The First 16 Minutes of Journey Gameplay on PC

The First 16 Minutes of Journey Gameplay on PC

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Relive the opening moments of Thatgamecompany’s Journey, now available on PC!

Journey – Game Review:

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48 Replies to “The First 16 Minutes of Journey Gameplay on PC”

  1. Easy Name

    Gris was clearly inspired by this and that game was magnificent. Im not really convinced about this though, it looks quite bland compared to Gris.

  2. Tablette Gambetta

    For all person who is searching for experiences similar to Journey, i recommend you : Rime, Gris, and what "remain of edith finch". Such amazaing experiences, thank me later.

  3. SW

    Amazing game played on ps3 then ps4. If you've not played it tho, I don't recommend watching all of this, 16 mins is a lot since its pretty short.

  4. Moha Makka

    the best 2~3 hours in your life will ever spend playing a game , i bought a ps4 in july 2016 and this was the first thing i bought and i didnt regret buying it even it became a ps+ game a month later

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