study coding

study coding

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This is my first video on coding and I have just started to learn it.
I will try to be more informative in my future videos, I feel like i left out a lot of details, next time will make sure to add more content 🙂
I will be making updates as I go every 3 weeks. I will also be doing coding on screen once Im more self confident about my code:)
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hi guys this is a take four for me so I'm just gonna run through it and hopefully this time I will enjoy the outcome and I'll be able to post this video I wanted to talk to you guys about studying web development so I'm coming from a background where I have never done any coding in the past I actually changed my job entirely from from procurement to web development so it's a big change I have never done in coding once again um I wanted to talk to you about how it's going and also let you know what I would recommend when it comes to studying coding so before I have started my course which is at General Assembly I have studied on my own some coding beforehand and for a few months and that was a very good time that I had just starting on my own but I was feeling that because I wasn't really mmm having like a very structured studying plan I kind of felt like I need to do I need to go to school and actually do it with a teacher or with someone who can answer all my questions with someone who can give me good tips because when I was starting on my own the Google is there and it's such a great tool but at the end of the day you might have different questions that sometimes are quite hard to research on the internet or also like kind of human interaction also kind of helps and it's easy to understand something when a teacher is actually explaining it to you so I'm a big fan of just finding a school and studying it there I know that it might be a bit expensive sometimes but I kind of feel like it is worth it and and yeah it brings you a great satisfaction if you want to study coding then 100% like starting coding at school or doing a course is a great idea so when it comes to what I have studied already I have done three weeks out of 12 and so far we have site HTML CSS and JavaScript we started off with JavaScript surprisingly so at first week were writing functions and we were making that JavaScript functions and all those little bits and pieces work and we were studying the logical thinking behind it and how we should apply our logical thinking to actually write the code the computer understands your code and is able to actually process it and all that and it's actually quite amazing what the computer can do like when I was studying or actually right now I'm studying but when I just started studying I felt like whatever code I'm dropping on my computer it's just working through it it shows many errors and whatnot but it's just working through it so quickly and it's quite amazing like I did understand computers are very fast and they're very advanced at this stage but when you actually write something for the computer and it works and and you see how fast it goes through the code that you have written it is quite amazing it's a different kind of different experience I would say so like I said sewing javascript was a lot of fun and obviously I'm not done studying it is just the beginning but so far we've done functions we've done different things we've done also kind of accessing the dome which is accessing different pieces of HTML or actually elements sorry with JavaScript and also like also changing what is in html5 JavaScript yeah so it's it's a great experience and it's quite interesting and it brings a lot of joy when you see that you have done something that works on your web page um so currently we will be starting studying Ruby that's the backend language that GA is teaching and I can't wait actually and I heard that once you kind of learn one of the programming languages with which Java Script is one of the programming languages it is slightly easier to learn more which is which is great like I'm very hopeful that that's the case because kind of when you learn the logical thinking and how to speak to the computer apparently you can apply that to different languages so it's basically a similar thing only the syntax and whatnot is slightly different quite different depending on the language but yeah I wanted to give you guys an update and I will probably be uploading another sorry he'll probably be uploading another video in three weeks time just to have that 3 6 9 and 12 when I finish all that kind of yeah paths and recorded um thank you for watching this and hopefully I'll see you next video thanks bye

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