The 2019 Macbook Pro 13" Is Great. Buy These Laptops Instead!

The 2019 Macbook Pro 13" Is Great. Buy These Laptops Instead!

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In today’s video we’ll take a look at some awesome alternative laptops to buy instead of the just-released brand new 13 inch MacBook Pro 2019. This brand new quad core MacBook Pro brings the Touch Bar and quad core i5 and i7 processors to the base model 13 inch MacBook Pro, and the performance gains are huge. Today we’re going to talk some other options for people under a budget and find out if the 2019 13 inch MacBook Pro is worth it.

Asus Vivobook S15
Macbook Air 2018
Asus Zenbook 13

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so I will just add some new MacBooks to the restore which would be amazing if only I could afford it so in case you haven't seen any videos about this yet there are a couple more additions to the MacBook lineup and I'm not gonna lie they look really promising the Geekbench scores are through the roof crushing even their top – your models from 2018 and you might be thinking if you should make that upgrade well if you've got the money and you want the best of the best I don't see why not okay that's the end of the video hope you guys enjoyed it something if you liked it subs even loved it I'll see you guys next time not just hold on a second okay we got to talk about this for a little while I just watched a bunch of reviews on YouTube in almost everyone with the new MacBooks are talking about how great it is and how much more affordable they are this is not affordable okay the cheapest one here is $1,300 how could you call that cheap hey Dad how much money do you want this time that's all there's no way he gave $39 come on dad I need it no seriously yes oh I said yes the confirm the fact that I said no thinks they are you the best what how'd you get my wallet get get back here oh yeah I obviously don't have on that cash lying around to just go out and buy a $1,300 MacBook Pro I get asked all the time on these videos what's the best laptop to buy or what laptop is great for students or within this price range or this or that so I wanted to use this video to also answer these questions so now I'm gonna give you my top three alternatives are these new MacBook Pros that you can get for a cheaper price without sacrificing too much of anything the first one I want to recommend to you guys is one that I talked about many times on this channel and that is the Aces evil book s15 I assume most of you guys are students like me and you might need a laptop with solid specs for everyday tasks to handle light gaming maybe browse the net also some light editing and a decent performance with great battery life to go with it and the Aces of evil book s15 fits that description perfectly it costs about $650 in Amazon right now so really cheap about half the price of a baseline MacBook Pro which is crazy think about the value you're getting out of this it's hands down my favorite budget laptop in 2019 and it's what I've been using for most of my work over the past few months it's not the most powerful laptop out there but you'd be surprised how well this thing handles 4k video streaming and 1080p edits in DaVinci Resolve now I know I know it's running Windows and a lot of people might actually want to pay a premium price just to get something but that Apple logo behind it unless you're this guy of course but if you want to get out of that ecosystem and try something new then the Aces we've uber guess 15 is the cheapest best way to do it next time be a slightly more powerful beast and that is the MacBook Air from Apple yeah I know this one is a little bit more expensive but this isn't really for you college students or gamers out there this is one of them people who still want a MacBook for some reason and don't want to spend their life savings on the new ones you can actually get the fully specked out MacBook Air with a 256 gigabyte storage in touch bar for the same price as the base model macbook pro 13 inch which to me is a better value if you're willing to sacrifice the slightly faster performance on the pro the MacBook Air is still using Intel UHD graphics just like the ACS pubic s 15 which is fine for like video edits but it's not really as good as the KB Lake Intel iris plus graphics on the new MacBook Pros but the difference isn't really all that much and huge bonus is that you can get $100 off that base but err if you're a student so be sure to get there next up is another one from Asus and that is the aces and thirteen this is a definitely a contender for the base model MacBook Pro the same configuration with the i5 processor 8 gigs of ram with 256 gigabyte SSD storage costs about $900 on Amazon and it even has slightly better graphics than the MacBook Air we just talked about its amazing performance and long battery life means it's also a great choice for students and also a great choice for gaming as it does have its own dedicated graphics card this isn't really review so I'm not gonna talk much about it but this is definitely a laptop worth checking out if you really don't want to get an overpriced MacBook overall I'd say don't get a new MacBook Pros just yet until you want some reviews and find out if it's actually worth the upgrade okay I hope you found this video helpful leave a like if you liked it and subscribe to keep see more videos from this channel also leave a comment down below if you have any questions or any video ideas I'd love to check those out and come back next Friday for the next video and I'm gonna catch you guys in the next video peace

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  1. Heer

    The reason for many of your dislikes is caused by the misinterpretation of your title. I'd say something along the lines of "The 'Cheapest' Macbook Pro 13" Is Great BUT Here Are Some Alternatives!". This would definitely allow for your message to be understood better. Just some feedback because I also misinterpreted the title of the video .

  2. Venner Dorvilus

    🍎Wasn't planning on it anyway, I hate IOS… I'll definitely reconsider tho, whenever they decide to stop👁️raping🤑their customers….

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