The Computer Repair Podcast #315 – JumpCloud

The Computer Repair Podcast #315 – JumpCloud

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welcome to computer repair podcast episode number 315 jump cloud this our live show we discuss the ins and outs of running your computer repair business our show today is brought to you by instant house call most parts that is easy for you and your customers to use this is a must-have tool with features like on-demand for your break fix customers and unattended for managed services you do automatic repairs with the auto repair built in software it will save you time and money when you are supporting your customers check it out for a free trial at instant house call com use the offer code Pot nuts and also buy fresh books the simple pain free invoicing solution for freelancers and small business owners for a 30 day free trial just go to fresh books comm forward slash pod nuts inter pod nuts in the how did you hear about us section let's introduce the co-hosts let us let me introduce the co-hosts and we have John dibinsky from the Maven group John how you doing Jeff I unfortunately watched the lego movie which wasn't half bad yesterday but everything is awesome if you know what I'm talking about and also joining us we have been orange from a jump cloud man how you doing pretty good happy st. Patty's Day yeah I forgot 17th right yeah yeah get your green beer alright we're gonna start off the show is we normally do we're going to share a tip or story that we could learn from John I'm gonna kick it off to you what do you got for us this week I just a couple of quick little updates this week Jeff so you know the adults are gonna talk you just drink your coffee there and we'll be good to go ah quick a quick little update that snapped their overseer platform nice little update here in March got to factor finally and a couple other security updates and then a lot of under-the-hood stuff that they're working on which is pretty exciting with that and show notes in the chat if anybody wants to check that out let's see next a nice little reference guide I found I had all sorts of links to this kind of stuff but if you're a dull guy like me and you work with the Optiplex line of computers I don't know why I didn't find this before and maybe I'm just waking up to how to use google but here's a great link to the Dell Optiplex diagnostic indicator webpage so on all the Optiplex you get the cool little numbers on the front or something when it's booting up postcodes as we used to call them but there is a secret little webpage probably not so secret that has what all those codes meeting for all the optiplex models in the notes in the chats the next is an article I found which is basically a little bit of link baiting I think in something that we all absolutely know but I thought the content of the article was pretty cool and something you could share with your clients the article title is 60% of small businesses fold within six months of a cyber attack here's how to protect yourself it's on ink calm I'll put a link in there but the way the articles written and the information it provides is would be a good way for you to maybe start a conversation with your client if you wanted to create some material or something like that I thought it was you know very non-technical information that you could share with your client two more quick ones um everybody's on the VoIP bandwagon you know we have a great partner over there but there's a site called VoIP info org and if you're new to VoIP and you're not sure what a blf is or what sip is or any of that kind of stuff it's just a plain Jane website great search page where you could put in VLF find out all about what that is it's sponsored by 3cx you know even if you're using a host provider you're probably using 3cx or asterisks or something like that behind the scenes that you don't know about but void – info org has a great bunch of information Island Plain Jane and explained very well and last but not least is router security org another org site just has a ton of information on how to test your routers routers with known issues firewalls with known issues and all that kind of stuff and it seems like whoever is maintaining that site keeps that up to date with a lot of good information so those are my tips of the week that is awesome as usual and you really bring the goods man you love those links definitely like it information in one thing we all need is a little more time to educate ourselves and you make it very easy by giving us the information so we can go educate ourselves on a regular basis got her in my page I forgot my pen I Ben do you have a tip or story for us this week John is a tough act to follow man became slinging links so I got I got two quick ones one actually was not prepared but one of the things that John shared kind of spurred my thought I don't know if y'all are familiar with the net diligence report I don't you guys have run across that all throw two links in in the chat they do a report I think they come from audits so insurance audit claims from 2018 of companies have been breached in the cost of a breach so I'll throw that in there they have a pretty interesting infographic and then a super-dense report so I probably start with the infographic but it goes up the same vein of the cost of small business I think it may have been potentially the source of part of the the you are though this shared before but anyways it's something you can share with your your clients as well to help them get understanding of like this is why it's important to lock down security so let me throw those two links in there and then the other tip or trick I had was a little bit less salad but more some best practices that we use here at jump cloud so being kind of a software company we talk a lot about iterating right so fail fast learn fast kind of experiment I think it's just especially as business owners or even helping some of your small businesses you know think about like what's a what's something I want to go test and try and make better either through my operations or processes or you know my approach to selling and marketing to clients and don't worry about making it perfect just measure what you're doing and try and figure out what what what worked well what didn't and iterate and take the next step so like I said John's a tough act to follow but hopefully that's it's helpful I'm bringing the goods right information yeah I didn't I didn't know about that one resource so that was good and then yeah obviously hey get out there you got to do something if you don't do it if you don't do something nothing will ever happen so that's that's great advice there all right so my tip is I need to change it up a little bit so I'll read through our Facebook group our secret Facebook group and I already throw their Facebook groups and out listen to business owners and technicians talk you – basically don't feel stupid in a reason I say that is because there's a lot of people out there that will look at a solution and by the time they figure it out though they'll look at it is I should have known that why didn't I why didn't I remember that I had done that six months ago and had that same problem that I was able to fix then I forgot about well in today's day and age the digital euphoria that we have surrounding us all over is ridiculous because there's just too much of it we've got all these different stimuli that are basically grabbing our attention so the capacity in your brain to remember every little single thing you've ever done it's just not gonna be there and that's okay the important things will be there the rest of the stuff hey you know what you might have to look it up again or you might have to get some advice from I don't know a good group of people that can help you out and that's the benefit of being a part of a community and having a community that will surround you and help you in understanding eight this is what I did for this situation and even if you don't get the solution a lot of times you'll get let in the right direction and your brain will click in in the gear and go oh yeah I remember when and you'll go do it so don't ever and I know people probably say this in tongue-in-cheek you know I feel so stupid not you know what just take that out of your vocabulary don't say that ever again because there's nothing stupid about you as I've said before and I'll say it again in this community I've met some of the smartest individuals that I've ever seen in this industry quite honestly because there's a lot of smart people that come up with a lot of great things in an understanding of what they're doing and they're able to help others and others are able to help them nobody knows everything and that's okay so anyways don't feel stupid alright let's go ahead and take a break and we'll get into our main topic because I know some people in the chatroom are asking what is jump cloud we definitely want to get into that but before that we're gonna talk about tech con unplugged yes our very own convention September 20th through the 22nd 2019 in Grand Rapids Michigan guess what be there or be square I know I keep saying then some of you'll get that some of you gotta come up with some better than probably yes that's enough that's even older than my time I don't know anyway all right here's what you're gonna get for a hundred and ninety-nine bucks now again I'm gonna tell you invest in your business because you want to go to a place where you're going to learn and be able to take away information back home with you in your business but this $199 is going to get you all the meals Friday night we're having a meet-up Saturday you're gonna get breakfast in lunch in two snacks Sunday you're gonna get breakfast a lunch and two snacks in Saturday including the pricier ticket we're going to Dave & Buster's to eat and hang out and have a great time again keeping the community together this is the place you want to be if you want to learn about your business if you want to hang out with other like-minded individuals that are there to help you and you're there to you know spread your information too so it's a win-win situation and that's what we want these are the type of people we want there there's a lot of business owners out there that a lot of times will feel like they're all out there by themselves there's nobody to help them and we never want anybody to feel that way so you know what take a weekend away from your business work on your business work on some ideas so you had some information to bring back but we're also going to have community invested vendors they're gonna be with us hanging out talking about their products and services we're gonna be able to schmooze and get information from them and they're gonna be able to find out about our businesses and again it's this symbiotic relationship where people are working together and it's a win-win so we want vendors to be in business for themselves because you know they got to get paid they got to eat they got to pay mortgages all that kind of stuff and at the same time we want to make money in our businesses and we want to have that time and availability to be able to do that well a lot of times you've got to use vendors that are gonna help you in your business instead of just being you by yourself again you can't do everything so we want to bring this community together and just hang out for the weekend go to Techcon unplug calm right now pick up your ticket the hotel rooms are 102 bucks a night grab a couple grab three come in I'll probably be there Thursday night so anyways you guys wanna come hang out and we are going to have a awesome time and it's in John Dubinsky backyard right John yeah darn there hey that's a good point Jeff if guys we can come in earlier gals let us know maybe we should do something on the CRP group or something to say hey you people that are here or something so we'll figure that out guys get back here we definitely will we definitely got plenty of times so and everything is moving together wells the list of vendors is growing so it's it's exciting all right so now we're going to talk about jump clot and basically their their tagline is directory as a service now there may be a lot of people that know what a directory is going back to on Prem active directory and there may be some people out there that maybe don't but before we get into that what I want to do is I want to have been then give us a background story of basically how you got started in tech and how you got to this point where all of a sudden you're with jump cloud yes I mean personally yeah cool so I'm I'm the fellow Midwestern I like the to you guys I grew up in southern Indiana almost went to almost went to IU and was a future but ended up going to at University of Dayton and stumbled my way out here to Colorado we were to Boulder Boulder based company so I ended up with a an internship in Denver friend of a friend and went back to school and was like well and what I'm doing after I graduate I don't know what job I'm gonna have but I know where I'm gonna live so for those of you that haven't been out here in Colorado it's like 300 days of Sun a year and mountains and doesn't matter what time of year there's something fun to do so anyways found my way out here and ended up with a tech startup called trata that no longer exists and then from there we've been in kind of the boulder hotbed of sass and technology so I went to another company called Kapost was there for about five years and I've been with junk cloud about two and a half so a little over not quite half as long as the company's been around were about five six years old so running running the partner program over here at junk cloud which is pretty exciting and figuring all that stuff out but it's been a fun ride so far I don't have a whole lot to complain about living and with a man working in Boulder Colorado and playing in the mountains on the weekends that's awesome great to hear yeah great back background story so go ahead in explain to us from rear view point basically what Jump cloud is and what it can do for someone's business yes for sure so I mean I think the tagline is a good dovetail into it so directory as a service right I think if we've looked at just about everything in the tech stack right it's gone through an evolution like email is probably one of the ones at the top of the mind right of okay everything used to be on an exchange server and then Gmail popped up in office 365 and you need to just kind of go across the stack and most things have a parallel in the cloud but with the directory being sort of the heart of the IT stack that's kind of one of the last shoes to drop right because that's a big beast to pull out and so that's that's our big vision and that's what we've built is a fully cloud-based directory that becomes kind of the core of any IT infrastructure around managing user identity so there's there's a lot of different applications for that and we can kind of talk about some of those depending on you know are you a small business are you a managed service provider you know you're working with people and residential potentially we're more D to be focused but we do see people kind of play in that space but that's kind of the big picture that we've got is be the the true cloud-based alternative to Active Directory awesome so what are some of itself for some of those in nurse there's some young ones out here it probably your age and so a lot of those people might not actually know what Active Directory did back in a day or what it can do in kind of what you've done as far as taking a software service in in taking it to the cloud so we can use that instead of a normal active directory where we'd have an on-prem server and all that kind of stuff because you'll hear I'm sure you guys hear in the industry all the time that there's a lot of people out there that they're having less and less on Prem servers people are just there's not as big of a need for them as there used to be but in order to take care of the clients from their end it's getting a little harder because if you don't have some sort of Active Directory type service then you basically you have to do everything manually and touch each Machine manually versus being able to go in and make some changes virtually in the cloud so that the same types of things are done yeah definitely so that's I mean like I said a Active Directory has been a standard for almost two decades right and the core of and there's just kind of some genesis behind that our chief product officer I think has a pretty good video on YouTube let's see if I can pull it and share with you guys afterwards but he kind of just talks about the evolution of directory services and it does a good job at giving kind of a history lesson on that right but if you think about what the traditional office used to look like it was really all about what what's inside the brick and mortar right and managing that network and that was a world where we were all sitting on our big boxy desktops and our cubicles and everything was literally hardwired together and then you know we kind of advanced a little bit more people maybe started to use the internet and you start thinking about things like VPNs to like get into the kind of port back into that that brick-and-mortar so there's all these kind of pieces in that evolution and what's happened is ad hasn't really changed a whole lot but there's stuff that's been kind of tacked on top of it right and now kind of the needs of a business small business or Enterprise are in between if continue to evolve as all these different things have started to move to the cloud we've seen an explosion of different line of business applications even's for small businesses right there's kind of a whole different basically each industry has their own best best-in-class like whether it's your billing system or point-of-sale system or you know what have you and this explosion of cloud applications and all these other resources has really sort of shifted the conversation around security from well how do we keep our local network secure – do we really trust our end-users with all these identities because now it's that's kind of the main vector of attack right fishing spear fishing in some cases but you know really going after the end users identities and if you don't have a way to get those identities under control that's that's a pretty significant line of billet liability especially for a small medium business so that doesn't really that kind of frames that the problem space the junk clouds are dressing and so what we've done to do this is or secure that is become we become kind of the authority for the user identity and then we leverage a variety of different protocols to control both the system so desktop laptop we don't do mobile device yet but that could be a MacBook or Linux system or a PC across a bunch of different flavors and give you remote control to push policies manage the users authentication there and then kind of around the rest of the the wheel if you will of what users need to get their job done so network authentication maybe traditional resources like LDAP on-premise file shares those sorts of things and then all the cloud so we have deep connections with office 365 and Google and then we also provide single sign-on to about a hundred and fifty saml-based cloud applications and then also have a generic sam'l connector so it's really kind of the whole vision is to to give the end users and give the administrators a single point of control to help users securely get their job done across all the resources they need very good John let's let's bring that down just a little bit and simplicity in case guys that are listening have never used Active Directory before and what we're talking about so if we deal with compliance and all that kind of stuff let's just start with what a policy is so a policy might be and there are literally probably a thousands it's not under estimating which you can set up with group policy with Active Directory and what junk cloud is is they've taken maybe the big ones like and correct me if I'm wrong then on some of these but I believe from within from cloud you can set policies that say don't log on with a Microsoft account don't give that ability to have happen or disable Cortana or maybe I'm trying to think of the other ones that I saw in there I think there's a power settings option and there may be or there's a BitLocker function in there so you can set a policy that says yes this must occur so the user can't change that so it's a policy it's a firm you've set a static rule on that PC all right unlike an unmanaged PC that doesn't have Active Directory group policy on it you may set up a computer for a user deploy it to their their workgroup since you're not on a domain and everything is peachy but the user goes in and changes the set in and has broken your policies and you may not know about it so it alleviates that manual process of saying even if it's a small business that only has ten computers well to maintain that policy you may have to manually go through those ten computers once a month to make sure users haven't changed to set it or push out some sort of powershell script some sort of basis to make sure that those settings are changed back or artists or at the level that you say they are so you know what you're getting with jump cloud and folders closure I have an implemented jump cloud yet it is list I'm I'm definitely getting there once I get through my to-do list because I've lost 80% of the my Active Directory and group policy because my servicers are just disappearing over the last five years so I think I'm down to like thirty servers where I used to have over a hundred five years ago so you know that's just the way that it's going and I think jump cloud is a great way to do it and we'll get back to that but okay so we talked about policies that's great one great way but also is an add-on tack on to that and Ben mentioned this but if I simplify it a little bit you know we talked about directories of service slash single sign-on is what I might say and then correct me if I'm wrong in this again but so you have a user that logs into a particular PC and you control or manage that user through jump cloud while you're managing their login for everything all of those servers services so maybe you're a gee sweet shop so you're managing that login to G suite you're managing the login to the computer and there might be let's say you're using NetSuite or Salesforce or something like that at your customer to all the user needs to do is login with that single sign-on their username and password and now they're logged in to everything else and you control that and where the power of that is really in my opinion is if a user leaves come one you're maintaining their identity of control over their identity you're making sure that they're not using monkey one-two-three and password one for those passwords because you're controlling that but if your user leaves you can just simply go into jump cloud and say click now that user has no access to any of that so they've been removed from that all of those services with one click so from a compliance standpoint from a security standpoint you're solving a lot of work very easily with jump cloud in a simplistic fashion especially if you don't have any experience with Active Directory or group policy in the past it's much more point-and-click based now there are other are other solutions full disclosure or Microsoft is getting in much much better with their group policy and Active Directory in the cloud again you're gonna have to have that active directory knowledge and you're gonna have to connect your endpoints to that active directory that domain in the cloud so you're gonna have to get some experience with that and maybe that's a complexity you don't want so you know I think I've simplified that and removed some confusion I hope or tried to from the aspect that I'm working about because now I'm losing my domain networks as I mentioned because my servers are going away so now I have these workgroup networks where I need to enforce policies and would like that single sign-on to have the control and management for the business does it make sense Jeff or did I confuse things more no I understood you completely I've been in Active Directory years and years ago so I have an understanding of it but yes the been so the group policy is in the power and control that you have using something like jump cloud plus going across all the different services you you said you do max Linux who the hell uses Linux I mean did I'd say that I love and then here's a great question that somebody's throwing into the chat is what about the home version of Windows does Group Policy have any enforcement into that yes yeah that's a good question I think we do have a few policies that will support home there's a list and I can throw this actually you could grab our knowledgebase stocks there's a couple resources here that talk about supported OS and then there's a whole list of policies and those policies wrist will highlight we do the policies first because that's popping them faster for me and then what I've noticed too is you're finding that it seems like with every update you guys do to the platform you might add one or two more policies or something like that you seem to add you know seems to be just a small turn on those policies every update yeah definitely so policies is we have our product teams kind of broken out across different feature sets and we have a whole team that's focused just on policies and our approach is to be kind of like Switzerland if you think about it right so that's why we're supporting Mac and Linux we're like we're gonna be kind of neutral here so all that to say from Elsie's perspective we're looking to try and keep at least Mac and Windows in parity as much as we can but that the question about supporting home version brings up a good question in general and I just threw our full policies list into the chat there and let me see if I can find our agent supported versions but it brings up a good point especially as you mentioned John as your ad and some of what Microsoft's starting to do there I mean Microsoft me Microsoft right they're gonna kind of develop for the current most version and forward so that's another challenge is that a lot of folks that are starting to play around with the jury D and some of their in tune products that helps you manage policies – any of that is that you have to be on a certain level of Windows 10 or beyond for it to really function the way you need it – from a policy perspective where we can support home and education and some other kind of maybe non support at OS across as your ad very nice very nice which I think John as far as into businesses nowadays obviously the one thing we try to always do is push people to pro because really in this day and age with Windows 10 it's like why not what there's a couple obvious reasons why you should have Pro I mean I mean one if you have a customer that doesn't want to do it for the price of it I mean the up Cape I forget what it is to upgrade from home to pro it's not very much it should happen – because if no other reason you got to have the encryption with BitLocker why not I mean you should be using it whether you're in compliance or not it's free it's included in Pro even if you don't have a TPM you can use a little micro USB stick stick it in the back and have a quasi TPM type device do it managing your BitLocker for you so you can still have auto log-in I mean there's no reason not to be doing that so really you have to think about covering yourself as well as your customer – so if you have a customer that's giving you a lot of pushback and wants to buy one of those home machines that might be a warning for you to you know maybe reevaluate that I do understand that there's outliers and Reed for that maybe it's a home PC they have at their house or something like that but if they're you know accessing business-critical I did data there's still a conversation to be had there you know the other thing is we talked about that and we've been bringing a lot of vendors and all that you know there's a big difference between what I would consider jump cloud and Microsoft's Active Directory in Azure and all that you know in features obviously the users they doesn't do everything that junk cloud does and obviously jump cloud doesn't have every policy might that Microsoft does every put in Active Directory and I don't think they want to because we don't want to have that level of complexity but you know keep in mind and this kind of I'm digressing into something else just into overall marketing of all the products that we use you know don't read the marketing sheet and think that it's going to fix everything that you need immediately the nice thing about junk cloud and I've kind of been in the backseat watching them for quite a while you know they've gone continuously growing through this the nice thing about that is they make it very easy for you to kick the tires they have you can sign up and get ten computers so even if you have a small office you could run an entire small office with 10m points for free and it's the exact same product that you would pay for so and then let's say that you have 11 endpoints there and I'm sure Ben will comment on this too but you know you only pay for the next one you know you get 10 free and then you're jumping on so you pay for that next one so it's a great way to have your micro or very micro small offices get on and have a very high level of security in some sort of policies in that business it's an easy way to get involved with easy documentation on a business because you can set policies that way so you know to me you know I've kind of been waiting around to see if somebody can do it better and I don't really know why that is you know I've looked at there's another product called policy pack that you could look at but again it's much more complicated and it's not connected or as cloud-based whose junk lot is you know at this point you know I'm by the time we get to tech on in September I'm sure I'll have some implemented and all that you know I've done some testing in my old office I just think it's the way to go but getting back to my point it's the 10 users for free not only can you utilize that but you can throw it on your own office computers and see what's going to happen it's just very easy to you know flesh out what's going to happen that's a great point John a lot of times you know that's what a lot of people are concerned about using a product or service they've never heard of or never have used themselves and this is a great way to do it so Ben what what types of things are you seeing out there where people are using jump cloud in in how is it saving their bacon in this industry so to speak yeah definitely I think one thing that John brought up and in kind of his first first point was the on-boarding and off-boarding and kind of the easy use there so it is really about okay what happens when somebody has to get fired or let go right and maybe not in a so graceful kind of way we've heard some some horror stories of people still having access to core business resources like Salesforce or slack or company data or even something is that that maybe feels is innocent is Wi-Fi but if you get somebody that knows how to do some malicious stuff and they can go sit in the coffee shop across the street and still have the shared SSID and password and they can go you know spoof that that access point and get into the CEO or anybody else's email so or just kind of their their internet stream so those are a lot of the things you're just making sure that the wrong people don't have access to stuff anymore for our partners we also offer so kind of a piggyback off John's most recent point we've we offer the 10 users free forever and that's actually across every account so you can spin that up for yourself internally and then you can go spin up a nine-person account for free and as a partner if you want to become an investigator program we offer you a multi tenant portal as well and so all of that stuff nothing within the partner program costs anything so all that to say there's a lot of efficiency that our partners gain because especially if you're in a world today where you have to go spend time on premise setting up Active Directory or maybe they don't have a B in place but you know you have to go physically get on their systems maybe you don't have an R mmm on those those devices to control it remotely something like junk cloud can give you the ability to not have to jump in the car as much right and save time back in your business and make your team just overall more efficient so we have seen some partners that have been working with us for a while have been able to go add more customers without having to worry as much about capacity because they're able to be a little bit more efficient with the team that they already have roping something that's cloud-based scalable multi-tenant into their offering without having to go spend a bunch of time on site and make themselves more efficient as well that's excellent so John what so obviously what are you looking for when it comes to a service like jump cloud in what types of things are what things are you looking for to benefit you in your particular business with all of your on-premise servers going away and you've got to be able to basically get in there and take care of your customers on a regular basis and obviously the one thing we have not enough of is time well I think the main thing that has really fallen down to all of us is texts lately is that our job is really to be able to see what is happening control what is happening and then protect what is happening on the networks and infrastructure that we manage so and I also think that we're looking for tools that make that simple for us and make it simple for our clients so that whatever we implement for us makes our job easier which again we've talked about before and my belief that the easier our jobs are the better I think that equates to better value for our clients the other thing is that if we can bring a tool in to a client that provides that type of thefts of a value meaning to see control and protect but also provides other value meaning that it makes it easier for the user to log into several items at once it makes it easier for us to control their password or help them reset a password or I even helped them self manage the password which you can do from Jump Cloud very easy through a website you know it's all about the little things of mastering a tool that is much simpler to use in group policy in Active Directory especially if you've never been exposed to that in the past and then allowing again that control you know I kind of don't like the word control I may be managed would be a better word because you know I you know it's it's the customers Network you know I'm just trying to help them stay out of trouble and keep myself out of trouble by managing that for them let's just be honest and then I want to protect them against the unknown and against themselves so I you know the more I look at jump cloud the more I evaluate the way I want to go you know it's just those kinda tools I want a tool that kind of is simpler to implement which jump clad is much easier than doing ad or domain and you know it moves me towards the goals of meeting some of my compliance needs as well so through those policies so you know it's that overall that big picture that again I want to be able to see what's happening on the network you know and we all talk about the routers that we use the tools that we use the AV that we use the rmm that we use those those all should be aspects of the tools we choose to be able to see what's happening and understand what's happening and then that management and I think really that's where jump cloud kind of jumps right into the middle of that and says okay we're gonna control the passwords and the sign-on and what's happening on your user PC with these or endpoints with these policies right now windows a Mac that'd be a great question for Ben in the future maybe we'll see some mobile aspects to that or some sort of light MDM in jump cloud I don't know and then which leads to that protection on the end which is a you know the cya aspect is you know the only way to really say it you know you want to provide a good value for your customer because you want to cover your butt that you're doing the right thing nothing is a hundred percent but we layer all that stuff together and then you know our protected customers a happy customer and if we can try to stay out of the way of their business functions as much as possible with a tool that enhances that that's the way to go very well said all right we're gonna take a quick break and then we'll get back into 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ins and outs of accounting I would rather stick to Forks of my eye then cluttered accounting in any form join the 24 million people who've used fresh books try it free for 30 days no catch and no credit card required go to fresh books calm /pha nuts and in your pod nuts Andy how did you hear about a section to get started alright going back into talking with Ben orange from Jump Cloud so Ben what are some of the things that we have not touched on that that you want to bring about jump cloud at this point good question I mean I think we're we've spent a good amount of time I kind of the policies in the system and getting you some more management control and security I think really kind of digging into maybe some of the two other pieces that we support they're not as commonly use or commonly kind of that the first place people start would be our LDAP and our radius so for those familiar with we'll start with radius you know this is a pretty old protocol that helps you manage users authentication to you know the wireless network and more sophisticated environments you also can leverage there's some accounting that you can do within radius not the one that you wanted to stick a fork in your eye about and then also authorization but jump clouds solely focuses on really helping manage users authentication to the network's and so it's really nice in especially if you work with kind of smaller to medium businesses that maybe have a couple offices or maybe they want to manage a guest Wi-Fi network or you know kind of just break things up within the network Jim cot has groups user groups and system groups so similar to Active Directory but you're able to say ok this group of users should only have access to this network right and for the end users this is something we haven't highlight probably as much as junk club makes life really easy for the end user as well especially if they're not all that technical they're hitting you up with like what's my password for my email again what's my password for my PC what's the Wi-Fi password I erased it off the whiteboard you know it's now the answer is it's the same password right it's the same username you just logged into your system you just log into your Gmail or office 365 same thing on the Wi-Fi and then like we are talking about before it makes it really easy to then say sorry John you're fired we're gonna pull you off the network and a toe she just by pulling you out of that group right so you say okay they don't have access to that group we've removed them access from that system and we're sure that they don't have access those things anymore so that's I would say radius is probably the first one I don't know if there's if we want to dig in there further and then the other piece had talked about a little bit of our LDAP yeah when you first said radius I was like half a diameter anyways dial-up right so it's that's how old it is oh okay alright so what is LDAP and what does it stand for because you know if you've never watched a show before I apologize but I hate acronyms and I usually poopoo the whole you know anyways you'll you'll hear it if you hear any of the other shows but you don't you don't like you don't like TAS that you know it all started really with MSPs you know I mean managed service provider like now it's m SS ss SS SS P stop it it stop it it's so stupid but anyways it's not how you spell Mississippi need a couple of hours yeah so LDAP is I believe and keep me honest here lightweight directory access protocol and so that means it's basically just a language for kind of directories to communicate with you or with one another and really just think about the directory being you know whose let's get the list of users and what should they be able to have access to so similar to radius for networks it's just a language for the directories of the servers to communicate back and forth and so if you think about the whole I mean a Windows server can put can perform a lot of different roles right and so there's different things you can basically flip the switches in the server and say you're going to be an Active Directory server or you're going to be a file server or you're going to be a radius server and so jump clouds not replacing those all of those roles and so to supplement that what we've done is said let's let's build to these other industry standard protocols like radius or like LDAP they give our cloud-based directory the ability to communicate with maybe more traditional on-premise resources so in some scenarios we have customers that have or partners that have customers that are like creative agencies or architects or just don't want to have theirs don't want to make that jump yet getting all their files up in the cloud and so they still have servers on-premise to manage files and so you can you leverage our LDAP to determine which group of users and jump cloud should have access to those files and pass that information through LDAP and then on the server side you can say ok this group of junk cloud users can have access to our financial information and these guys can go mess with our logos and our pretty pictures or whatever else we're storing in the file share so that's another piece that while we are very cloud oriented we recognize that not every environment has shifted a hundred percent to the cloud yet and that's fine and so we're leveraging protocols like radius and LDAP to support those hybrid type environments well let's be honest in this business and I've said this for a very very long time most businesses whether they want to admit it or not are in some sort of a hybrid mode in other words nobody is a hundred percent one thing so you've got to make in we hear it all the time for people that they'll say man you know I've got to go do this and I've got to go do that and I'm it's just it's it's never as easy as you would think it is so obviously it sounds to me like your guy's a software basically from jump cloud we'll it just hooks into a lot of different things that an end user in a business scenario or even a you know a personal scenario that will use that information and if they can just log in and get access to this and you've got control of not only internal environment kind of an external environment – and I do have one question because I know John had asked us a little bit earlier is there plans and I don't wanna put you have spot but is there plans for any type of mobile management yeah it's a good question I mean if you think about our product right now it's leave wide right we do a lot of different things and we're starting to go deeper and deeper you guys have mentioned that like I think ad has two thousand-plus policies right and so we're chipping away at those from like a compliance perspective but if you start to think about the complexity of a mobile device management system and the different flavors of those operating systems and how quickly those versions shift that turns into a really unwieldy product to try and develop towards so it's a long way of saying that's not on the roadmap at the moment it's definitely been discussed the way that we actually can answer that question today goes back to what we were just talking about with LDAP so a lot of industry common industry mDM's like air watch or Meraki this and MDM they can actually consume identities through LDAP and so you could say alright here's the group of users MDM you go make some policy adjustments or management based on those users that jump cloud has the authority over and in effect to kind of have that network all still controlled with jump cloud really be the heart of identity and authentication even if we're not the ones who are setting the I don't know what what some like mobile device policies might be like screensaver timeout but lock timeout or fingerprint or whatever those things but yeah requiring a pen or something like that and just to be clear there are over 5,000 individual group GPO settings so if you've read in if you add let's see added 100 GPOs that would mean that you have the opportunity to set over 5 million GPO settings you know and all those things so you know if you extrapolate that out I mean that's how finite you can get so and the guys that know that and I'm not claiming that I'm one of those guys you know III know Active Directory I've used group policy in the past and all that but you know I don't know the changes in 2016 or 2019 because frankly I haven't deployed that so you know that's where I'm thinking I'm gonna fall back on something like jump cloud to simplify my life in that area and if you think about the end customers that need or use those 5,000 GPOs it's probably not your typical SMB even a hundred person company 200 person company like they've got their core requirements that they need and maybe they're HIPAA compliant or PCI or work depending on the industry they're in even those folks only have a certain list of policies that they need to check the box off of so that's really jump clouds priority is we've been saying okay let's go look at these core compliance requirements and build to those first and then four thousand five hundred and ninety nine policy and ad like we'll get to that down the road but we're going to knock down the ones that are really core to our customers business well I'm with you Ben because one of the things that we talked about too is a lot of times the if you become more complex in your product or service whatever that might be a lot of times you are all of a sudden not good at certain things so I applaud you guys for sticking to your core values and going we're gonna deal with the stuff that actually what I would call real people actually use on a day to day basis because I'm gonna say this even an enterprise side and I work for a large company and I know the internal IT people and it's not very pretty they probably don't know those policies either to be honest with you there's a handful that they probably have to use in order to keep corporate secrets all that kind of stuff but the reality is they just it doesn't really matter so Microsoft has always been one of those companies that says let me give you 500 ways to do one thing which some of us geeks like myself will go cool I could do something 500 ways other people will go I just want the simplest way to do it just help me out here and keep it simple stupid please so I understand from both sides of the fence but as far as jump cloud goes what are some of the things that you guys are looking at down the road that maybe you can talk about a little bit as far as because it is John's been saying it sounds like you guys are iterating every time you have an update you're adding a couple things which I think it's cool your auntie okay you're not adding 500 things you're adding a couple things which again you're keeping it simple and so that people can start to use that stuff because a lot of times if you give somebody this many things a lot I'm holding my hands far apart uh that that will basically they won't look at any of it but if you could give them a short tiny little list that they can look at and understand they're gonna be able to use that a lot better and it's gonna serve them well yeah definitely I mean we're we're we kind of are taking a this philosophy called product led growth and this stems from folks like slack and a few others in the space that are really looking at you know what's the incremental value that we can bring to an added unit of use so in our world it's a user right so we want to make sure that as you bring more people in your business or your customers business is getting more and more value out of that so that kind of I just lay that foundation because that kind of underlies our whole philosophy of why do we offer ten users free forever how do we want to continue to develop and grow the product we're not a typical software company that's like well you got to go through a qualification process before you can even see the product and you gotta talk to the salesperson so all that to say our product team is really looking at ways to make art in customers lives a lot easier and help them streamline and automate while staying really secure so the policy list is going to continue to grow we've mentioned BitLocker is now out as a policy that you can commit turn on and then manage the encryption keys in escrow so meaning jump cloud allows you as an admin to kind of hold those keys in a very safe secure place that if junk cloud got breached it they still wouldn't be breached because they're kind of in an escrow no-man's land we're doing the same thing for file vault which is max version of that so some of those deeper more security oriented policies we do provide MFA that's something I haven't brought up yet but we have would provide it multi-factor authentication through TOTP I don't know exactly what those things were to tell you that remember but they're there I could probably guess at it but it's basically tokens right so you've got these tokens that you're capturing similar to an encryption key and that can be presented today on Mac and Linux endpoints so that should be coming here before too long on Windows endpoints that's going to be in development for radius so having another factor if you really need to lock down that Wi-Fi network in addition to jump clouds passwords and then on the partner side so we've been working in the partners face for just about a year but I would say we're really starting to kind of come into our own we've released a mult multi tenant portal that was in about the past quarter it's really been fully released out to all of our partners so things down that alley of helping manage more administrators and then finally we do have an open API that's a little bit more into like the really tech weeds most people aren't going to go put together a bunch of bash and Python scripts to manage their their small event medium business clients but on top of that we've built the PowerShell module so PowerShell has actually become recently open source as well and so we built a module that sits on top of our API so you don't have to go become a scripting wizard if you know PowerShell you can actually go just download the PowerShell app install the jump cloud module and then that allows you to interface with our API without actually having to go into the UI so that helps you do things like add new users or bulk import users for a new customer so let's say there's there's more we're looking to do in terms of helping you automate especially as a partner how great would that be to be able to kind of set something up and kind of forget it right and then get notified of hey this user just locked themselves out or this user is logging in from a weird IP address like you want to double check that like different things like that to automate and notify both on our partner side as well as on the direct side so those are that's kind of I'm painting broad brushes here those are some of the directions were going been I have a question if I'm a man I'm not sure you can answer this because I'm putting you kind of on the spot with it a lot of the tools I've looked at that do monitoring management of the BitLocker keys if I already have them set up on BitLocker and I implement it will report that the endpoint is encrypted but it won't provide me with the key do you know if bit jump cloud will do that if it's already previously been encrypted prior to jump with clouds installation will it pull the key great question and I don't expect you to say yes or no today I just wondered if you knew I think I don't know off the top of my head what I'll do is I will throw the policy there's a specific knowledge base doc within our policy settings that's a good question though it's like I said it's been recently released to GA so I haven't actually gotten that question yet so it's one way I'll know following the answer – I'm just wondering if technically maybe there's a way not to do it if it's you know if it's not whatever is pushing the request to be encrypted maybe it's obviously the key is probably encrypted somewhere so maybe you can't get to it yeah yeah and I don't know if and this is just total speculation I mean I'm technical enough to be dangerous as you guys have seen but I'm more supports I'd better not to being technical we like honesty that's all good yeah I think there could be there may be a process of like resetting the encryption I know broadly on the policy side sometimes partners will have like you'll have an R mm and jump cloud and sort of thinking about who is the authority over policies is kind of important so I would say that's probably the same with BitLocker right of let's think it think about is jump cloud the authority over the policies that are set on this system or you flipping switches on the system side as well and our suggestion would be kind of to do one or the other rather than have like wait did I set that policy on the workgroup side or did I flip that and jump clout so that's again we just kind of were guessing at at how it might work but I threw the the knowledge-based doc in there and we can dig that up sweet thank you sure appreciate it yeah so there's a lot of good things and I'll tell you what the number one thing to me that I see is it you guys do offer the you know the ten person basically start up where you can basically grab the product you can kick the tires set it up on your own internal environment figure out what it's gonna do and then figure out how it's gonna help you with managing your customers in John I disagree with you a little bit you are in control of your customers network whether they like it or not you most of the time let's be honest they don't like it but that's okay you're still in control well I know good I appreciate this yeah you know I know that kind of stuff like you know it's something to go back to is the nice thing about junk lot is you can implement jump cloud but not implement everything we've talked about either you don't have to go all in out of the box meaning you can get to jump with college client on the PC and just literally just have the junk cloud client on there and maybe just have it monitoring the login password on that PC and then kind of step through the implementations you want to do so you know if it's that scary first time you're doing it or if it's just the first time you're rolling it out to new clients you can start slow say hey I'm just going to control the login to the PC manage that password and then we're gonna move on to things like radius LDAP single sign-on policies and all that kind of stuff or maybe you just want to use jump cloud for policies keep in mind you know in the show notes that I have a bunch of links I have their YouTube page I have a great YouTube video that I'll put a link in there that says setup and secure the modern office in 30 minutes I kind of laugh because it's an hour-long YouTube video about a 30 minute subject but I'll put that link in there which really explains a lot of what we talked about today in some of the higher-end features I'll put the link in there on pricing keep in mind that there is a couple different things that you need to look at in their pricing structure 10 those 10 free the full gamut but you know there is a there's free there's something they called one protocol and there's there's something that they call Pro which includes all the features so depending on what you need if you just need a pretty a saml all that kind of stuff and I know there's a lot of acronyms there Jeff so hang on you know grab on with both hands and just hold on thank you but you know depending on what you need compare those features and the great thing about junk LOD is a lot of the vendors that we'd like they're very transparent about what's included in each package the other good thing is I've never had to engage jump cloud support because if you go into their partners section or their support section they seem to have an FAQ about freaking everything so I mean that really makes it great and they have a ton of stuff on their YouTube page which explains other features and I have a link to that too I've also included a link to the partner page and I know it's as well as law as well as links to radius LDAP group policies and all that kind of stuff so if you're not familiar with that you can kind of see what jump cloud is doing just from a knowledge based type aspect so you mean John you mean to tell me they're not just selling a product they're basically they're telling you everything that you need to know about that product – it appears that way Jeff I mean I don't want to jump to conclusions it's a little a little unusual for a lot of that Hersh but yes they do they do seem to provide a lot of information about their product you know which is easily easy to get to that's awesome now what prompted you guys this is just a side question what prompted you guys to create such a in-depth knowledge base to help your customer base obviously there's got to be there's got to be somebody in your group that basically had to go through some things that said you know what we're never going through this again I'm gonna fix this problem I can answer that I mean I don't even work for junk cloud and I know exactly why but you know and I'm gonna I'm gonna step out of the way and I'm gonna quit talking here a minute but I'm gonna also put a link to the resource page and then I'm gonna let Ben talk but the cool thing is on their resource page is they have a ton of things that aren't about jump cloud which like they have a guide to security for small businesses which is a you something that I've referred back to there's just a best practices article and obviously they're probably doing that for a lot of stuff but they really tied back to how Jeff John Claude can help versus just general like multi-factor authentication and disk encryption blah blah blah blah blah which has nothing to do with junk lock so you know they have a lot of good stuff on the resource page and I'll put a link to that too and now I'll be quiet which is unusual yeah I mean it kind of comes back to the the product like growth mentality that I mentioned like our our leadership envisions a world one day where there's no salespeople okay no salespeople no support and not not necessarily in a pejorative necessarily right or in a bad way it's more of you know let's make something that's just stupid easy even if it is more complicated like a core part of your your IT structure and so we we actually have a whole what we call our growth engineering team which isn't just engineers or developers it's a team internally that's thinking about how can we make this whole process and whole experience of interacting with junk cloud and getting your head around the product and how it fits and how to implement it we've got a whole team that's iterating and focusing on how do we break down those pieces of the puzzle and make them a lot easier and I I think our knowledge base is great and we have so much stuff in there that it's almost too much stuff right like I go in there sometimes and I'm like I know what I'm looking for but I got a search to the exact right keyword to kind of navigate through this this thing so we're actually gonna be iterating and changing the knowledgebase up a little bit and kind of bringing it up a up a notch but that's to answer your question that's kind of wise we want to make it just really easy and straightforward for people to get get in there and understand what we do technically and then John to your point you know how can we help you in this space in general like what's the why behind why would you need a directory service or why should you use a cloud directory and that's some of the stuff that we're looking to improve upon this year with our partner space as well is how do we help you grow your business how do we help you maybe get more aligned to your customers and their business needs right so they're not maybe always seeing you as the person they have to call when something breaks but this guy's my partner with technology and he's gonna help me grow my business with technology so that at the end of the month or the end of the year and at the court or whatever the billing cycle they're not looking at you on the line-item I going oh he charged me this much but he only came on site twice that doesn't add up right if we can get help you as partners change that conversation to align to the business owner who's maybe not super technical but sees you as an ally with technology to be successful with their business that's those are the types of areas we're looking to get a lot more engaged and creating content and resources materials so a little bit of tangent not they it's not the question you ask exactly but anyways thought it'd be worth throwing out there no it's good yeah we're all looking forward to that utopia the reality is it's nice to see that there's people out there that actually do care about that kind of stuff and are moving forward with the with that kind of mentality because a lot of people are just let me grab the money and run and that's not long-term business that's very short-term business very short-sighted so it's nice to see somebody that says hey weirdness for the long haul we want to help our partners and again partnering with obviously your customers is better than hey use our product and you know we're in control kind of down with those networks so well you know and that probably brings up the aspect that we are always supposed to probably do this at the beginning of the show Jeff – you know our disclaimer that says we've received no financial benefit from jump cloud we am actually paços the one that reached out to bender and buy him on the show and really we invited them on just because we think there would be a viable resource for a lot of our listeners obviously in any IT business as a utility obviously since in the chat room we had a lot of people saying what's jump cloud I mean I think this has been a great great introduction but again you know we haven't received anything financially and at least at this point Jeff thank you vent implemented Jeb cloud and the only thing I've done is some experimenting in within my own business network with John cloud and talking to Paco who has implemented it and a few customers so you know that's just you know full disclosure I guess is what I'm saying yep and I appreciate that in yeah the reality is obviously you can tell from Ben that you know he's passionate about his product and what what they're bringing to the table as far as him and his team as far as you know jump cloud goes in we just we bring on people and we have we do have email conversations and kind of talk back and forth and you kind of get a feel for a little bit you know somebody and then you kind of get into the call beforehand before we get started yeah go yes kind of a cool dude you know and I'm hoping that the rest of the you know when people are coming down here they're like all these guys are alright man you know they're kind of cool they're not they're not mr. stuffy shirt so if we could bring that to the to the table I think we're doing our job well the big thing is think is that for a lot of our listeners in this size of organizations we deal with you know and if I could be so bold that you know just an based on what we know about the people that might attend tech con and the kind of businesses out there you know jump clouds to me is the solution that you know I keep coming back to you I don't know I don't know why I've committed it already to be totally honest with myself and forthright with the listeners but it just seems like the simple way to go to meet a lot of my compliance needs and to fulfill my loss of Active Directory and group policy in just a simple way plus bring on all those other single sign-on and – benefits that we've talked about that's excellent all right here's what I want everybody to do because we're gonna take another really quick break you know Ben I want you to gather up your last thoughts anything we haven't talked about thus far that you want to bring to the table John same thing with you and I would like to tell the audience right now if you'd like to support this show I encourage you to go to is now I think one of our newest patreon supporters Jared Messer be I want to thank our continued supporters for your continued support because what that not only gets you is basically what it is is if you give $1 per show it's four or five bucks a month you get into the super secret Facebook club group whatever you want to call it and that will get you a safe haven we've got about 113 people in that group now it'll give you a safe haven of being able to talk about your business whether you've just been in this business one day or you've been in this business for 20-plus years which we have many people that are not many there's a few and but it's just a safe haven where you can come in share your information ask a question nobody will make fun of you nobody will say well why don't you you should you should get out of this business now many times in forums I'm going off on a tangent dang it you know many times in forums I would go into these forums and I would ask a question and I would get all these non answers that have nothing to do with the question I ask and I would just think in my mind because I did not want to get into a flame war that you sir or ma'am whoever you are aren't complete and utter idiot and if you don't have anything constructive to add to the answer for my question shut up and move along we don't have that problem in our secret Facebook group just saying that's because of Paco that's right I got two bouncers Paco in John dibinsky and they will kick you out in a heartbeat if you get you know lippy er sideways there's just no room for that we're in a safe environment where we want to help others and guess what John how many times are you well maybe more of me but are we helped from somebody mentioning something in that group or we go oh that's a good way to think about it I never thought about it that way let me me I'm gonna look at that a little bit more well that's great thing about the group and let's be honest it's not that we're saying that there's not a play a good place for discussion meaning you know I don't is it competitive is not the rules but different opinions that's a great thing about it is that you can interject with your opinion and expose others to other ways of doing things you know that's the best part about it and that's really what I get about it because even when I'm reading about post said I know post because I have nothing of value to offer as you mentioned you know you're still learning it's a great thing just to go back through there you know I always bring up the backpack post and I think I've talked about it in the last five shows but I was just really surprised and all the feedback and all the different you know people seem to really love their backpacks and what we found you know that was just great it's just a neat little thing and it can be simple as something as your tech backpack to you know dealing with we have somebody post that they got the letter that somebody said hey stop using my business name you know and there's a lot of feedback and help on somebody dealing with that issue so it can be a resource to maybe calm your nerves and help you save save a little bit of your well-being or your mindset to just simply finding a quick resource on something so yeah I really like CRP group the other thing too is a lot of people are out there and like I said in beginning to show they feel like they're by themselves they're all alone and they're the only person that's ever had to deal with this particular issue no you're not it's been done over and over and over again a lot of us have gone through a lot of these things we go hey you know what it'll be okay we you know don't don't shut down the shop now let's just let's talk about it then you know and help out that there were any you know you know so I'm not gonna make you lie on the couch and go how does that make you feel but we certainly don't have all the answers the great no there will be a lot of opinions and you can choose from you the answer you like or what you feel that's you know that's the whole idea just getting information because two things the only thing I know for sure is I don't know everything and the second thing is you don't know what you don't know and the CRP group is just a great way to answer her both of those awesome thanks again Jenna all right so let's go ahead with the end of this topic Ben I'm gonna kick it over to you any final thoughts anything we haven't talked about that you want to make sure that people knew about before we get on out of here I think we've recovered a good bit of it I think it would just kind of reiterate a couple of points we've already already highlighted of you know if you haven't if you haven't tried it out are you learning about us for the first time today offer ten users free forever at full functionality so go go kick the tires we offer support to everybody as well so you can always just email support at Jump cloud com not gonna cost you anything hit them with the questions you got if you have an interest in learning a little bit more about the product either for your own business or as a partner reach out to our team you can reach out to my team and just it partners at jump cloud comm or you can reach out I think it's just sales or there's a bunch of different contact us forms so there's a whole bunch of ways you can get in touch with our team as you've hopefully heard throughout this podcast we're here just to help we're not trying to push anything down your throats we're not trying to sell you on something and we want you to get in and play around with the tool you know it's something new it's something fun like John you've probably got a billion other things to do and haven't had time to go in and test it out yet even if you have heard of us so we understand that as well and we want to kind of help you out when you're ready to take the plunge so just yeah go try it out go try some new tool and reach out to our team when you've got questions awesome in Ben I appreciate you coming on a show on a Sunday afternoon and sharing your time with us and teaching us about jump cloud in all the things that we either knew or didn't know so it's been good yeah for sure thank you for thank you guys for having me on it's been it's been fun maybe we'll do it again maybe we'll see you all in September but regardless I think it was a happy st. Patty's Day again and we'll be in touch soon sound good John if people want to find out where you're at where would they go well you know obviously CRP group is a good one in we have another little exciting announcement related to that and related to Tecton there's no a Tecton event up on Facebook I will put the link in the show notes and in the chat for that as well I did a little post if you guys are coming in early you know my point is I'm happy to be a small part of tech on or honored to be a little small part of tech on I'm on the planning committee and all that so that is great but if you're coming in early you know like Jeff said post on the event page maybe we can hook up do something a little bit early if you're bringing your partner that is a non tech partner or maybe kids or something like that you know maybe posted in the event log – maybe wives husbands or whoever is getting dragged to the event that is non-tech maybe want to hook up you know we're know Chicago here in Grand Rapids but with that said we are a great mid-sized city that has a lot to offer and is very easy to get to with things like free parking and a little bit of traffic and all that kind of stuff do you know the battles you don't have to fight in Chicago so I'd be happy to provide any feedback on that or you know help with anything like that so I will put that Facebook event link in the show notes as well as in the chat right now and I just look forward to everybody coming and I hope everybody know is that you know obviously when you come to tech con it's a little bit different than other conferences I hope you feel like you're part of the family because you know the same rules apply to tech on that apply to the CRP group we're just coming to talk about you know all sorts of things you know what do you use for backup might be a question that you talk to a hundred different guys or gals about while you're at the conference and nobody's going to say why do you do that that's dumb you know that's the kind of thing we all just want a feedback and I learn from one another and that's the whole idea behind tech con and the vendors we invite and that's why we want everybody to attend yeah cuz if that happens I just want everybody to know the first time I'm I'm an average-sized heighth I'm five nine and the first time I met Paco LeBron he was towering over me looking down me like I was a little kid so you know basically if people need to be removed and we've got it it's not quite that bad no but I reiterate what John says we are a this is a community based effort and we just want to bring people together and it is it's not different than really what we do here on this show it's not different than the CRP group other than we're gonna bring vendors more vendors in where you can actually shake hands you know kiss babies all that kind of stuff and learn more about the products and services hang out and not only that hang out with other business owners that are doing the same things you're doing on a day to day basis so it's gonna be a great time and I hope to see you there well we got a meeting tonight about it you know and I'm on the planning committee and you know and I maybe I failed to do this it prior meetings but really you know now that we've got a good foundation of what we're doing if you if you hit the page you know we've got the schedule up a lot better and what's gonna happen we have a lot of vendors listed really now what I want to start commenting on is you know where's the value so how you gonna make my job easier I can make my client's life better and how you gonna save me time so you know those are the three things that anybody that attends that I hope you know the value is if you can even walk around a walk away with one idea in any of those categories I mean you you've more than paid for the conference and you know it's one of those things to John were the conference is a tax deduction it's part of your business in you if you're not paying your taxes you should be paying your taxes on it's all I'm saying so yeah it's it's definitely a it's a it's a worthwhile venture and you know it's probably one of the I don't want to say it's the cheapest conference but it's probably inexpensive conference in in it's gonna be special it really is and you know we have really good doughnuts in Grand Rapids and I'm gonna take care of Rainey when he comes because he's got a my donut boyfriend and I'm not ashamed to say that I'm confident enough of my manhood to say that so I'll be bringing in some donuts and we're gonna have a good time with that too so it should be a lot of fun along with the other technology all right with that we are going to get on out of here come join us live for the computer repair podcast every Sunday at 4 p.m. Eastern over upon Nets comm /c RP live joining it on a conversation by hanging out in the chatroom you can send an email to pod nuts at potenuse comm or leave a voicemail at 7:30 for 3 through 5 1000 I wanna thank everyone for listening and subscribe to the show we'll see you next time on the computer repair podcast

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