The All-new Apple Mac Pro 2018 with modular design Overview!

The All-new Apple Mac Pro 2018 with modular design Overview!

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Following Apple’s pre-announcement of a new modular Mac Pro it has in the works, there has been a lot of speculation about how Apple could implement such design changes. Will it stick with a design similar to the current cylinder, aka the trash can? Or perhaps it will return to a more classic Mac tower or box design, or something new entirely, in order to accommodate the machine’s so-called “modular” design that will allow easy upgrades for key components.

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25 Replies to “The All-new Apple Mac Pro 2018 with modular design Overview!”

  1. El orate criticón

    it's a good design but let's face it, apple would not be that, and I think that design lacks a bit more height, more ports, and ports, all! be back then it is an excellent concept

  2. Stewart Mason

    I love this, I want one, pleeeeeeese. if only apple could get there s…t together and design something as coool as this, at an real price not there inflated ripoff price

  3. Worldwide Ghosts

    Looks like a large side standing Mac Mini with push-out sides. I honestly believe Apple are lost these days and clutching at straws. Sorry Apple but Microsoft are beginning to takeover.

  4. Jaime Gianola

    what a piece of crap and ridiculous design, can they make a fucking normal fucking computer that I can tinker, upgrade and open up and install shit? its a fucking PROFESSIONAL COMPUTER for gods sake, not a fucking toy!

  5. Omni Underground

    Lmao just turns an old Mac mini upright on its side and draws this up. If you can use your brain for 4 seconds you'll realize there is no account for the space it would take behind the peripheral ports when USB and/or etc is plugged in. Also the wiring the logic board that would either be noticeable when you slide the internals side to side, or would hinder the action/ability or this movement. slap some new ports and vent holes on a pre-existing product and you got a click bait winner buddy good job!

  6. bobby sands

    I am a professional editor and filmmaker and have owned 5 macs in my lifetime–one old G-4 is still working and sitting in front of the very desk I am typing on–it serves as reminder of the good old days. Apple, you better get your "pro" shit together ASAP or I will go to PC. Adobe CC works in both so what is my motivation to stay with Mac? I hate PCs…but if you give me no choice I will have to invest my money and my company's money into PC. I am not waiting very long. I would imagine I am not alone. CHOP CHOP!!!! LET;S GO!!!!

  7. André

    i dont like it. its too different. the monitor stand is horrible. why cant they just use the old mac pro case/chassis, the tower!?

  8. DarcvexiS

    Nice try for giving Apple ideas for more useless crap that will never fly here's why. Headphone and mic jacks in front are not things Apple would do in fact any respectable company would make their case jacks belong in the rear never in the front mainly because no one wants to see more wires in front of them. As for the swivel design cute but flawed for one thing there would be no room to rotate away from the rear I/O. Your touchbar is useless seriously what's the point of it when all those items are mounted in the Dock in front of your face and when you boot into Windows to actually make use of that NVIDIA card either for games or for real work.

    On the positive side I do like the ability to access the computer for upgradability but Apple is very ignorant when it comes to giving the user access to the internals of their model line ups to give more longevity to their own personal machines. Not to mention greedy. This is Apple if they are going relaunch a whole new machine it's going to be something completely new steering away from iMac, Mac Mini, and Trash Can models so don't expect to see remanence of those shapes upon relaunch. Also they might start making eGPU housings this way you spend more money on external adapters as they don't want to make everything rolled into one anymore.

  9. Vishal Giri

    great video and Apple has finally dome major improvements in the design as well as in the internals of the Mac pro!!

  10. Nathaniel Roche

    Nice design! I would totally buy one! By the way, could you recommend where to get ram for a late 2015 iMac 27 5k ?

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