Spyro Reignited: PC Review - Canadian Guy Eh

Spyro Reignited: PC Review – Canadian Guy Eh

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In today’s video, we are going to be reviewing the Spyro Reignited trilogy, except this time, we are going to be going over the PC Port! Let’s get into it!

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in today's video we're gonna be reviewing the pc version of the spiral reignite trilogy let's talk about it what's up guys Canadian guy here and I am back with a review of a highly requested port of the spiral reignited trilogy people wanted the game for switch but there was also a rather large outcry for this beautiful game to be brought to PC because hey if it looked good on a console what about if it joined the PC master-race now I have already reviewed this game you don't need me to ramble on again about my thoughts about it because well it's the same game if you want to watch the original review for the PlayStation 4 check it out in the card in the top right corner or if you want the quick summary I love it and if you live and breathe you should buy it if you're dead well you know by the way again I adored this game and the visuals of it and when we finally found out it was coming to switch and PC I started bubbling with excitement I had concerns about the switch version because of how graphically stunning the original was but the PC man I could not wait so Saturday night after my 12 hour livestream I had gotten the code I booted up the game and I was not disappointed the footage that you have seen thus far has been recorded all on a Playstation 4 Pro this is the p c– footage this was basically my reaction yeah the sound that I made when I first saw this footage was probably not human I'm not even sure what it was to be honest but what I do know was that I felt like I was experiencing the spiral reignite trilogy again for the first time I literally moved spyro forward three inches before I immediately paused the game and went to the graphical options and turned off the motion blur because I knew running on Ultra settings the game would not need it see the game runs at an uncapped framerate so you can achieve frame rates higher than 60 frames for me however my game ran at a smooth 60 frames per second on max settings with frame dips of one sometimes two frames at most once in a while and that was with other programs running in the background and recording the footage as I played through the PC version I felt lost and immersed in the dragon realms everything felt beautifully animated particle effects were grand and exaggerated and all ran buttery smooth comparing footage from the original PlayStation 4 and Xbox one version to this port I was blown away by the difference it's almost night and day then the difference becomes even more apparent when I turned off the motion blur on the police station for as I mentioned in a previous video motion blur helps cover up framerate drops without it though everything is on display I would not exaggerate to say that the PC version of this game will be the version that I play for now on now maybe you're like me and want to be able to play like you did on the PlayStation 4 with a PlayStation 4 controller well fear not just plug your DualShock 4 controller in and you can play like the original did except on a PC wanna try something new you can also use an xbox controller or the mouse and keyboard whatever your preference is you can do it now I had gotten this game installed on my SSD drive and man does this game load fast here is an unedited loading screen from start to finish that's it that's the loading screen isn't that insane now of course in order to be able to run the game at this rate you're going to need a decent setup here is the recommended minimum settings the recommended settings and then the stats of my rig but remember you can adjust your settings if your PC can't quite run the game at its max settings I can't get over how beautiful this game is ladies and gentlemen I just can't this is I would say the definitive way to play the spiral reignited trilogy it would be very very hard for me to be able to go back to the PlayStation or the Xbox version with the way this runs and works the footage that you are even seeing now doesn't even give it a full justice it really shows the great feats that Toys for a bob went to to make sure that this game was literally visually stunning however I do have one single issue with the PC version the opening Cinemax that are not rendered in game are still the same frame rate as the console so basically these cutscenes are exactly the same from the original games but the in-game cutscenes like freeing Sheila don't worry those are in their 60 frames glory all in all if you have a decent PC even if you already have played through the trilogy I seriously highly recommend that you pick up the PC version the footage that you see in this review doesn't even do the game justice it's that good by the way a huge shout out to my patreon and sponsors on the channel I appreciate your support and letting me be able to do this full-time as I got a family to feed if you want to support the channel the patreon is in the description below and be sure to subscribe for more nostalgic content and while you're at it why not check out another video I recently made anyway guys thanks so much for watching and I'll see you next time

25 Replies to “Spyro Reignited: PC Review – Canadian Guy Eh”

  1. Corgisaurus Rex

    Be careful with the uncapped framerate in the PC version. If the game regularly hits framerates over 120, an issue happens where Spyro will sometimes slide across the ground when you're not putting in any movement inputs. It's not too bad in Spyro 1, but in Spyro 2 & 3 where you need to aim at things, it can be very annoying.

  2. KnightWish517

    My version is playable but it's extremely laggy. Like… 10-20 fps laggy! I only have a PC with 280 GB of storage. I only have 20 GB left. Would deleting some old stuff help, or do I need a new PC for this? Will my Steam account allow me to play this on another PC?

  3. Charlzey1998

    My experience with the PC version so far is that the gameplay is absolutely terrific. Nothing can spoil it for me ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    Cutscenes: โ€œHold my beerโ€

  4. Rena Ryugu

    well i beated the game on PS4 and xbox 1. guess its time to get the PC version too. i do say xbox one S spyro run better then PS4. it loaded faster and so on have nto tryed it on PS4 slim yet.

  5. Carlos Reyes

    Sadly it didn't like my Dell Latitude 3480 with combined Intel HD 620 / AMD Radeon R5 M430. I thought because Crash N Sane worked, this would also work but it didn't. I'll have to stick to the originals for now haha! I've said it before and I'll say it again. I wish they redid the games like Halo Anniversary, meaning it was the original game with an advanced graphics engine running on top and the ability to switch between old and new graphics live. All complaining aside, from what I've seen on Youtube, this looks like a great game to play and look forward to playing it one day!

  6. LucasRomeroVA

    The game ever so slightly drops frames every now and then on 4K max settings, there is also some bugs with it being at anything above 30fps on one Spyro 1 Level so far. I'm running it on a 2080Ti GPU and 6700K CPU and 64GBS of Ram. While I can run Devil May Cry 5 at 4K 60 flawlessly lol.

  7. Lucikrux Apache

    oml i wanted it on switch but… im on the pc all the time for both school and fun so… >:U I could play mon hun gu AND spyro AT THE SAME TIME? SIGN ME UP

  8. ่‹‘ๅฎ‰้›„

    I can imagine you bursting with joy once you play CTR:NF in 60fps on PC with max settings. Although, you might collapse in sorrow at the thought of unlocking everything again. A game-save transfer from the consoles should be allowed.

  9. iKickBullies

    i have this on playing on my 4ktv using my PC. Mind you I have the exact same stats for my PC as CGE. A 8700k, gtx1080, 970pro nvme drive, 32gb of ram at 3000mhz (4×8) etc. I can play at 4k but I have to close all things to do it at 4k max settings so I run 1440p and honestly basically don't notice the difference because the AA is amazing in it. I get no frame drops at all. I wish I could have things running in the background at 4k though like I can with crash that doesn't drop frames at all. But it's so beautiful. Yeah, I didn't even notice the loading screens when I was playing lol. I literally looked away for the first one and looked back expecting to see spyro flying and nope he was entering the stage already lol

  10. Secave

    Just so fun to play, hoping it support 21:9 but not getting hopes early.

    Now if they could create a sequel to that. A new game with new features, collectibles, maybe some skill-tree to modify attacks/charge/fire, etc…

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