The Try Guys Imitate Each Other

The Try Guys Imitate Each Other

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To celebrate 1 year of Try Guys videos, the guys make fun of each other… in front of a live audience.

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– I promise you, this is exactly how every Try Guys shoot goes. (laughing) It's completely unorganized
and Eugene is drinking. Zach, Eugene, Nick. (applause) So this is how this gonna work. One at a time we're all gonna do our impressions of each other, and then you guys are
gonna tell us how we did. And then we'll see who the winner is at the end of all this. Zach Kornfeld, get on over here. (cheering and applause) – Zach is like, "Well uh I, I
woke up eh. I got a bagel"– – I am not that Jewy. (laughing) – Whenever we're shooting Try Guys videos, his default is to go
into like a spring toy. (laughing) We're here learning about this. – So the one thing I
know about Zach is that, besides being adorable,
he's perpetually single. And I've been to many bars with him. So I'm gonna do Zach
talking to girls at the bar. "Hey I'm Zach, I'm Zach. "You like, do you like Jeff Goldblum? "Jeff Goldblum is like, the best. "Jeff Goldblum is the best. "(laughing awkwardly) What
are you talking about?" (crowd's laughter drowns out Eugene) – I have never been so
attracted to Eugene, that was really,
(laughter) I was like yeah I'm feeling that. – So there is the small,
the very quiet, loving Ned. – My favorite color's red
'cause it rhymes with Ned. – So I was making
dumplings with my wife… – The only impression I ever do of Ned is just, "Yeah get some!" – Alright! – [Together] Yeah! (cheers). – Yes baby! (shouts) – I forgot that he always says baby. – Ned has date night every Wednesday and, yeah (audience sighs) okay, and– – So, which means we're missing it! (laughter) This show just got so much better. What I like about Keith
is when he takes a photo, he likes his own name a lot, so rather than saying cheese
he just says [Together] Keith. – Keith is like a humanoid muppet. – He just somehow can just speak about nothing for forever. We all like birds, who doesn't like birds? I love birds. You could be in a tree,
just shit on everybody. – So he has this dance that I can't do, but it's like… There it is, there it is! – It's like you're skiing really. – When he gets undressed,
he takes his shirt off over his head, and then
goes (air blowing). – It concerns me how much
you guys get undressed that you know that. – This is gonna be tough
'cause I have to tell you this is how this man actually
walks around the office. (laughing) You can tell he comes
from Texas when he walks. – He always does like
a 1/4 turn pirouette. – He puts his hand on you,
– [Voiceover] Oh yeah. – [Zach] and then looks. (laughing) It's like a very… – He lets you look at him first. – Eugene will come, he's
always so purposeful, when he comes he's like,
"Hey, so you ready to shoot?" "Yeah, we're all in the office." "Okay, I'll be right there,"
and then just (laughing). That's basically it. That was the I didn't wanna, I don't wanna keep you here all day. – So ladies,
– [Woman in pants] Yes. – how did they do? – Oh, I think Zach won. – We talked about it, Zach won. – Yeah, Zach won. – Zach won. (applause and cheering) Let's really clap for the fact, people, that Eugene didn't win
and someone else did. (cheering) Great job guys.

49 Replies to “The Try Guys Imitate Each Other”

  1. Rebecca Cui

    Let’s really clap that someone other than Eugene won.
    But the impressions OF Eugene clearly deserve applause. 👏

  2. Fie HH

    Zach: "He (Eugene) always puts his hand on your shoulder."
    People: starts laughing
    Zach: "And THEN he looks"
    People: dies of laughter

  3. itsdonnie

    no offence but the caption editor is crap. they literally called ned 'nick' in the first like 10 seconds of the video lmao

  4. Lia Sohl

    anyone watching this and when eugene said that zach is single and you just like. he with maggie now so it’s so cute

  5. Administrator General

    Eugene is an alcoholic. It doesn't matter if he is high functioning. Just including him is like condoning his example. He is always talking about alcohol, drinking alcohol. It's a drug… legal, but a drug all the same. What other organization would tolerate their faceman to be an alcoholic? Time to do something about this.

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