Top 10 BEST Scary Fan-Made Games/MODS/HACKS! - PBG

Top 10 BEST Scary Fan-Made Games/MODS/HACKS! – PBG

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PeanutButterGamer goes over his top 10 BEST fan-made scary, spooky horror themed games!


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this episode is sponsored by loot crate use the link in the description to sign up and I'll see you at the end of the video for an unboxing hey everybody I'm peanutbutter gamer and I've got a pumpkin is Halloween anyway I was just sitting here going over some of my favorite fan art that I've gotten over the years like this one it's actually one of the first pieces of fan art that I ever got how about this one from the alpha sapphire Nuzlocke I did on my gameplay channel speaking of the gameplay channel this is one of my favorite pieces of PB and Jef fan art and see these little jackets were wearing they're from a game called a Sega Academy an entire dating sim game created past the normal boots guys and while we're on the subject of a psychic Adam II I've gotten tons of different fan art from that game as well they tell about Zelda month which is coming next month just a little reminder it's really cool to see people get inspired by something and then turn around and use that inspiration to make something else another example a fan named Kestrel love zelda so much that he made these majora's mask masks out of leather and oh yeah he's 12 and he made these when I was about that age I was making movies on webcams with my friends one of them was called James blond I would show you a clip of it but it doesn't exist anymore and frankly that's fine with me because it was just take my word for it it was not good it was bad and since it's almost Halloween I thought it would be fun to go over my top 10 – favorite spooky slash horror fan made games so roll the video roll it first is an undertale fan game called slender tail well I've always intended to play it all the way through I've only played about an hour or two of the original game so I don't completely understand what's going on but as far as I can tell slender tail starts where the true ending of undertale leaves off it looks like we need to get through this door here but it has a password lock on it so I guess we're gonna go around this little house and find all these pages with numbers on them wait a second slender tail looking for pages scatter reminding me of something but maybe I'm just getting deja vu it's probably nothing entry number 5 ok so it's we're getting our weirdo I got to write this down what's that noise what's that what the heck no no do you like Luigi's Mansion do you like fan games well how very convenient for me that that is apparently the case cuz I have one Luigi insanity it starts off with Luigi getting a call from Professor egad who appears to be in some sort of trouble at a nearby mansion so Luigi goes to try and help him out it's really short and simple in fact it almost feels like a proof-of-concept or a demo more than a complete game but it is really fun to play a 2d sprite Luigi Mansion themed game and it certainly doesn't hurt that the overall presentation is really well done it even has a few pretty spooky startling moments despite you not being able to die outside of the scripted segments where you have to hide from the evil Ouija ghost okay the Beth or the toy the the toilet really the bath it is I guess he should be fairly hidden if he just lays down on the floor you know what that's just not acceptable it's just Luigi to a certain extent there is survival of the fittest and that's that's just not good enough I will miss you but I cannot weep bye bye I genuinely relish any opportunity I get to talk about the elderscrolls it's one of my all-time favorite game franchises and it also has one of the best mati communities out there if you can think of something you want in an Elder Scrolls game chances are you can find a mod for it and if you can think of something you would never want in an Elder Scrolls game chances are you can find a mod for it there's even a lot of user-created quests enter into the depths a custom quest for Skyrim well there's a dead guy outside of the cave we're supposed to go in that's totally not foreboding at all you will not be forgotten dead adventurer I will complete this quest in your name also give me your clothes thank you into the depths has you delving into a cave haunted by the ghosts of miners that previously worked there it's up to you to figure out what went wrong and to put a stop to it it's not pee yourself kind of scary but it does have some moments that are genuinely startling and the further you go into the quest the more bizarre things become well it wasn't easy but I eventually did it I completed the quest and now I'm taking my new best buddy dead adventurer out to celebrate all right this is our stop Freyja get this man something to drink ha ha you know what I'm feeling a little bit tired let's just take a break in place in Majora's Mask wait what the heck is this I like it it's improved I never really gotten to the five nights at freddys craze I played the original game but only for a few minutes I get the formula tension stress build-up and then the payoff is a jump-scare it's certainly not a bad game but it's not exactly my thing despite the fact that I do find the idea of haunted chuck-e-cheese robots to be incredibly unnerving I tried the fan game the joy of creation but it didn't go so well for me what oh come on I don't even understand what I'm doing oh no something's happening can't move this is a new fair I don't even know what I'm doing something's gonna pop off and it's gonna scare me but then I tried the joy of creation reborn and despite it not being finished it's a bit more up my alley it's basically a free-roaming five nights at freddy's game where you have to pick up certain items before the time runs out it's separated into four different levels each with a different character the first two Freddy and Bonnie are pretty good and it's certainly frightening to hear a giant animatronic murder machine chasing you down a hallway but the short time limit and the fact that in order to restart you seemingly have to kill yourself after you fail the objective kind of ruin the magic for me a bit but if these mechanics are eventually used in the unreleased story mode I can see it really working the final two levels though are a bit better foxy is scary if for no other reason then he's infinitely harder to avoid all right let's start this up here oh well that's not good and chicas level really changes it up throwing you into a forest and giving her more Slender Man esque behaviors incoming jump area three one well I was gonna put a ski from lavender town on this list but I can't seem to figure it out so I guess we got to pick something else wait it's Kate I get it up next we have a Silent Hill inspired fan game called Silent Hill al Camilla at least I think that's how it's pronounced it was made using the source engine and despite using a few of the same sound effects it manages to replicate the Silent Hill style incredibly well there's even a few shots that seem like they were taken straight out of a Silent Hill game it even has endless amounts of locked doors locked locked locked broken lock doesn't even have a handle seriously and the ability to inspect random meaningless objects with equally meaningless and pointless dialogue descriptions it's a dog it's cute it's a dog it's not as cute it's a bag of balls some of them are blue it's a fake fruit bowl why do I have this it's not you doesn't even open all the fruit are individually wrapped if you're looking for an over-the-top in-your-face horror game then this isn't for you but if you're a fan of the Silent Hill series or want a good psychological horror game al Camilla Camilla whatever it whatever it's called is definitely worth checking out amnesia the Dark Descent was a revolutionary horror game when it came out in 2010 it had a free expansion called justine and also a pretty long list of fan made custom stories one of the best being the great work in the great work you play as an archaeologist named Charles Langdon who's studying a castle in Germany with his partner Jane you wake up one night to the sound of an explosion and Jane has gone missing so you've gotta try and find her yeah I heard a monster just a minute ago Jane and you can get you something eeny Meeny thing genes well at least her lanterns in great shape that's good news not only is the great work well made it's fairly long it has custom monsters haunting and even distressing scripted segments heck if I didn't know any better I'd assume it was an official expansion and it really hit the spot for me I didn't realize just how much I missed this game I missed running away from monsters not being able to see anything hiding in wardrobes for five minutes before finally gathering up enough courage to come out only to jump back in seconds later and I even missed the sound of going completely insane are you asleep yet hurry up I'm tired too yeah this may not be the scariest entry on the list but it is one of the most clever and addictive pac-man exe listed as a rom of an apparently damaged game board of pac-man pac-man exe plays similarly to a normal pac-man arcade but with a few major differences like I don't know this guy not only do the ghosts have special abilities like the previously shown blinky who can now stream charge at you you also can't kill them since you can only see pack man's point of view the power pellets in the corners no longer make you invincible they merely allow you to see the entire board briefly again it's not terribly horrifying but the creepy haunted glitch ROM aesthetic is nailed perfectly and the limited visibility mixed with the sound thanks made for some pretty hair-raising and alarming moments and speaking of sound effects this looping alarm noise sounds kind of like a police siren it almost makes me feel like I'm running from something like pac-man is some kind of serial criminal stealing all the red balls he can get his hands on what do we even need these things for anyways alright I'm doing it still want these at number 1 I've got earthbound Halloween hack this is an earthbound hack created by a guy named Toby Fox you know the same guy that went on to make undertale the critically acclaimed game that sold over a million copies that alone is a pretty good reason to assume that this hack is solid playing the Halloween hack is almost like playing through a fanfiction Ness Expo the story that everyone wanted but was too shy to ask for now available in a playable format no not like that not that kind of fanfiction get your head out of the gutter people Shh actually I don't want to spoil too much of the story but they're both dead in this universe anyway Fox took characters in situations from the original game and played them out in this alternate timeline in a realistic and believable way from the gameplay to the remixed music to the writing Halloween hack really nails the overall earthbound feel just with even more dark and depressing overtones if you're an earthbound fan this really is a must play in my opinion well that's my list of the top 10 spooky fan games hopefully you enjoyed it and I'll leave you with this if toby fox can go for making an earthbound inspired romhack to making undertale a game that's inspired millions of people then you can do it to whatever it is that inspires you whatever you want to make or do big or small get out there make it happen do the thing or you can just sit around on your button and watch my videos all day that works with that works for me hey everybody as I mentioned at the beginning this video is sponsored by loot crate the theme for next month is horror so if you want to get that loot crate make sure you sign up with the link in the description below loot crate calm slash peanut butter gamer the deadline is the 19th and if you do want to sign up make sure you use that link as it helped me out helps us show up and uh yeah let's go ahead and open up this look quick let me go right here it's speed up first we have the t-shirt which is an Ironman to theme t-shirts and apparently was made specifically for loot crate so you can't even get it anywhere else all right what else we got we got a a little car from gone in 60 seconds here I'm gonna open this up here's a nice little close-up of it it reminds me of my Hot Wheels collection I had one who was the kids up next we have something for Batman this is an exclusive the keychain yet another close up no no no another close up focus there we go so professional here on the peanutbutter guy show yes we have a hoodies collectible Auto ornaments it seems like we can get either the arrow or the flash and we got the flash and of course we can't forget the loot crate speed themed pin I always look forward to getting these uh these pins here and last but not least we have a Battlestar Galactica figurine here this is another exclusive it is the star as a vinyl reckless so yeah that is the loot crate for this month thanks so much for watching and of course there's other loot crate boxes you can get like lucre DX loot crate where this just like to close the loot crate gaming anime all that stuff so make sure you check out loot crate and if you do use the link in the description below again helps me helps me buy cool stuff so that's cool hey everybody thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed this video make sure you give it a like and subscribe to the channel to see more videos while you're at it go check out my friend space answers video on creep Nintendo fan games it also came out today or you can always watch us play Luigi insanity on PB and J follow me on social media all the links in description below he can accept

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