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Touchscreen Yes (10-point multi-touch)
Diagonal Size 12.3 in
Diagonal Size (metric) 31.2 cm
Native Resolution 2736 x 1824
Image Aspect Ratio 3:2
Color silver
Color Category silver
Case Material magnesium alloy
Clock Speed 900 MHz
Number of Cores Dual-Core
64-bit Computing Yes
Type Core m3
Processor Number m3-6Y30
Manufacturer Intel
Wireless Protocol 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0
Features autofocus
Data Link Protocol Bluetooth 4.0, IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n
Type Surface Pen
Security Devices Windows Hello
Run Time (Up To) 9 sec
Type Microsoft Office (30 days trial)
Brand Microsoft
Product Line Microsoft Surface
Model Pro 4
Country Kits Canada, United States
Packaged Quantity 1
Compatibility PC
Platform Windows
Security Devices Windows Hello
Installed Size 4 GB
Features autofocus
Type stereo microphone
Type Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Edition
Width 11.5 in
Depth 7.9 in
Height 0.3 in
Weight 27.02 oz
Type 1 year warranty
Type limited warranty
Full Contract Period 1 year

Oh yo how you got today welcome back to another video if you are new here make sure to subscribe and turn on my post notification and let's get right to this video so first things first guys um yeah I didn't post and I didn't post for two days or one day because I almost got an asthma attack and roll the clip oh god me I have to take the oxygen tank it's like medicine but now I feel way better in that day we also wanted ah I mean the next day we I went to the hospital and they gave me some induction or bla bla bla bla nah survived the title of the video the moment you've all been waiting for the Microsoft Surface pro for impressions and reviews so what I'm telling you is that I'm gonna tell you guys everything about it if it good or not you should buy it or not the bad stuff about it and all that blah blah blah I'm gonna set my camera get my laptop and cut you guys wanna do these one more thing guys look at my oh my gosh I've cleaned the this finger kind of arranged it look like the bags are arranged everything has arranged look this is just full of candies this is the laptop over here I'll get it and I'll place my camera right now I love to pray now everything about it and guys if you want to know its specifications well its specifications will pop up on the screen right now these are specifications it's into a core and process their 128gb 4gb ram so one thing I love that it's fast and also guys apparently the one 120 just 12 8 GB model this model over here does not include the source expense which just sucks and every use that until I bought it as I said the box includes Microsoft system pro 4 which is this one Windows 10 Pro which is like we understand but pro support for Wi-Fi and bluetooth to know that blah blah blah so guys it's system requirements high speed internet access that's one thing a pro guys it's really fast in the internet like it's really fast and also that's it I don't know what to even say anymore but guys it's like really great and I love it so when I skip put this in a girl but first things first guys it is not heavy so guys this is not even heavy at all it's really good you can turn this into tablet mode by pulling it out like this so this is like now it's the tablet mode and you can see over here this is the doctor's case and it turns out really fast it's just really great something that I really love also this over here this and it's really good just how fast look at the stance it's really great guys I really love it I don't want to break it anymore but and if I want to make it as a laptop I have to do something really simple that's it it's now laptop you see and a good thing guys is that if you look over here there's nothing to see here the space over here and of course if you look also the keyboard it's magnetic and you just all you have to do is just that's it but that's what you're gonna do about the protective case I've tried making it fall and it's really good so for the protective Kay that's really good you should check this out it doesn't break at all like you know when you make it fall like that I tried it before and I didn't break which is really great and also discover over here has a place for its surface fan it's has a USB port over here and the charger port right over there how much you get CS or not so let's not think that's good number two something that I do also like about it it's not um it's camera it's really great it's like high class camera you can like you don't have when you take a picture she's like you're in the picture you're not even taking the picture apparently it's cameras 4k resolution which is really great something that I love I barely use the cameras and that I know but I we might use it for that number what else I don't want to say number three oh yeah number three then we're talk about charger its charger it's something really good it's so it's different than any laptop and I firstly the charger is magnetic let me remove the surface case it's hard yo the struggles would be trying to remove this wait guys I'm gonna remove it this is not funny looks like it's great color and don't think that I love about his ex charger and guys if your underwear that volume this does not make any sound it's super it doesn't make any sound when you turn it on like you know it's not stop but Stu doesn't make it sound and charger goes over here just open here you guys goes over here like that it's magnetic look all you have to do is just put it there that's it you have to put in the charge something Capri Delos the charging the ex magnetic and not even heavy at all number four guys is that it doesn't make any sound at all there's there's a curtsy to fender expand inside underneath I don't know how many founders said it but apparently it doesn't make any time they made just one because it doesn't make any sound was just something cool we need number five also what I want to show you it's really loud all of this over here all of this be it over here our speakers guys like from here to all the way like there it'll speak for all of this as a speaker which is me that's really loud which is something I really need and over here you put the memory card if you want I'm still doing puts one I'll put it soon I'll put a 128gb because I'm gonna do a lot of stuff in it and this is like something really great I really love it it's great I love it I love it love it love it so you should if you want to buy it I would recommend it first specially like school if you get a bite for gaming or editing YouTube I think I would recommend something else because this over here it helps a lot with downloading and everything it's good with school information yeah so if you're gonna like gaming you should not get the Microsoft before if it's like something related to office work school whatever you are in I would recommend you to my it's because it's really great it's not heavy at all Gaming can work on it can't give me can work but it's not like this one is luxurious least it's classy but gaming is like sporty something like I don't know you guys probably understand and yeah I do love it a lot and what did I want to say also I forgot forgot forgot no no no forget it forget I don't even know how many I think number seven number 7 and number 7 on the list this is something I'm never this is something that got me like it's really great this over here guys starts with Windows hello if you don't know what from this hello is apparently it once you open the laptop or the tablet once you open the device wait turn it on once you turn it on what you got them waiting for it to turn it on it has to see your face see that's me over here it should look at my face looking for you making sure that's you and just open it see because the parentage only opens with my face if it doesn't see if it's anybody's face it will ask for the pin and that's one thing that I also recommend I've never gave this thing to anybody if you don't want to buy like after sport and you know I know a lot of you like 12.04 and offered Microsoft Office you know for presentation and that I recommend you to get Open Office Open Office yeah guys I'll put the link for everything in description below open up its four to four point one point three Apache guys itself looks alike and it includes this document drawing spreadsheet presentation formula database we offer a good presentation do they ask you you want play presentation all that stuff which is something you will need for school and that because I need I make a lot of presentations from school so this array here helps me a lot and it's free all you have to do just search it up in google bar check the link in description below if you want to in front to download it and yeah but this guy is just thing over here it's like super classy I'm super senator I did buy it and yeah number eight so we also having the list is something else in there pin you about it apparently guys wait you can what do the one thing I just forgot no no no I'm forget oh yeah it comes to something called The Sketchbook if you don't know what the sketchbook is it's the app under Percy it's kids look this up over here and once you open it you can draw if you want you can buy it it's like for wait I didn't buy it I will bite soon and a part of you guys you can draw any picture you want for example if you wanna even if you gotta taste the picture you can draw on it you can edit it which is something really great like I love this act so much and actually like this usually comes like if you want to buy it you should buy like with ten dollars if you want to buy this app you should pretty expensive laughs that I told you and if you wanna check it out it's called sketch book which is something good also we have 3d builder I don't know if any other laptops included let me see if right this one has it oh this one this one's also understand it does include 3d builder and apparently you can scan anything you want like for example I can see on my face so you press on the scan over your scan you press in the New Sun I want you need scan it like for example look I want presidents over here it downloads and 1-series and wants to download they can let's connect it like that I can edit it you can color you can change the color or you can do anything you want with it which is this is something I will need a lot number 9 that we haven't the list is something also cool about it and it's actually it's charge time and this can stay awake for nine straight out I'm telling you that this guy's taste awake for nine hours and I'm like I never knew that because the nine-hour model like because the ones over here the only safe way to seven hours and yeah it's really great guys I love it other said I'm gonna wrap up the I mean that was it for this impressions and whatever-you-call-it video if you enjoyed it make sure to drop a like button and subscribe and I said let's just check all all of these things in description below as always I'll see you tomorrow and the


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