The Top 10 Computer Build Errors - How to troubleshoot a computer in 10 minutes! With EasyPCBuilder

The Top 10 Computer Build Errors – How to troubleshoot a computer in 10 minutes! With EasyPCBuilder

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Learn about the top 10 computer building errors with a Computer Engineer, in only 10 minutes!! A no-nonsense, straightforward video on the computer troubleshooting process. Ever wanted to troubleshoot your own computer? This video will show you how.

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everyone and welcome to another easy PT builder video my name is Brett and today we're going to talk about the top 10 build errors so you've just built your new rig and you're about to hit your power button for the first time what you're expecting to see is something like this system powers up the fan starts spinning display out on your screen should show post and then if you've got an operating system installed it will start booting into that but what if your computer doesn't show display out or you get a series of beeps let's explore that a bit further in order to effectively test for build errors we need to take the computer back to basics this allows us to troubleshoot in the simplest manner to do this we are removing anything from the motherboard that isn't required for the base function of the computer such as video cards sound cards network cards hard drives and additional RAM we are also removing the motherboard from the computer case you only require a hard drive connected where your computer is successfully showing post and searching for a boot drive if it is not showing display out or post we suggest leaving it disconnected we will connect our power supply to the motherboard outside of the case also looking at the back of the motherboard the conductive underside must be separated from the case by an insulating air gap by using a standoff or riser where correctly installed these ensure that the conductive through-hole components are unable to short to your computer chassis always count the number of rises required as installing too many such as installing one where it shouldn't be under the board can touch a through-hole pin and short to your case too little and the Board may flex and also touch this picture shows a riser installed in a computer case the second picture here shows all six is required by this motherboard for the case you can see here that the motherboard without risers can sit on these through holes and the last picture here shows the separation that these risers provide if you have installed your motherboard without risers and see something like this this may be from arcing or ground damage and has likely physically damaged the motherboard this is not an issue that can damage your computer but your PC will just not powerup which will be an issue to you your power switch will be the first item to check where it's not installed fully or in the correct position your computer will not turn on when you press your power switch check to see that you have installed this on the correct pins lining up with the motherboard Legend and not installed to either side or bridging other pins you can see that it is easy to assign the switch to the wrong position which will not bridge the pins correctly to start your computer as the switch itself only bridges the pins on the motherboard the orientation of install of a switch is not an issue for correct operation this is a different case for the LED outputs however if you wish to test if you have a faulty motherboard header switch you can use a paperclip or small screwdriver to bridge the motherboard header pins to power the computer on for your LED connections you need to be mindful of the penicilin and also the orientation of the connection having positive to positive we ensure your LEDs work correctly also check that your power supply is plugged in and turned on at both the wall and the power supply this is a very common cause of my fans are spinning but there is no display error when the graphics card is in the case it's quite hard to check that it is seated correctly having the motherboard out of the case will verify the card connection and also show the right amount of pressure required to seat the graphics card and RAM you want a flat connection along the slot that you are installing also ensure that your graphics card is installed in the fastest PCI Express slot available see the numbering for speeds 2 4 and 16 which is the design you can see from this picture the when RAM is installed in the case it's quite hard to check the alignment of install here we show a ram stick not seated correctly on the right and correct it by seating it and hearing the click when the holding tab is engaged also remember to check your ram speeds to ensure they are compatible with your motherboard you can check this with your motherboard manual online prior to purchasing providing the CPU orientation is correct and the CPU is seated well you can't and necessarily install the CPU incorrectly however it's not hard to damage the thousand plus pins on the CPU array if you touch them with your fingers or drop the CPU onto them as shown in our build video always make sure to hold the CPU from the sides placing it as shown this allows you to lower the CPU as much as possible prior to setting it in its final position this is another common cause of fan spinning but no display error the motherboard would default to an aftermarket graphics card unless explicitly told not to sono output is generated from your motherboard connection which you are connected to your PC will usually post and self check correctly but as you have no display nothing will show you that the PC is working correctly this is easy enough to amend by changing your display output connection from your motherboard to your graphics card here is a picture of a cpu power connection installed in a case it's quite hard to see this is also another cause of the fan spinning but no display error the motherboard will try to initialize but the CPU doesn't have the required power so it won't post correctly or show display output these connections are usually 8-pin but some will be for this cable is required for any late-model Intel CPU don't confuse this with your PCI Express or graphics card connection is they have different pin assignments and are keyed differently also an alternate error where this connector is not installed is that the system will go into a boot loop of around 3 seconds powering on and off continuously we show this here you also remember to check your motherboard 24 pin power connector is seated correctly this is a quick one to fix avoiding your power supplier has these connections we believe this is the most common cause of the fan spinning but no display error it's similar to the CPU power connector issue but where your primary display is plugged into the your graphics card and it doesn't have the required power your PC may still boot but default to your motherboard graphics but you won't see an output is your plugged into your disabled aftermarket graphics card insert both of the power supply connections as shown to fix this issue air is a poor medium for transferring heat thermal paste fills the small air gaps between the CPU and heatsink surface ensuring that heat is efficiently transferred for stable CPU temperatures providing reliable operation some stock callers may come with thermal paste pre-installed which is a gray white paste on the bottom of your CPU cooler however most aftermarket ones without this required to be installed as shown the computer will still turn on but may be unreliable and power down or crash winning games or other high intensity tasks this is due to thermal throttling or the system protecting itself by powering down to decrease the CPU heat your motherboard won't necessarily warn you or beep if you don't plug your CPU fan in the result is a similar result to the lack of thermal paste where the computer will still turn on that may be unreliable and power down or crash winning games or other high-intensity tasks this is easier to correct by installing the 3 or 4 pin header to your motherboard and ensuring the fan is operating when the PC is on as a side note your graphics card does not require a specific fan connection as this is connected internally on near all graphics cards an underrated power supply may appear similar to thermal load problems in terms of high thermal load your computer is also requesting a large amount of power to support the task at hand and where this is not supplied it will power off restart or be unable to provide power such as to your graphics card resulting in unreliable operation we would suggest nothing less than 500 watts in a gaming PC the later GPUs requests about 150 watts typical and 280 to 300 at peak so if you want to learn more jump over to our website at easy PC builder comm where you can get our 80 page master course and a monthly updated build guides thanks for watching you

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  2. The World

    If it beeps but no display it means the graphics card,my pc was beeping and what i did i removed the graphics card clean it up little bit and plug it in,it worked

  3. Satanen Perkele

    One of my parrots actually broke my gaming PC. I tried to fix it but I am not well educated in these things. I hope the IT repair guys will believe me when I'll have to tell them about why it's broken in the first place haha.

  4. Troll Guy

    PSA Please watch the entire video before trying anything. There are some steps out of order (assuming you want to start with simple things first)

  5. XIII Talons

    My case didn't come with a power switch cord. It only came with an hddled cord, pwr led cord, front audio, and front usb… RiP

  6. Tree Power

    Just thought i'd put it out here.. It's mentioned in the video to not use some adapter/alternate lead for the cpu power; however, i used the plugs supplied with the power unit (x2 4pin connectors joined) and it worked great on the ASRock B450M PRO4-F.

  7. Darius Beaumont

    thanks for making this video. i made the mistake of using only the bronze screws (standoffs) to pin the motherboard to the case. It didnt look right and with your heads up i looked up the correct way and im ok now.

  8. Pontus Norup

    Haha yeeesss, tried to connect my hdmi in gpu and it worked, i did it before i reset my cmos. Haha didnt think it would work, lost home but yeeeeeessssss! 😂😂😂

  9. stevennguyen

    ive lost all hope, i have put everything together accordingly for my pc build, but nothing happens when i press the power button. 🙁

  10. TheXerxes919

    When I built my pc, I connected the motherboard instead of the gpu and didn't notice for 3 years. There went my unused gtx 770

  11. Keegs

    Thank you so much! I was struggling to find out why my pc wasn’t displaying until I saw this video. I’m glad to say everything works now. Super helpful video THANK YOU

  12. Orencio Medina

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this video. I just built my first computer and my monitor was not coming on. Thanks to your video I have found the problem. Thank you.

  13. 4U Satch

    Been cursing for thirty minutes working on my first PC build because it was boot looping. Realized I don't have memory sticks. Never facepalmed so hard in my life

  14. Nash Anderson

    Using 700watt EVGA power supply. When testing with a paperclip or the tool provided, power supply fan turns on. When plugging into motherboard, power supply fan remains off and doesnt send off power.

  15. ZigiMusic

    Thank you so much for this video. Had an issue with a new build, all plugged in and nothing works. After watching this I figured that I had a riser that shorted the mobo…

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