky in fact very picky to be fair it is recommended according to the instructions provided to remove the cover every month just to remove any small debris that might have snuck its way inside and happily it isn't very difficult to take apart once attached that isn't to say though that it isn't a snug fit as actually it clings to the MacBook Pro so well you could easily believe that it was designed by Apple themselves pleasant to the touch maintaining the sleek aesthetics of the MacBook Pro it's designed to protect while offering the one thing we truly need peace of mind the smart rail setting cover for MacBook Pro Retina display is a worthy purchase for anyone who has the mildest concern that the outer shell could be scratched

39 Replies to “Speck SmartShell SATIN Cover for MacBook Pro Retina Display Review”

  1. Tazmeme

    I was a bit worried about purchasing a case for the MacBook Pro because I thought it would damage the feel of the Apple product, but this review helped me and it makes the MacBook pro feel even better. Gonna buy one with my rMBP definitely.

  2. XDreamFallacy

    God damn too bad i didn't know there is such thing before. I just damaged my case a little bit 🙁 Thanks for review.

  3. Tyler Christensen

    I have had no problems with mold people have talked about on the apple store for the speck satin black case. I removed it for the first time after 6months of use with no mold or scratches what so ever. My MBP Retina 15" still looks brandnew on the outside.

  4. kctess5

    Amazing story: my mac fell of the roof of my car going 50mph (I forgot it there), and this case saved it's life. There is a dent in the screen where it landed, but there is no scratching because the case took the brunt of the damage. I will replace the screen because it reminds me of my stupidity, but the computer still works great.

  5. Siddique Desai

    Where can i buy this product in UK. I've searched on google and all that it does is redirects me US sites to buy. Even on Apple's site the product isn't available.

  6. nsbkaizen

    Thanks, it's reassuring to know the aluminum is durable enough for the tabs. Looks like I'll be ordering this- can't wait.

  7. nsbkaizen

    Do the tabs scratch the aluminum finish? That is my biggest concern with these hard covers that attach directly to the computer. For this reason, I'm considering either a "skin" or simply a sleeve. I do like the look of the Speck…

  8. anupkumarrao

    Thanks for this review. Helped me decide to get this and I love it ! Everything you have reviewed is perfectly accurate !

  9. Frankie Palmisano

    Question, the dual microphones on the side of the MacBook are covered by this case, does that diminish quality at all? Thanks!!!

  10. miiiiicro

    I wish the case didn't show the apple logo at all when it is backlit. Then it would be perfect. Like the incipio feather, but they don't make a case for the 13 rMBP 🙁

  11. James Woodcock

    I have tried various USB devices and had no problems accessing the ports with this protective cover attached.

  12. James Woodcock

    Thank you 🙂 I review a lot of different technologies and games, so I am sure I will get to some more console games in particular in the future.

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