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welcome guys it is the Axman here and we are finally back with another top five and at this time instead of doing creatures we're gonna do some little bit different we're gonna do the top five beginner tips so Ark is now fully released and some of you still may have not got to grips of it so we're gonna do like five top tips for beginners so if you do enjoy don't forget smash ones abode and don't forget subscribe as well and sit back and enjoy okay so kicking it off in number five is gonna be use your common sense so don't go and punch a raptor because it's just gonna kill you and then you've lost all your stuff and then you're gonna have to get it all back and try and progress it's gonna be really hard so just use your common sense if there's a big old dinosaur don't go punch it avoid it run away hide or something if as a cliff don't jump down it because you will probably die again you're only holding your own progression so number five is simple as that use your common sense just stay safe and don't be an idiot and you will be fine so that is number five just be clever be smart okay so in at number four is gonna be what statue should level up to begin with so what you want to do is level up mainly movement speed and weight so the reason for this is if you have enough movement speed you can outrun pretty much anything that's gonna kill you in a sec ooo that's great you're not gonna die like all the time you also want a bit of weight as well because as you progressing you're gonna be picking up rocks you can be getting some wood it's gonna be quite heavy you don't want to be caught out when you're chopping a tree down you're over encumbered and a pack of raptors like spawn behind you so chasing you you can't run away very fast because you're overburdened so I'd recommend pumping movement speed first not too much weight but a little bit of weight just so you can carry your stuff but definitely go for movement speed is good for PvE and PvP because if you've got players chasing you and you're like just been probably moving speed you gonna be able to outrun them and then you can run into a forest and hide and hope you don't get attacked by rats rats this burner yeah definitely go through the speed cuz what can't catch you can't kill you so there we go I had to do before okay so in number three with good a go for bowlers may come and make plenty of them so bowlers are the things she likes swing around your from their creature and it will get it stuck it's like a trap finger wrap around this leg see what we have to move for a certain amount of time make them these are good for again PvE and PvP you can use these to trap players if a plays after you can throw one of these that arm they'll get stuck you can then stab them in the face with a spear or an axe or whatever you've got which is amazing again you can use this for Raptors if there's a raptor chase new and you've not got the means to kill it just for a bowler in it and just keep running and it will lose out great by the time it's got out of that it will completely forget you were there and it'll probably go on attacks or they'll sink in itself killed which is amazing so definitely make some news bowlers I would recommend having like five or even 10 as many as you can carry on your hotbar anyway just so it keeps you safe and you know you're not gonna lose your stuff all the time which really really helps especially early on game so yeah I'd recommend getting some these made up like as soon as possible okay so number two involves levelling up quite quickly so there is a need to level up quite quickly to get more slightly unlock more stuff and progress to get better armor better weapons and stuff so the way I do this all the time is make narcotics so as soon as you can learn narcotics make some of them go out tame a trike get the narco berries then you want to put them in a more and pestle new some spoiled meat you can get in and then just make narcotics as many as you can as often as you can they it doesn't look like it gives you much XP but you can just stand there be afk why the rule chrome crafting up and stuff and it just gives you a lot of levels and then you have narcotics as well which you're amazing you need these for taming and stuff or knocking a player out and then feeding him narcotics so he stays knocked out why you go and put them in a cage now colleagues are vital and they are really good for XP and they really do help you leveling up so I definitely recommend making as many narcotics as you can to get to higher levels okay number one the top tip is mainly evolved around PvP but it does help for Pb as well it's about base building especially in PvP don't make it a big base you don't need a massive base make sure it's small compact because if you're building a huge massive face using all these resources players are just gonna fly past there like way ahead if you wave high-level I'm just gonna come and destroy it because they're gonna see this big base of thing oh this guy's got loads of time on his hands he must have loads of good loot and they can destroy it she spilled some as small build it away in the forest die or maybe just behind a few trees just so players might completely miss it especially if it's a small base they might just go past and miss it completely and you're just gonna be protective for longer and also make sure you build it some water don't build in the middle of like the jungle where there's no water anywhere because you're just gonna die all the time and if you want to start doing a farm or gardening project kind of thing you're gonna need some kind of war sauce so make sure you're at least kind of close to some water but make sure you're hidden and don't have a massive base because it will be destroyed like all the time on PvE though it's kind of a bit different like you can build your base out in the open where ever you want but with PVA just make sure you need water again if that's what you kind of need make sure it's near water and I suppose try not build we're like dangerous stuff spawn like near swamp nut cuz it's gonna take a while to get it built up unless you like to challenge do what you want but yet has done one at base building keep it small keep it compact keep it hidden simples okay so that was my top 5 beginner tips for arc this was made up from my own personal experience and also the post we plow on YouTube some of you gave me some ideas so we incorporate that into this as well so what did you guys think that you agree of it did you a disagree the jus fingers all rubbish and you have five fair tips if you do welcome down in the comment section I do love reading them all and seeing like what your tips are what your experiences I is actually it does make good reading sometimes it really does but your guys who did it joy don't get to smash forms a bun and don't forget to subscribe as well and hopefully we'll have another top-five out soon as well so make sure you do subscribe because I normally put it to you guys and you can your input on where creatures are on the list and stuff so we're yep thanks watching guys and I shall see you soon


  1. SimonMorgan

    You think dodo is BEGGINER? It’s an OP endgame raider and boss fight DESTROYER! Best tank and pvp Dino in the FRICKIN GAME!!!!

  2. The Guy Who Cares

    I was just minding my own business and then a raptor came out of no where and killed me with all my items, spent the next hour and a 1/2 trying to get them back but the asshole camped my loot

  3. pilkers2

    Once I had just built my thatch house and I went inside to craft a storage box and then a titanosaur stomped on my thatch house and most likely by accident and crushed me and my house

  4. Super boy Super boy gamer

    My tip is
    If you see a T. rex and you are finding one to tame don’t run to it think about it and if you have bolas trap the T. rex and make sure you have lots and lots of meat if the taming is done or the taming is still on look at the level and when it’s finished look at the stats to see if that T. rex is the right one you needed

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