The Obesity Code (Book Review)

The Obesity Code (Book Review)

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The Obesity Code (Book Review)

There are books that change our lives. There are books that really open our eyes for some stuff that we declare are “set in stone” and we never question ourselves about it.

Here is the book description extracted from Amazon:
” Fung zeroes in on why insulin resistance has become so prevalent and offers specific outside-the-box solutions that have emerged as the key to maximizing health.”
—Jimmy Moore, author, Keto Clarity and Cholesterol Clarity

Everything you believe about how to lose weight is wrong. Weight gain and obesity are driven by hormones—in everyone—and only by understanding the effects of insulin and insulin resistance can we achieve lasting weight loss.

In this highly readable and provocative book, Dr. Jason Fung sets out an original, robust theory of obesity that provides startling insights into proper nutrition. In addition to his five basic steps, a set of lifelong habits that will improve your health and control your insulin levels, Dr. Fung explains how to use intermittent fasting to break the cycle of insulin resistance and reach a healthy weight—for good.”

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hey what's up john sonmez is here from I don't know whether or not to call this a book review or a fitness video it's a book fitness video because this is a book review on a fitness book and I don't do a lot of these because most fitness and diet books suck especially diet books the diet book SEC now I've done a few of them you can check out I'm going to point you to two things my playlist of book reviews which you can check out here and then I'm going to pause and wait that I'm going to say and my playlist of fitness videos since this overlaps here and what I'm going to be talking about today is a book that was recommended to me quite a few times but I thought was too basic for me to be honest with you I'll be totally honest with you because I'm you know I'm conceited like that and in terms of diet and well I'm jaded like that because so many diet books suck they really suck and they're wrong and they're bad and it doesn't work and I you know a lot of people say oh you know for a lot of things that I say on this channel by the way a lot of people like to say well you think you know better than the authorities you think you know better than these people that that make it their job to study these types of things or these studies that show this thing and you know what my experience my teaching my life what I believe comes from the Hard Knocks school of experience so I don't give a if you give me some theory or you tell me something is correct if I try it and it doesn't work it doesn't matter if it's correct it's meaningless it's it doesn't matter because it's not applicable okay and there's a lot of things that work great in theory but when the when the rubber hits the road they don't work I'm happy to report that this particular book I haven't even mentioned the book yet okay let's mention the book the book is called the obesity code and is by dr. Jason Fung awesome guy is pretty funny by the way and it is an awesome book I mean holy crap is this is this the one book I recommend more than anyone anything else on diet I think so this this is very very good stuff there's a ton of stuff in this book that I mean I could I could do probably an hour-long video on this I won't but I want to tell you that the book is really good and the reason why the book is really good there's a few different reasons here and it's very unconventional and it knocks conventional medicine conventional dietary guidelines okay and batches the aah eh the American Heart Association people who I very much dislike because they're they're full of a lot of okay for various reasons to read the book but I'm not I'm not going to get into my own personal be for them right now but I will do some videos on it but here's the thing he basically breaks down the whole science of obesity and he's actually shifted my mind on something right I've always I've always said that if you want to lose weight calorie deficit is the main thing and I still believe that that I mean that's obviously true like if you think about it bodybuilders have been losing weight and losing fat for years and they can get down to five percent four percent body fat probably five percent body fat and so they do it by reducing calories I mean that's a primary mechanism but they also eat clean right so there there is a second thing go on there but they can they can systematically do this so it there is a component to this but he still he convinced me that there's more much more to the theory that it's not just calories in calories out and again I'm not I'm not saying that I fully ever believed it's just straight calories in calories out that different colors don't matter but I did think that the numbers generally added up and if you're a deficit you're going to lose fat and that's not exactly true according to this book and that and I've been resistant to accept that because I want to I want the math to work out but this book really explains why and it makes a lot of sense with everything I've seen everything I've done with diet okay I'm I'm pretty ripped okay like I could be more ripped but you know I know what I'm talking about here right like I've been dieting I'm working on diet programs right I've been in the fitness industry for quite some time here but we would have what am I saying here I just like I'm I was like man I need to just have some reason to show my abs on the camera you know what I'm saying here is this is that all of this stuff that he's saying in this book it's like it filled in the missing pieces for a lot of the stuff that I've been seeing as I've been working on my diet and I've been coaching people and seeing the results right so a lot of what he says what this book boils down to is essentially this this is how I would describe the book is that what makes you fat and he's got a ton of studies to back this up right real studies right that look at large swaths of data over time that makes sense they're not just total like randomized trials of things right they're they're actual conclusive data that that shows what he's saying here but what he says is that insulin is what makes you fat right so the hormone insulin that's what your pancreas secretes in in generally we've thought that the pancreas secretes insulin in response to glucose in the blood to a higher blood sugar level and that's partially true but he says that that doesn't account for all the insulin secretion and so there's been a few fundamental things here so I want to try to explain very briefly and you have to read the book to really get a good explanation of this because this is a difficult thing to just explain which is basically his premise is essentially this when you eat things that in Jack appear insulin and your insulin is elevated four-link the amount of time what ends up happening is that certain cells in your body like your liver cell okay like your liver cells become insulin resistant and part of the reason why they do that is because that the body adapts right if you're in a high insulin environment some of your your cells are can become insulin resistant your liver is where the glycogen or the glucose extra it gets stored and how it processes your the glucose in your system alright so there's there's a lot of reason I'm not getting into the technical detail details too much there but the point is this is that when you're in bathed in insulin all the time you develop insulin resistance and let's say that your liver okay but not necessarily in your fat cells and so we what happens when you have insulin resistance in your liver well your body needs to secrete more insulin in order to store the glucose it needs to in your liver and when it secretes more insulin it affects the entire body so your fat cells absorb more blood glucose as well right and so if you're constantly eating sugar and you have a high insulin level then that that's going to get stored more easily and so what it comes down to is this idea that insulin makes you fat and the primary thing that's raising your insulin is probably fructose especially high fructose corn syrup and one of the reasons why is because the only place that foxes can be used in the body is the deliver it has to be processed by the liver the liver can only store about 200 grams of this stuff or 200 grams in general of glycogen of carbohydrates if you will and most things contain fructose table sugars 50% fructose and 50% or 50% fructose and 50% glucose okay and yes I don't to make sure it wasn't extra it doesn't matter the point is that it's it's fructose is 50% is of the level there and high fructose corn syrup is obviously mostly fructose right so it's not 100% fructose and so the idea is that we're constantly eating toes right and we're constantly having elevated insulin levels which is causing us to become insulin resistant and diabetic and this creates this cycle which makes things worse as insulin levels rise more in your body becomes more and more resistant you become more and more diabetic and more and more fat so that's why we're fat that it makes perfect sense from everything I understand about the sign sign I've studied tons on nutrition I've read so many books on nutrition and science and our undying health and all of these things read so many studies I've experimented so much with this this makes sense one other really key piece of information that was in the book which I mean when you think about this is explain it so it explains why why this happens or why it becomes harder for you to to lose fat over time is you become more insulin resistant okay and then the other thing that he talked about in here which I wasn't a hundred percent sure on but man I've been getting good results since I tried this which is he said that artificial sweetener is you know I mean he's against them I think perhaps because they're artificial to some degree but he said that they have an insulin genic response and so I've always looked at glycemic index and said okay well things that raise your blood sugar those are things that raise insulin levels nope sorry fructose actually raise does not raise your blood sugar very much but it raised your insulin a lot artificial sweetener it's the same thing sucralose aspartame right a few of these even stevia raises your insulin level okay if not your blood sugar and so I was I was fasting guys doing a lot of things and my diet but I would put sleep in my coffee or I'd drink a diet coke or something like that and Here I am probably increasing my insulin level and so I'm sort of counteracting some of the benefits of that fast so there's a lot of interesting things there and since I read this book I actually I cut out all artificial sweeteners for my diet as much as possible so don't put anything in my coffee I don't drink diet sodas none of that not even stevia soda any of that it's really made a drastic impact on my lifestyle and I'm seeing results my weight is dropping I'm feeling better I'm getting more cut much more faster by doing that as I just demonstrated as I lifted up my shirt but he's you know saying is that there's there's a lot of things that this book really for me it fills in the gaps okay and it's explained a very good way it makes a lot of sense there's there's a few other things that we could talk about in the book and then another thing you know that he's a big proponent of fasting and like I like you might know I eat one meal a day you can check out the video I've done or my I've showed up like a one meal a day playlist but anyway you can check out my videos and stuff on on eating one meal a day and why I do that but I've been fasting for three years like doing this for three years basically and I've had the best results that I've ever had and if you think about it this is the cure to this insulin resistance because if it's a cycle of virtuous cycle and becoming in so resistant causes your body to produce more insulin when you eat things that have an insulin genic response then it causes them to become more insulin resistant so why how do you break that cycle well if you fast if you stop eating for a long enough time to have low enough insulin levels in your body then your body becomes less insulin resistant and you just have to have those those fasting periods in order to accomplish that which makes perfect sense and it's worked for me and I've seen the results with that so that's all I got to say about that I think that's enough of a review I didn't want to get too much into the science and I was trying not to lift up my shirt and show my abs but I just I couldn't resist it you know if you liked this video if you want to subscribe and make sure you don't miss any videos make sure you click the bell below click to subscribe but the Bell to make sure that you don't miss any videos when they come out I'll talk to you next time take care

29 Replies to “The Obesity Code (Book Review)”

  1. Robert Simson

    3 things are key when fighting obesity. First is what you eat, second when to eat and third is how much to eat. Rocket science?? No!!. Everything in life is balance. Find you're balance and be happy.

  2. Wilbur Mills

    You make many good points in your video. Dr. Fung has changed the way many of us view the causes of obesity. It goes against decades of misinformation. Many deny his points, but I think in the future people will come to appreciate his work. Your points might be better received if you did not cuss so much. Marcus

  3. Leisa Anderson

    Good Calories Bad Calories by Gary Taubes
    In his book he states "The Controversial Science of Diet and Health (published as The Diet Delusion in the United Kingdom and Australia) is a 2007 book by science journalist Gary Taubes. Taubes argues that the last few decades of dietary advice promoting low-fat diets has been consistently incorrect. Taubes contends that carbohydrates, specifically refined carbohydrates like white flour, sugar, and starches, contribute to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other ailments". This is more of a scientific read; however, there are 2 specific chapters that go into simpliistic detail of the same premise. It changed the way I eat. I feel better than I have ever felt and am passionate about this true theory because it does work. Losing weight is a process but with simple facts to expedite the journey is pure genius. :-)))

  4. todd hannah

    I cut my calories down 500 from maintenance but ate 6 small meals a day and still didn’t lose weight so the insulin theory absolutely makes sense. Thanks for the video it talked me into buying this book. Thanks

  5. Steven Cruz

    I have read the Book from March through June I was 374 Lbs. Now I am 300 Lbs.I need 50 more Pounds to get my knee replacements.

  6. BigBossBilly

    Great review, I LOVED this book, my only problem with it was the section on artificial sweeteners. Dr. Fung didn't cite any studies and didn't compare the size of the insulin response in artificial sweetners to fructose. Doesn't it matter if stevia causes 2% of the insulin spike that fructose does? Honestly I searched the literature and it looks like some artificial sweetners don't cause any insulin response, some cause a little, and some only cause a bit of response because of the anticipation of the sweetness. My only beef with an otherwise incredible book.

  7. Shapie Nails

    Any or all carbohydrates will turn into sugar in the body . It's not just corn syrup , table sugar etc .. Bread -pasta -potatoes are number one worse carb's " in my opinion " that should be limited or not eaten . The thing is to limit carbohydrates when your not fasting and you will stay in Ketosis … Have a splurge once or twice a month and Keep on Going !!! Low carb eating is the healthiest out there . BTW Dr. Fung is my Hero 🙂

  8. Leroy Giopi

    *Tip of the day: Learn how to pronounce FRUUUU- K-TOOOOS and If you want more followers stop coming off as cocky as you do because you are pushing away potential folks that might have subscribed if you didn’t sound like Shooter Mcgavin from Happy Gilmore. “I wanted to avoid lifting my shirt up….” No you didn’t. It’s obvious you love attention. Balance the work you do with your body with the work you do to your soul. -peace

  9. WP With Tom

    I totally forgot you reviewed this man. I have been listening to it while at the gym in the mornings and I was going to ask if you'd heard/read it.

  10. tammy1969july

    thanks for the info but the book and the dr has explained it all lol.
    I will check out your fitness videos though. 🙂 cheers!!

  11. Aurelian Spodarec

    John. Show off your body in 2017. YOu did it last year, we want to see your progress this year.

    Showing Muscles Part 2

    2min video xD

    But I'm serious.

    You can do a BEFORE and AFTER as well. lol

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