The Best Desktop Setup 2017!

The Best Desktop Setup 2017!

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I upgraded my desk setup based around the HP Pavilion Wave Desktop!
HP 600-a110 Pavilion Wave Desktop (Intel i5-7400 Quad-Core, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) with Windows 10:
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hey guys it's Krystal and you know what it's time I show you guys my desk setup crystal didn't already show us your desk setup yeah I did but I was boring this time around I really upgraded my whole death setup and I really wanted to think outside the box for this one and with the help of HP sponsoring this video I think I nailed it so what inspired this beautiful setup is this chair behind me this blue turquoise winning combination chair I saw it in good old home goods and I said I'm gonna make a desk out of that color design am in love with it it's so beautiful it just gets me the whole spring and summer vibe and it's super comfy it goes up really high so we're going for a modern feel with some wooden tones and aqua and turquoise so if you guys want to buy this chair I did buy this at HomeGoods so I'm gonna look for a similar one and link it down below looking at the wood of this chair I was like I have to have a wooden desk because I love what it would just compliment it so well you know so I went with this wooden desk over here look at this wood it's not like that cheap like plasticy looking wood this is this is a real deal Oh somebody took a bite out of my desk got a little hungry that's alright I don't know the company that really made this I think is made by the uniquely artisans Indian crap this is a writing desk so it's not gonna be a humongous huge desk of a bunch of space it's just enough room to fit everything comfortably that you need on the desk but we do have drawers here which I love and over here you can put all your other stuff that you'll need on a desk or glasses I mean hey why not you can look cool while you're at your desk now you might be wondering crystal where's the computer a desk is not a desk without a computer some type of computer on it honestly I was kind of scared of just throwing some big old ugly computer on here that would ruin the whole beautiful staff that I got going on but I think I found something ah oh my god inside this box is one of the most unique looking Windows computers I've ever seen let's put this huge box over here look what we have got the HP Pavillion wave desktop over here whoa all right Wow this is what computers look like nowadays this is really gonna tie in together the whole desam trying to put together cuz it looks beautiful you're gonna want to put it out you're not gonna want to like hide it in a corner somewhere where you're putting together your desk and getting your setup all nice last thing you want to do is put like a big old computer that looks ugly but this thing like you're gonna want to put this on your desk geez look at all the ports we have USB ports serial USB C port HDMI SD card slot so yeah it really doesn't stick out too much just enough I think to make it sit nicely on this whole setup when you talk about how powerful this thing is the one that I have has an Intel Core i5 processor with eight gigs of RAM and I paired it up with this HP Envy 27-inch monitor is actually 4k so it looks beautiful and yeah paired with this it handles it really well and I actually bought a keyboard and mouse that like matches my whole setup and what I got going on here but this guy came with these guys and they're actually like really good quality keyboard and mouse like they're wireless and Bluetooth and the mouse here I think is magnetic just cool and I don't know if you guys noticed but there's no speakers on this desk and that is because I am putting all my trust into this guy because the HP Pavillion wave has built-in B&O 360 speakers sounds good that bass is in your face but it's just enough I think sounds good it really is the complete package whether I'm editing videos or watching videos and my friends are playing games it can do it all very well while still looking beautiful on my desk now all you really need for a setup is a good computer a nice desk and that's it I mean that's what I have here but what really makes you want to go and sit down at that desk is all little details that go into it and maybe having a nice coherent theme like what I have here and you see all the little touches of yellow and blue and with this nice blue lamp here that actually has a Huell amp inside of it also back here got a hue lightstrip going across and of course I could change the color with my phone if I wanted to once again this was another HomeGoods find and I guess I just went in there and bought everything that was either turquoise or wooden in that store but I will link something similar below even moving on we got more lights up here which just brings in the whole cozy vibe that I'm going for got all our little yellow details I think went nice with the blue even this Polaroid camera which is purely there mostly for decoration and then I got an inspiration board that'll keep swapping the pictures out as time goes on but I'll throw whatever inspires me at the moment up there now this Polaroid camera over here yes it is mostly decoration because I mean yellow and blue looks nice but I don't know if I'm doing something wrong with it or something because I'm take pictures with it I looked at my viewfinder i frame it all nicely and and these poo poos come out of it horrible pictures I mean like I framed these all nicely and they all came out like poop now with the polaroid pictures you see up here don't tell anybody but I actually cheat it a little bit cuz I actually stick those with my phone I use a Polaroid printer for them but I actually talked about in a few videos before when it comes to poor boys in general or polaroid picture taking I think that's a way to go but yeah this guy it is mostly decoration so when it comes to putting together a nice desk setup there's really three things you got to keep in mind you got to have a nice desk of course and some splashes of light around really help and a nice colour theme because then you can buy accessories and match throughout so with those three things in mind I mean you can't go wrong I really really love how all this came out if you guys liked it as much as I did make sure you leave a like and subscribe for more videos like these thanks for watching guys and I'll see you later

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    She has been in my head all the best idea for me today I have the right thing for you and the rest will never forget it is also an hour of work then a nice to know how I wish it wasn't me up when they

  2. Ivan Morales

    Not a fan of HP at all, but I am a fan of your videos 🙂 keep it up! Oh about the insta polaroid camera make sure it is on the appropriate setting or it will come out black or white. I got one for my wife last Christmas and she got pretty good at it. Also would you happen to have the link for that polaroid printer 😀 that seems cool for when you want the perfect pic instead of wasting insta film. 😛

  3. Amy B.

    Coming here after watching JC Review's desk setup and UrAvgConsumer's reviews is like driving a cheap Ford Fiesta after driving a Lamborghini. Girl, there is a huge lack of honesty in your videos. HP is a joke, everyone knows it and you can't fool anyone with only 8GB Ram. Shame on you.

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