The Surprising Azulle Byte3 Fanless Mini PC Review

The Surprising Azulle Byte3 Fanless Mini PC Review

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It’s an entire Windows PC (or Linux box) that’s the size of a paperback book. How fast could it be? Turns out that the Azulle Tech Byte3 packs a lot of punch in its tiny package with its Apollo Lake 1.5Ghz processor, HDMI 2.0 and HD VGA connectors, 1 gig Ethernet and lots more.

Tech expert and long time Windows and Linux expert Dave Taylor of checks out the Byte3 and finds that it’s a really good combination of performance and small size, making it a great file server or media server.

Also tested: Azulle Tech LYNK Remote Keyboard.

Check out the Byte3:
and the LYNK Remote:

can this mini-pc give your computer a run for its money let's find out Dave Taylor here and I'm looking at this this device that's smaller than a big paperback book is the Azul bite and less mini PC and it looks small but don't be deceived there's a lot jammed into here this features a 64-bit quad-core Intel Apollo Lake running at 1.5 gigahertz and four gig of ram though you can go as little as two and as much as eight rams expensive though that's gonna affect your price and by default it is a 32 gig internal drive and an m2 SATA slot so you can actually plug in a second drive all super nice small easy to work with you can get it installed with Windows 10 Pro or with Linux getting Linux makes it a tiny bit less expensive so let's go through a quick tour of all the ports and everything and then I'll give you a quick demo and we'll talk about performance now first however I want to go through and show you just a little bit or just tell you what's going on here so we have an lg 24-inch monitor I bought separately we have a Wharfedale speaker tell me this is not like total rock-and-roll speaker it's actually a really nice sounding speaker and it has a flashlight feature seriously does your computer speaker have a flashlight see there you go not such a bad thing and of course we have the bite 3 with its little IR remote but I jumped directly to this this is the Azul link remote and why I got this is because it gives you a teeny tiny little keyboard and on the other side it gives you the ability to emulate a mouse all obviously wirelessly and it has a microphone feature so super handy for you to be able to just work directly with this without having any wires stretching across your room because let's face it this is really designed to be a server a media server a print server a file server whatever your going to do with it this is probably not going to be your main day-to-day PC though it could be it obviously is running Windows ten and I'll tell you a little bit about what we have there when we get to it now let's start with the ports on the side you have a microSD you have an SS port and you have a USB 3.0 and then on the back and I'll just go from top left to bottom right you have a 3.5 millimeter audio jack you have a Kensington lock you have two USB 3.0 ports you have a 1 Gigabit Ethernet you have HDMI which is how I'm connecting to the TV you have VGA you have the power plug you have a USB C connection and you have a Wi-Fi antenna now let's see the VGA can run at 1080p and HDMI it's actually an HDMI 2.0 so we can drive a 4k monitor at 60 frames per second so that's pretty good that's gonna work really nicely with your TV also has Bluetooth 4.0 and let's see the Wi-Fi it supports 2.4 and 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi obviously 802 11 I don't know what BC and whatever AC probably all of that stuff you probably double-check their specs there cuz that obviously was a little fast and loose on my part so goes now let me show you what I'm doing so I have this booted up and I have to tell you I used a regular plug-in keyboard at the beginning because there's a little catch-22 because the very first thing you want to do is you have to enter something on the configuration that doesn't show you what you're entering which makes it pretty darn hard to figure out how this keyboard works so I just plugged in a regular keyboard and flew through all the configurations super easily I mean you know how hard is it to configure a Windows 10 computer right and now on here I think of these as media players right so I have Plex running down here this is the man who would be king with Michael Caine and then up here I have Xfinity streaming so now using this let's see if we can get some of this to work so first off let's go here and we'll just play just for a second and you can see and the audio is coming out of here because this lg monitor doesn't actually have any audio and obviously this device doesn't have space for a speaker so we have the video working there and let's see maybe we can go fullscreen for a second or two and see how that's working so this obviously can work as your TV and yes I'm talking the whole time because I don't want to get into any trouble with rights so let's pause that and see so the mouse takes a little getting used to and we're gonna go over here to plex and like I said on the Plex I have the man who would be king there we go it's not quite as bright as the other program but still obviously it's working perfectly well with my plex server which is a couple of rooms over and that's actually running off a Mac Mini which is almost the same form factor and three times as expensive okay okay and this will stop this and we'll go back to where we were so it works it works well it's surprisingly decent in its performance and it's certainly you know you plug in a keyboard and a mouse and you have a monitor you're good to go but you can also just plug this into your TV and it'll work great as an you know set-top box with way more capabilities than all the stuff that's out there that you're buying from your cable company for 30 bucks a month this thing is a one-time investment you update you put in software you do whatever you want it is your PC or your Linux box whatever you want to do and I would guess if you're running Linux it'll actually run even faster because Linux is generally a little bit more power efficient so here's what I did to give you some sense of its performance I ran the WMI object performance numbers and this is a range of one to ten on a variety of different scales it's actually built into Windows 10 you can go onto my ass Dave Taylor comm site and you can get an article to see run your own numbers compare what you have with what this does and that'll give you some good data but as you can see in this little inset it gives you a CPU score of 8.6 d3d score of 9 and d3d is supposed to be for like video games and computer games and all that stuff so that's a really great score a disc score of six point seven which isn't bad it's not horribly slow a graphics score of four point five well that's not great and a memory score of five point nine now you can increase your memory score by getting more RAM so that's easy and you can increase your disk score by up for example if I put in an external SATA that was faster than the built-in 32 gig that would give me a better score but the graphics that's kind of the weak link here so if you want to get this and use this as a hardcore gaming machine or you want to use it for things like I don't know um Photoshop or video rendering or something then that low graphics score might end up affecting you but honestly you know given the price point of this you're probably not going to do that you're probably going to just have this plugged in under your TV or in your entertainment console or underneath your desk in your office and it's gonna be running as a server just chugging along day after day working fine so I think that having graphics be its lowest number is probably not a huge crisis your opinion may vary so so really I mean that's my experience with this is that I will say it's a pretty decent computer this works perfectly well I could really see using this to drive a big 4k TV this is just a regular HD 1080p TV but you know obviously there's more going on and there's more power and you'll notice that I have the audio plugged in to the monitor not to the computer so the HDMI is also as you would expect feeding audio and it's pretty important because if it didn't do that then it would be less capable and less useful as a media server so the only other thing I'll say is it doesn't particularly run hot which is nice though it obviously has the possibility of running hot which is why they have this sort of textured top on it like any of these devices don't pile things on top of it and it's just asking for trouble and otherwise this is actually a nice little starter PC this actually could work perfectly well if you have a teen who isn't a hardcore gamer but wants to get into maybe programming or security or they want to learn Linux and they want to do a you know boot level install of a Linux OS instead of running it as a VM or something this could work perfectly well I mean we're actually really really well for that plug it into whatever you want I mean you know I picked up this lg monitor it was super cheap at Best Buy a really good deal for this I'm really happy with it I could plug it into anything I have lots of different screens here in the office so that's pretty easy I have to say the thing that I found the most frustrating though was this remote this remote requires you to be pretty dedicated to enter data particularly you're entering passwords because you do have complex passwords right this thing's kind of a pain in the booty to work with so if you're doing something like searching for your favorite movie by entering three or four letters of the movie name this is gonna work fine for anything more serious than that this might be something that you will actually fairly quickly jump over to a real keyboard the mouse feature is pretty neat but I also found that I had to constantly wake it up see I had to do to hear again because if it sits for a very short amount of time it turns off and then you have to push the mouse on/off button to get it to wake up and then this sort of this weird parallax thing where sometimes this is me pointing at the screen and other times this is me pointing at the screen so I find I'd use these sort of grand gestures to get and like find where the mouse is and then I can actually use it for different controls so now we can do things like oops I don't know I'm not sure what just happened oh I see okay we don't want to go back to the movie although well I do want to go back to the movie but we're not gonna go back to the movie in the video so the good news is this is super inexpensive so this is not a huge investment if you get it and for the most part you don't use it or you just use your old keyboard not a huge crisis now let's talk about price but before we get to price can I ask if you can click on subscribe and go ahead and subscribe to my channel really appreciate when you do that and while we're talking about it do you have a little tiny mini computer or a mini PC or something plugged into your TV other than what like Comcast has given you tell me about it in the comments I'm curious how people can figure out all their systems because I have a fairly complicated set up in my house and in my office so with that this obviously has a variety of price points because of the different configuration options the options that I have which is the 1.5 gigahertz Apollo Lake 4 gig of ram 32 gig internal drive running Windows 10 Pro licensed of course come on is two hundred and thirty nine ninety nine and you can pick it up at or you can get more information about their product line at Azul techcom and then the link remote this guy and the other side with the keyboard this guy is actually also can work for set-top boxes and Xbox one ps4 it's just a general-purpose remote with keyboard so that's kind of cool right this is $29.99 at so between the two of these for 250 bucks you're actually doing pretty darn well plug it into a nice big screen and just get started so it has its limitations there are definitely some factors that are just inevitable in a device this size and there are some additions you're gonna want to plug in most likely but other than that as a starter mini fanless PC this is actually pretty impressive so this is Dave Taylor I'm going back to my movie which means I will catch you in my next video

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