The Sims 4 Moving Objects Up and Down Tutorial

The Sims 4 Moving Objects Up and Down Tutorial

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hey guys it's Stephanie with summer key welcome to my tutorial series and today I will be showing you how to raise items up and lower them back down in the sims 4 so the first thing you need to know is you actually do have to have a cheat on for this it is called the BB move objects on sheet so I'm gonna go ahead and pull up my cheat window type that in I'll have it on the screen as well so you can see exactly what I typed in now that you have to remove objects cheat you can actually take the items and move them up and down so if you have camera controls already set to give you different points of the camera when you're in the camera tab you need to hold the ctrl key for this to work if you don't know what I'm talking about then don't worry about holding the ctrl key you're just going to worry about moving the objects up and down so you're gonna hit 9 on your keyboard and these are the keys are the numeric keys on top of your keyboard not the side pad okay they're the numeric keys on top of the keyboard so 9 will lift the item down and 0 will lift it or sorry 9 lifting up and 0 will lift it back down that made no sense 9 up 0 down there you go 9 will lift it up 0 will lower it down I can word I promise again I have to hold the ctrl key because I have special camera settings we can get a bit more advanced with this cheat on how to do it with table items and wall items and what happens if you move an object up or down when it's not in side of a room what will happen I will save that for a completely other tutorial so don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss it make sure to leave me a comment below if there's other tutorials you want to see and in the meantime there's over 600 videos of me building and furnishing and touring houses in the sims 4 and I will see you guys next time I hope you have a wonderful wonderful day bye wait guys before you go anywhere don't forget to click over here to watch new videos and click on my face when I disappear to subscribe you

42 Replies to “The Sims 4 Moving Objects Up and Down Tutorial”

  1. 3down2we1go

    for some reason it wasn't working for me with just 'moveobjects on' so i tried ur bb version and it WORKED. (im new to the sims so not sure if im just dumb) but THANK YOU

  2. MajeekaRevel

    I'm trying to put a toilet roll by the toilet and I can't get it to raise or lower. It's sitting far too high on the wall

  3. Squishys World

    Thank you for making this tutorial it was so helpful because I’ve been trying to learn how to do this forever

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