Toonstruck - Game Review (PC)

Toonstruck – Game Review (PC)

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Was Toonstruck worth giving another shot? Find out why you may or may not love this game! WHIP MY CREAM.

oh hey there didn't save women welcome to Episode one of second look in the series we're gonna be discussing retro games as implied by my cleverly named show there are other show names on the table but none of them quite made the cut in second look I talk about games that I played maybe once or twice but never really gave it a full chance in this series were gonna replay the game and see if it did deserve a second look today we're talking about toonstruck a game I don't remember fondly from my childhood because I was never allowed to play it can't really blame my parents based on the cover of the game the European cover is even scarier I rediscovered this game a couple years ago and I have got to say this game is so crass toonstruck is a point-and-click adventure game half FMV and half cartoon if I had to compare it to anything I'd have to compare it to Who Framed Roger Rabbit you're playing a grown man in an interactive cartoon world alright let's start off with some basic reasons as to why you might like to instruct do you like it's not do you like Christopher Lloyd do you like Tim Curry do you like goofy yet completely lovable characters if you like three out of those four reasons I just rattled off then you might actually like toons struck or you might despise it honestly with a game like this it could go either way developed by burst Studios and published by virgin interactive in 1996 to instruct is an incredibly well-made albeit a bit wacky adventure game it wasn't very successful due to the rise of 3d games but it has its own unique charm and is now somewhat of a cult classic it stars the ever eccentric Christopher Lloyd as children's show animator drew blank and yes that's supposed to be a pun honestly the quirky humor is why I was so drawn to the game drew works on a show called the fluffy fluffy bun bun show which stars a sugary cute pink bunny played by tress MacNeille drew is pretty fed up with his job and he's tired of drawing cutesy crud all the time he's been secretly working on another character named Fluxx wildly yes christopher lloyd created the character named flux wildly if you don't get that reference maybe you need to go back to the past to figure it out however Drew's boss played by Ben Stein doesn't care for flux wildly and instructs drew to keep bringing on the cute bunnies here's how I see it we create a big batch of happy cute bunnies to share the spotlight with bun bun it is an all-new show and we call it fluffy and friends frustrated drew goes back to his studio where he suffers from what seems to be writer's block and exhaustion and dozes off when he wakes up he finds drawn to his TV screen and as somehow sucked into cue topia the world he created for the fluffy fluffy bun bun show once in Kyoto Pia drew meets up with his own character creation flux they soon find out that something is afoot in the land of cute Opia and here it is wait now sorry that's how what I meant I meant that something appears to be wrong in the land of utopia and hey don't act the foot man once you bruise a foots ego it takes forever for them to heal the king who looks like a giant lemon head informs them that an evil character named nefarious voiced by the king of cult entertainment himself Tim Curry that's count nefarious to you little man master of the malevolence has been doing something more sinister than anyone could ever imagine he's turning everything even remotely cute and light-hearted and too morose dark drabness wait a second is that really so bad oh hi welcome to pushing of roses reviews today we're talking about Morrissey I should point though life is so bleak okay yeah I see their point my brave spies have stolen the blueprints for nefarious is bad banshee my royal engineer is using these plans to build a cute a fire a device which will reverse the damage nefarious has done Gero agrees to help the Kings solve the issue in return for a safe way back into his own dimension with flux widely I decide whom you can use to solve certain puzzles it seems the only way to fix this is to follow this fine fellows advice one the food welcome to team happy let me show you what I've been working on upon further inspection of the blueprints I must admit professor whack-job may not know what he's talking about but it seems better than nothing so drew his job is to now find all the things that make sense to the blueprint however you're not supposed to find the exact things on the blueprint you have to find their missing parts for example the corresponding item to whistles is bells bells and whistles the majority of the game is drew walking around talking to characters in attempt to solve inventory styled puzzles you'll meet a lot of memorable and zany characters all of whom have talented voice actors and actresses playing them there's a scarecrow a weightlifting Bulldog a barn full of friendly barnyard animals a pair of musical frogs a talking shamrock and of course fluffy fluffy bun bun who seems to be having somewhat of a mental crisis due to their current problem with nefarious the game though very cartoony and packed with cutesy characters is very adult-like in content there's a lot of adult humor in this game despite its deceptive graphics things really start to get weird in the game after a few characters and their respective settings get D cutified oh my god there used to be a horse in that barn now there's an inauspicious machine spewing out jars of glue what's going on here oh my god make it stop make it stop with my seriously the game has some incredibly r-rated moments the inventory puzzles are pretty challenging too and I'll admit to spending quite a long amount of time trying to figure them out at one point I did resorts to clicking everything on everything which is a classic moon logic puzzle move you're also going to notice that you're collecting some damn strange inventory my suggestion is to think outside the box when you're trying to figure out how to move forward in the game try to think more like professor cabbage brains over here he seems to have a good grasp on things I don't want to give away too much of the game because there is a rather interesting twist which I'll admit I didn't see coming this is a game that you'll want to play through to the end even though this game didn't do very well due to the rise of 3d graphics in the fall of adventure games I still liked the game it was obviously very well made and the extremely impressive voice acting actually does a good job of keeping my attention during a very dialogue heavy game yes the puzzle can be frustrating I'll admit I never thought I would have to use a fish on a toilet but I wouldn't say the puzzles are downright impossible if you know what you're doing you could probably beat it in a three-hour sitting but if you really want to experience the game put away the walkthroughs and hint guides and try to figure out the puzzles yourself the game is very cinematic ironic funny gross and manages to be engaging at the same time you're also going to notice a lot of related things like the fact that toonstruck is a lot like Roger Rabbit and Christopher Lloyd appeared in both the fact that flux wildly has a name similar to the flux capacitor and back to the future and the fact that the actress who plays Babs a pink bunny also plays fluffy fluffy bun bun a pink bunny it's very hard to believe that these things were not premeditated and if they weren't then they're pretty big coincidences the game contained less material than it originally planned to use so there were plans to make a sequel as I understand there are some legal issues to pick there at the moment but toonstruck fans eagerly await the announcement for toonstruck – and I myself admit I love another bizarre game like – struck to spend a lazy afternoon with in conclusion this game was definitely worth a second look this has been pushing up roses for a second look maybe you'll come back for another soul-crushing review but until then I hope you have it terrifyingly dark night I'll please leave I need to be alone with my mind the only thing that truly understands me come

38 Replies to “Toonstruck – Game Review (PC)”

  1. childofthe80s1981

    PUR's dark side is me in present time some went through a goth phase in their teen years I never grew out of mine lol

  2. childofthe80s1981

    Watching "drab" PUR reminds me of how much I miss my local goth/industrial club that I used to visit back when I visited I had a dumb cellphone yeah my cellphone wasn't smart yet

  3. Alltwistedup

    Ha!! This is one of the first projects I worked on when I first moved to CA! I know this was posted quite a while ago but it's still cool to see people discovering and enjoying this game!

  4. SvenQ45

    Yes a long and difficult story with TS 2. But they "work" on it.

    When I hear Tim Curry in this (played the German version) I see Gabriel (Knight) before my eyes. 😀

  5. greekgodofsynths

    Hey Pushinguproses, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your videos; funny, informative and well edited. I recently stumbled over your channel and am currently plowing my way through all the videos. Thank you so much! x

  6. Geert Bakker

    It has been released on Steam not so long ago, It's not a polished up version or anything but at least you get to return to Cutopia 😉

  7. Charliberty

    fun fact: the animation for this game was outsourced to 2 famous animation studeos: nylvana (who were working on a pair of 3d CGI cartoons at the time) and rainbow animation (a subcontractor best known for being hired by DiC a fiew years earlier for the sonic the hedgehog cartoon).

  8. SegaCDUniverse

    As a kid I loved gamed likes this, Discworld, Blazing Dragons etc. It was one of my first PC games, but I couldn't get it to run. It also froze my machine and my parents thought I broke my brand new PC as a kid. LOL. Luckily the PC was fine, though I never did get to play the game. =)

  9. Robert Schnürschuh

    Too bad. The problem is that the humor in Toonstruck is so off and R, that you wouldn't be able to do well by today's standards. It's filled with sexual and brutal images and conversations from front to back, no way it would make a good fresh appearance.

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