The Best Cheap Gaming PC In The UK For Beginners In 2016 [Under £250]

The Best Cheap Gaming PC In The UK For Beginners In 2016 [Under £250]

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The Best Cheap Gaming PC In The UK For Beginners In 2016 [Under £250]

Specs –

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 FX
Processor Speed: 3.90 GHz
Hard Drive Size: 1TB
RAM Size: 8GB
Maximum Display Resolution: 1080p Full HD
Graphics Card Ram Size: 1GB

hello and welcome to my living room where I've just been given delivered a parcel as you can see right here that is apparently fragile so without further ado I'm going to unbox this so I'm gonna get a pair of scissors and then we'll get right on with that so I got this from a company called fresh tech solutions which seemed to deal in doing very good deals on gaming computers so good that they look like they're fake from what I've heard on the feedback in the description all the parts are really good everything is above board everything is just everything's great but it's only 318 pounds there we go so it's a box within a box so hopefully in here yes here we go so I'll go down the box box he's done away with it's not bad not you know I'm looking at it so take the cover off and we can see the PC for the first time so here we go this is the galaxy 3 case I'm not sure who makes it but you can buy it on its own and I think so if I just take the camera down you see it's not very inspired looking thing these strips down the side do glow blue with LEDs and there's kind of a bubble effect through it which is kind of cool I guess it's USB ports and Jack's in there which I didn't know so that's pretty cool also I think there's probably Bay's here where I can add more USBs so the real star of this case the thing I like is this see-through side with a nice grill for the fan but this is a cheap case is pretty damn cool because you can see all components inside I think there's the hard drive the processor and fan is graphics card I think oh I can't stop very easily viewable from there so I'll turn it again to the back we have all the other stuff leaves the back of the graphics cards got HDMI DVI CRT or kind of stuff some more USB ports for usb on the back which is very good power switch power supply in and a mouse and keyboard button which you a mass of people port-wine you don't see that very often anymore do you there's also a grill there which I think they should be a fan but there isn't I could install a fan in there some point in the future probably but who knows well although like I said there is a fan by there on the grill so hopefully they'll take care of most of it just a quick post here I have opened it up I have taken the side off although at first I thought it wasn't coming off I might give it a good tug and it did come off it is supposed to come off obviously cuz you need to replace pass and that stuff so I'm just going to take you inside and show all the various parts this is the graphics card I do believe there's at the back all the graphics cloud stuff so this is the graphics card there's the processor with the AMD fan that is very big heat sink I must say a very big heat sink there's the Seagate one terabyte drive there's the gigabyte motherboard it's all sitting on and the power supply from wind power but then again I'm not entirely sure whether that's good or bad so other than that there's just a massive cables and nice fan so I guess that's everything so thanks for watching this video I have enjoyed this goodbye good

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  1. Usman Rabbani

    i jus need a pc to play euro master simulator 2 with the logitech wheel. any recommndations of were i can get a low budget pc?

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