The Ultimate Guide for Beginners: Fortnite Battle Royale | How to play Fortnite | 2019

The Ultimate Guide for Beginners: Fortnite Battle Royale | How to play Fortnite | 2019

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Fortnite Manual for Beginners: this tutorial covers all the basics you must know in order to play Fortnite and become a pro.
How to get started and play Fortnite like a pro

hey guys this is a quick tutorial to get you started with for tonight so let's just go right into battle royale so there's a few things that you guys should know before getting started with for tonight there are several modes so right now if you guys press X on your controller you guys will see this alright so you guys can play solo duels squats this-this-this so this changes a little bit over time ok so some things come out they take stuff in and out all the time all right however what always stays is solo duels and squats that's always here team rumble sometimes changes a little bit sometimes it goes for a little bit of different sometimes the maps a little bit different but it depends it just depends on what fortnight updates alright so before you guys get started with this a lot of people tell me on solo is where they learn the most okay so if you go to solo and then just that just means that you're playing by yourself against everybody free-for-all that's where people learn of the most that's for some people for me I recommend squats that's because you're playing in a team of four people to play against others alright and that way you guys can communicate and ask other people how do you do this how do you do that you guys can learn from each other that way so that's what I recommend the walls if it's good if you have a buddy that you can play with because sometimes doors can be pretty bad if the other person doesn't know much or they just leave the game they leave you alone there it's just you against two other people obviously there's teams of tools throughout the map so you can make it a lot harder for you to go on your own so that's why I don't recommend when you can start going towards solos like I mentioned a lot of people tell me that that's the way they learned and for me squats squats is what I always pick so to pick obviously just press a so we are on squats right now alright and then to play just press Y now before we do that I want show you how you guys can add friends not on your xbox but right here on Epic Games because as you may know you can play against people that are playing on their iPhones iPads or Playstations or even computers from your xbox so it is something really cool that you guys can play with anybody that you guys want so right here if you guys press on your controller this button right here then you guys will see this friends and to add friends just press X and then you guys can just enter the display name or if they send your friend requests you guys will see it right here all right so it's very important to add your friends right here and if you want to join any of your friends so here's a list of my friends at the moment and there are all online all right offline friends are right here in the bottom and what you guys really cares about who's online so you guys can join their game so for example if I choose this guy press a on him I can see if I can go into his party or if I can buy it it's mine so if I can just scroll through there we go so him I can just choose join party and that way let me just do that I can join whatever he's on right now so that's the way and that's the easiest way to join people playing online okay if you already have friends that is so right now I'm gonna get out of it so just by pressing this then going down to leaf party just leave all right and I'm gonna change this up to squats again because I want to make sure and I'm gonna press play all right so I'm gonna teach you within the game how you guys can add friends and then it is the best way to do it this way it's just faster and always will work if you guys add friends from here or join people through epic games rather than doing it through you know your xbox which you guys can do this right you guys could add friends from here you guys can invite people to participate games it doesn't always work with for tonight however the rap games it will work so people are always gonna point out where they want to land on the map so you can see that my team's already pointing out right there you guys can go to your mouth by pressing this button and right here you guys can point to where you guys want to go on your marker okay so right now there's a marker set so I'm gonna jump just press okay I'm gonna head that way so what you guys don't want to do is press a right now cuz it's gonna make you float way too long so you guys want to skydive so just skydive as much as you can and then press a because you guys want to hit the floor before other people do now there are some people have already guns but those are very few what you guys want to do is grab a gun right away and get to the fight now you guys will notice that your teammates you guys can actually see their name right there so I can see two people right there so those are my two teammates because I can see their names anybody else so I can see somebody's right behind one of my teammates so anybody else that doesn't have a name on top of their head that means they're not in your team so like I said you don't have four people in total in your team so see you plus three people what you guys want to do is grab any guns or anything like that so it's not a gun just like that guys gonna defeat my friend I don't have any guns to help him on anything so I have to run away at this point what you guys want to do is hit any chests that you see around or any guns now before I keep going all right and grab guns and all that stuff I'm gonna teach you how to add friends I'm gonna grab some bandages just by pressing X on top of that I'm going to here to hide for a little bit and grab this chest there we go no this thing right here is called a mini so if people tell you that they want minis or if you want a mini it means this it's extra shield okay it's very important that you guys drink up extra shield because that way you're gonna survive longer on the map so right now if I press this button right here I'm gonna see all my friends well not my friends my teammates if I want to add them as a friend this is the quickest way to do it just scroll over them and then just press down and you guys can add them as friends so I just sent our friend request to him I can send a friend request to him all right or you can mute people by pressing a on them so if their mics are really bad then you guys could mute them from here let's just go back by pressing B okay so that's something that you guys can do right away taking accept your friend request they usually do that once they're in the lobby so once you guys die you coming back to the lobby you guys can add them all again so it's important to fill up with guns now guns I want to show you guys what guns are good and which ones are not even worth it so the way that it goes what you guys want to pick I wish I could show you all the guns right now but I have to play a little bit more and grab a few more guns I can show you which ones are which but the order that I go see this one right here so there's the blue which is good that means it's rare the most common one are the gray ones so this one's a great one that you guys can see my list so this one's great that means it doesn't have that much damage then we have green which is an uncommon so this one's green right now okay I'm gonna pick this one up so this one right here is blue some meats it's rare and then once I hit a purple one that's an epic one and then orange which looks gold that's gonna be legendary so that's the very best that you guys can take so once again the most common one is grey so that's usually what you don't want and then green which is better blue much better purple really good and then orange or gold which would be legendary and that's the very best then you can take now those are hard to find and once you get those they're the best they will hit the most damage and that's why you guys want to hit those guns all right it's very important to get some wood okay so to just switch from your gun to this just press Y so you can switch from your gun to this okay so you guys can just hit some trees get some wood and it's really important actually to hit some wood or really anything like rocks bricks anything you guys can get in order to build buildings really important to get away from people you guys can survive a lot of stuff if you guys start to build so building on fighting really really important now if I can get some people to fight with I can show you how to build so here's some rocks I'm just gonna gain some bricks right now Oh something also really pretty always go towards the circle so you guys can see the map on the top right-hand side so here's my circle let me just go into my map so I can show you so you guys can see that purple that's coming in that's the storm so we have to get away from the storm that will kill you so yet so to make it within the circle and every time you get smaller smaller and smaller it gets really really tiny and it's really hard to get away from it now it's really important throughout the game you guys have a headset on or something with some volume on it because when it comes down to this you guys need to hear what's going on around you if you guys hear footsteps you will hear them harder and harder louder and louder as they get closer to you so again really important to hear those footsteps that's like what you guys want those headphones on because they will help you on throughout like no there's nobody around me at the moment so I can show a little bit and right now I'm gonna teach you a little bit of how to build just the basic so you guys don't get confused so to build just press B right now do you guys press B alright with L being RB you guys can go throughout and pick what you guys want alright so usually what you guys want to get started off with is with a wall okay so I'm gonna build four walls around me name one you guys want to pick is this okay the stairs so just make a little jump cut up if he once again guys can build those stairs now usually when you guys want let's build those stairs right away I build him this way okay change again and this is the most common type of building that people do if you guys want to get people confuse if they're after you you guys want to do is build a few walls around here all right let me just build those stairs going up and then stay down here and get ready with your shotgun because whoever's chasing you will take those stairs and go up because they think you're building up and up and up because that's the most typical thing is can do so to build this is the easiest way to do it and if you guys have grenades or if you guys have dynamite or anything like that you can destroy a whole structure you guys can also get out of it quick if you guys don't want to edit this structure just by hitting it let me just show you that might what it would do just one piece of dynamite so the whole structure so it's the structure that I just built all you guys have to do is take out on the bottom and it's gonna take everything down okay so although that's the most basic structure you guys want you guys also do want to pick what type of material you guys are using so right now you guys saw that I ran out of wood so it started building with some brick now you guys can choose what you guys want as long as you guys have some bricks or just have some wood then you guys can choose obviously wood they can shoot through and destroy it much faster than break so if you're in real trouble that's when you want to use the brick so to choose that type of material that you guys want just press on your controller right here your LT okay so you guys can go through wood for example I can pick brick or I can pick metal if I had any metal which I don't I just have three which is not enough to build anything usually metal is what I dislike the most it takes a lot to get it and it's not that strong it's not as strong as brick so just to show you brick withstand couple shots so we have three four shots physically it's quite a few shots and so I can actually through that however with wood you can just take a couple shots off I had more there we go we're done so what's not strong and sprigs what you guys really want to build up is on your break and your wood just for quick because the wood what you guys can get really quick and then your brick is slightly harder but it's gonna last a lot longer once you guys are in trouble so right now you guys can see right here is the start and I'm dying and that's because I can run ahead of it so remember I showed you guys on the map I'm supposed to go within the circle I'm totally out of it I can see one of my teammates is also out of the circle so to make it within the circle you guys have to run or find a vehicle or if you guys had a glider you guys couldn't make it through so let's say you guys are stuck right here and the storm and you see your health going down down down and you won't make it well that's why you guys pick up these med kits so just select your med kit okay and then you guys have to use it just by pressing your RT hold on to your RT until you heal up a little bit and then keep going with enough med kits you guys could most likely make it through so to quickly show you how to build a fire you guys have to build something on the ground like so then press X and press RT and sit on the fire this will bring up your health like you see up and then that storm will take it down so you're kind of stuck there and obviously you guys can only build this if you picked up one along the way so I'm gonna keep going I'm gonna attempt to make it but I really doubt it so our hoverboard guys can go faster just by pressing on this okay you guys can activate to go a little bit faster so I actually made it I can't think I will make it I'm really close to dying as you guys can see there's one of my teammates but I'm pretty much down if somebody shoots me just once or twice I'm done with a good shot just one shot does it if they have a really crappy gun then yeah I can survive one shot sure with a good gun or good snipe I'm out right away now you guys will see throughout the game people use a bunch of pups shotguns okay and that's because with a good shotgun right on the head you guys clicked over so that's my teammate obviously girls can't kill your teammates give me some health which is great because this type of med kits gonna bring it up all the way up and I'm gonna be good so I'm actually gonna be able to make a little bit more of the video right now so to make jumps just hold a and go up there you go you guys want to do any tricks it's just playing around with the hard work right now so I can go backwards do that again faster will tricks get you anywhere not really it's just Coatesville what gets you anywhere just doing this just going faster okay guys for me to do that it's really important to do that and again the only reason I made it throughout this tour is this hard work and I really barely barely made it so obviously with any of you again it's just getting used to the controls once you guys have those down you guys will be able to build and fight at the same time without any problems get off the hard word I'm going to show you just pulled on to be and so it comes off so you guys can't jump off it too fast which is the downside because I see you guys may know you may not be able to walk actually you can't build when you're in your Harbor word however you guys can shoot when you're on the door hardware too you don't have to get out the hardwood but it's a good idea to get off it just because makes it harder to fight it and somebody mainly because you guys can't build and Amy does become a little bit more tricky when doing so right now I don't really have any good guns but you guys usually want to get us an A or something like that should a lot you guys are good at sniping whoa you guys will get used to sniping if you guys are good at dad and get one of those snipers sure oh whoops so they're shooting us means we have to start building we have to build all the way around we say no there's ninety so it's okay want to build something harder just build one of these walls of great wall you guys can see we're gonna build some stairs to fortify that I have to help out my buddy here you can modify or whatever he was yeah they got pretty good snipers there's a rocket coming for us you guys can see that that's pretty neat rockets are hard to come I don't really see those all wrong now a buddy's her have to build a little bit more stuff around so they don't get through fast I'm gonna press X hold on 2x and so he's all healed up usually what you guys want to do is build stuff around here before you heal them but I know they're just sniping us from people from way over there so I don't need to do that now you may need some help so what I'm gonna do is drop some stuff for him so I'm gonna drop his med kit for him so you can build himself up not to drop stuff just your up arrow you guys can select what you guys want to do press a then press X press the quantity that you guys want to drop so I'm gonna drop one more and that's it so again see you're up there now when it comes to skins it doesn't really matter what you guys pick usually people think that you're a newbie if you don't have a skin there's a ton of people that purchase skins so that does not mean that they're experienced by all means they could have the very best skin and you guys can kill them right away because they are brand new into the game as well so don't worry about that don't get intimidated just because they have a cool skin and if you guys want to keep a low profile just don't pick up any covers or any vehicles you guys can stay low you guys come so crouched by pressing this and then they can't hear your footsteps now I'm gonna attempt to rescue my teammates but hopefully I can die so I can show you guys what your options are let's die so as you guys can see you guys have to finish them off they can die by themselves sharp but it's good to finish people off now at this point you guys can stay in the game and just watch your team play if anybody's alive or you guys can always go back to lobby just by pressing B and then get back onto another game which is most likely what you guys want to do especially because you're starting out you learn a little bit more like practice than just watching because you guys need that right now and like I mentioned play squads just because I think you guys can talk to people you guys can talk to me I'm on here all the time anyways from here you guys can pick anything so if you guys press RB or lb you guys can see your battle passes you guys can see challenges events Locker item shop career story you guys can all go all the way back to lobby and just press white to get playing anyways that's it for this really quick tutorial showing you guys the basics I'm gonna show you guys a little bit more intermediate stuff on my next video hopefully this helped you out guys out in order to get started with fortnight if you guys have any comments questions you guys can write them down here in the comments area don't forget to subscribe and rate thank you [Applause]

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