Sublime Text Tutorials #4 - How To Change and Add Color Schemes

Sublime Text Tutorials #4 – How To Change and Add Color Schemes

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The 4th video in the Sublime Text 2 tutorial series. Here I give explain how to change or add color schemes to personalize your Sublime Text experience.

hey what's up this is Scott with level up Tut's and today I'm going to show you a little bit more about sublime text today we're going to go over color schemes so when you load it up your sublime text – maybe it doesn't look just like this that's because I have this color scheme installed I should forget the name i think it's mono kai and i really like it it the colors are really nice it sort of sticks out I think in any sort of language I'm writing in whether it's CSS or whatever it's gonna look good so that's what I like in a color scheme however everybody has different preferences and that's why it's great that sublime text 2 allows you to use color schemes that were made for texting so if you have text made installed chances are you will have all of your text make color schemes available to you as well from the start so that find your color schemes you just click on the sublime text – in the menu here for Windows I'm gonna go ahead and say I'm not quite sure exactly how you do this on Windows I've ever used sublime text – for Windows however you're gonna go to preferences and then you'll just notice this color scheme option and here's all of the different options that I have by default many of these I might have installed myself you know I just can't remember at this point which ones came with and which ones did not but let's pick space-cadet I don't really know what this one looks like so you can see it's a little bit darker of a theme and and some people might really really enjoy this personally this one's not for me so I would probably be moving on to try another one but the great part is is this really easy to just go through and try one you can use it for a couple hours and if you like it you do what if you don't it's pretty obvious quickly if you like it or not I like these dark themes there's also lighter themes with a a light background I'm not exactly sure which ones I have you know it looks like this is one of them to me this is a little too bright for my eyes but so we have these ones that are built-in you can change it what happens if you want to get more well luckily the Internet is provided with all sorts of opportunities to get more in fact just by searching sublime text to color schemes you'll find horses all sorts of stuff or even searching textmate color schemes you'll find a ton because people have made a bunch well luckily they're really easy to install so here I have a github page and that's github slash da yl e ar e es slash color schemes and here is a whole bunch of color schemes and you'll notice check it out there's some really good ones in here either way there's all sorts of different ones it's pretty nice it allow for a bunch of different opportunities here in fact one of these I'm using on my theme at my office pretty much constantly now and I really have been getting used to it so how do you get these into sublime text well it's nice and easy luckily they have not made it very difficult for you at all however Apple has made it not super easy for you to get to your library folder in later versions of the OS X operating system as you can see I see hidden folders and files so my library folder which has been hidden by default as of lion and mountain lion I can get to it however you might not be able to get to yours if you go to your finder and your username so to get there you can go to go go to folders and you can type in tilde slash and then the library go and it's gonna take you to the same spot in fact let's close this window and have a new window take me there just so you can see the next go to folder and tilde slash library alright I'm in cool so here we need to go to application support and then you'll want to find sublime text 2 and then packages so you'll notice there's all these packages and here all these folders there's some themes well we don't have to do anything other than put these themes inside of this packages folder so let's go ahead and download these from the skin hub page you can use it using command line or you can just click this download zip button and you'll be getting that downloaded okay so I have all these color schemes I think my packages time to put them in kind of woman okay so I'm just going to like these I'm gonna throw these in here there's a whole bunch of them okay and now that these are in here we're gonna go over sublime text and now I'm going to check out preferences color schemes and you could see all of these different ones in here and then there's color scheme default these the ones that we added just now so let's pick out what I like I think I like the peacock from their preview turn that on it looks great in fact here's what a CSS looks like using this peacock one looks like highlighting it's nice and prominent here's HTML there's a JSON file so yeah so I'd like to I think I would like to keep this color scheme for a little bit in fact I really like this one okay so this is color schemes changing them getting new ones in sublime text – as always if you have any questions please leave a comment the video or hit us up it to our level up Tut's thanks for watching but

32 Replies to “Sublime Text Tutorials #4 – How To Change and Add Color Schemes”

  1. Carl Westman

    I'm using Sublime Text 3 with Monokai scheme and writing Structured Text (ST) for a PLC. The problem is that it doesn't add any colors to word, everything is white? Do you know any fix for this? Do I need to define it somewhere myself?

  2. Martin Freeman

    Would you pleaese tell me how to remove the color scheme that I don't need anymore? I have too many of them.

  3. Mohammad Ali Yesar

    Dude! Thanks A lot i actully went into this before but it didn't work 😂 But now it somehow works even thoe i were in it befotr! -Like here 😅

  4. McGavel1

    Omg, they have the "Blackboard" theme that I always used in Notepad++ before I just found ST – swicktaculistical!

  5. McGavel1

    Sweet, thanks!

    In Windows, the difference is that the menubar tab of "Sublime Text 2" that contains the "Color Scheme" options is called "Preferences" instead and is on the right-hand side of the menubar; for anyone who was curious (unless things have changed since the time of this tut).

  6. Dimitri Vasilev

    Tip: For fast and easy access to your Library folder, click on GO when in Finder and hold down the ALT key to view your hidden folders.

  7. DarkPa1adin

    Scott 🙂 you could have click on "kind" to arrange the folder by kind, then drag and hold all the xml files together and drop into package :p

  8. Rick Jorgensen

    is there a listing of the definition of what each of the colors mean? (what does  something in green vs. red men?

  9. Anonymous

    When I go to Preferences> Color Scheme just like he does in the video and select a default color scheme, nothing happens. The text remains white. Does anyone know why this might be the case? Thank you.

  10. Anand Sunku

    can i change the only the colour of comment in settings user distraction free, instead of changing whole bunch of schemes?

  11. thegardener007

    the voice in my head is so funny. I watch this video and it's says, "Oh cool, look. Colour schemes. I'm going to be the best programmer ever!"

    I've been learning JS for about a week now. Yeah that's right. A whole week. Colour Schemes! That's what it's all about.

  12. Doc Pixel

    A faster way of getting to the Library folder is just going to the "Go" menu and hold down the "alt" or "Option" key… then you'll see "Library" appear in the menu to select it.

    Once in the un-zipped downloaded folder, select all themes by clicking in the search field (or Cmd-F) at the top and just start to type "-theme", then select all of the results (Cmd-A), right-click and choose "New Folder with Selection (x items).

    I like shortcuts and good organization 🙂

  13. TomF

    Hello !
    I created a color scheme called "Sunburst-Improvement". It's an improvement of the original Sunburst color scheme. I can download it here :
    h t t p s : / / g i t h u b . c o m/ w a t d a f e k / I m p r o v e d – s u n b u r s t (clear the spaces to make the link work)

  14. liam walters

    Hey, is there a way to modify the existing colour scheme? I like the default, but want to make comments more prominent

  15. human151

    I really wanted to like sublime text2. But there are a few important features missing. The only way to format your code is edit-line-indent (if I remember correctly), where as in BBEDIT you can format with many different options. In sublime text you cant view your code in a bowser (without an add on and it does not work properly without some effort), where as BBedit lets you preview in many different browsers right out of the box.

    BBedit is far superior and less expensive.

  16. LevelUpTuts

    Yes you can. I did not because I never go in that folder really, so it's tidy-ness isn't of highest priority for me. You could use folders to organize them too, that way you could keep all dark themes together or something.

  17. bertobertoberto3

    Could we create a theme folder and add the downloaded themes to that folder? Seems a little messy just throwing everything into the packages folder.

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