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The specs on this PC:
Ryzen 2700x
16GB DDR4 Memory
EVGA GTX 1080 Ti

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what is up guys MK maybe we just got sent a brand new gaming PC by Mays beer man shot Romania this is sent us a brand new pipe it's got the best the best gaming part in there man full of beefy CPU and GPU in this thing man we're super excited to review this for you let's go on ba this thing and check it out man you guys already know that these GTA mods I'll be playing bandit they take a lot of power deep you power GPU power so I picked a gtx 1080i over the 2080 on purpose because the performance on GTA 5 mods apparently is better and rise in 2700 X that is the magic that we're gonna have hopefully once we're gonna test it out it's gonna perform at the mod you'll see my future videos Matt gonna be late I'm just super excited man we're gonna get started there fund awesome let's go all right you guys you're in the living room now where I will be unboxing this thing because my Studios under construction right now step number one and use my Stardust special knife to just probably not the best way of doing this but that's what I have currently do not have any other kind of blade so you gotta be careful I don't want to end up scratching the whole PC oh man here we go don't leave this thing thanks for sharp let's go alright guys so right on top as I open the box is a no box setup guide uh-huh it's pretty nice let's see what's inside of this you can see the computer itself under let's take a look at this we're gonna quickly remove this little sticker alright let's open up this set-up guide and see what's inside Oh oh nice oh message tanking message that is so amazing dude I actually met Wallace at PAX East that's how this whole thing started and it became a nice little connection and he HP is the reason why I have this amazing computer major shot Wallace let's get rolling Oh goodies in here so that's the power cable all right well important stuff keep me safe Oh must be real important a pen okay some goodies with this alright a keychain okay I like it me and Gary logo on that I'll take that ooh a wristband to dissection nice it's so comfortable take a look zoom in focus now for we're saying come on damn you not gonna do it there you go oh look at that that looks good and what is this Oh a gaming mouse bad you I've been needing one so bad though this is so perfect man perfectly sized to hekia let's go man there's more oh my god there's even more stuff in here mingi bad oh I sure as heck will now look at the more important stuff the stuff you have to keep safe that's simply alrighty so it comes with a Windows 10 for washing discs Windows 10 home AMD drivers the motherboard drivers ok the extra wires like say this for the GPU if you add another GPU you can simply connect these cables to your power supply and whatnot this is for the CPU oh oh recovery 16gb Windows Recovery oh this thing is baller bro I can use it for personal reasons I can early and 16 gigs up man I can just uh put my GTA mods in this and whatnot I'll take that and there you go that's all looking for I was hoping this will be unperfect so now I can install my two other hard drives that I have in my older PC into this these are the SATA cables that are needed to do that boy come on boss let's see oh good move it safest way possible that's where it probably is hook us down the way already gathered you guys didn't see it it's well packaged the the foam is really tight sturdy not that cheap foam so the I'm sure I'm formed the PC has been protected well it has got some sealed air product inside so that's good the products are in good health I'm sure I'm gonna start peeling this off let's go what's the best way to do this you know what this how I do it sort of remove this thing and see the PC already alright you guys so uh yeah what we're gonna do is start process here just remove this some people like to keep these colors on I hate when people do that like I don't know why I like takes brand-new man just enjoy and it stays clear before powering on you must first remove packing from inside the computer if you don't they'll blow up no no I won't but it's by a good idea to remove it right so all you got to do is simply just these guys up it's nice soft how you do I had to use a screwdriver to losing it up once you do the whole thing come audio does okay then just one one the bottom and I thought is it's really simplified I hope we didn't just fall off the bone right I hope because I'm using one hand to hold the camera here here we go Stingo oh this right oh oh yes lights okay that would have been bad oh good thing I noticed in the camera that this color just simply slides off but falls off to be got you'll be careful on that and it is indeed glass I'm gonna put on the bottom here on the side and let's go ahead and remove these for me hang how do I remove it the question take a look a way very simple process set up a hardware setup here you can see the AMD rate cooler under it is the AMD risin 727-100 X which is one of the top-of-the-line CPUs right now for gaming so it looks pretty basic but this thing performs like a monster the 1080 TI right there take a look from EVGA let's get it man I'm super excited to just glad this thing up and I believe these these fans right are not RGB lighting so I'm probably gonna add lighting to it I have the RGB fans on me so but you know the most amazing part of this it's so beautifully done look at this man we are the hard drives it's probably inside this it's we clean setup right that's what I love about this no wiring mess nothing you just got to see the really hard cables the motherboard CPU up there tucked in really well and I'm in love man we're gonna start this up soon and I'll see how I perform that I guess I just want to tell you I'm in love with this case it's simple yet so beautiful take a look just I just love how it's like so basic yet so clean the glass panel on the side here you have the power button and then the USB for years these the mic and headset headphone jacks here so once again that's pretty neat so you get four USB connection the the front of the PC and then the back depending on what mother would you use I guess get more ports let's take a look here you have the two over there to your reports the DVI the that well that's the onboard video which we want Bobby using look at how many USB ports are a in the back for in the front that is amazing dude let's get it that's great but I'm always struggling with that man and now look at this once again this glass panel you can see me in here and the PC I just love the glass panel here it's so beautiful on top is the little knife of winter not little seams going all that from front to the back and it's removable so if you want its magnetic that's what's amazing about it is some little piece of magnets here as you guys can see I don't know why my camera's not automatically focusing but there you go you can see that little magnet magnet it's rather all over this thing so it goes just like beautiful so in the future if you want to add more cooling water cooling and whatnot you can can do it all over the radio radiator can sit there it's got all the duties for that man and I might be upgrading this thing and adding all that later on shot the pilot the dark powers not that it's amazing you got me now


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    10 mins into a 14:35 min video and you just started showing something useful about this chassis. Dude, work on your presentation man. Seriously.

  2. Star video games

    Look for 🌞

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