TOP 5 desktop CNC machines for your workshop ▶ 2

TOP 5 desktop CNC machines for your workshop ▶ 2

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TOP 5 desktop CNC machines for your workshop ▶ 2

WAZER – The First Desktop Waterjet Cutter ▶

Snapmaker : The All-Metal 3D Printer ▶

Evo-One – desktop CNC Mill made for anyone! ▶

x-carve ▶

Zen Toolworks ▶


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laser works by combining abrasive particles with a high-pressure water stream the mixture exits the nozzle and cuts through the workpiece it's great for any workshop it cuts every material it's compact and contains and it's digital so you can make precise cuts that are impossible to make any other way as an industrial designer I've used a variety of desktop application tools but they tend to be very limited by the durability of the materials you can use on those machines with a desktop water jet we can go from design to component to fitting that component than testing within a couple of hours that's an incredibly powerful tool as a jeweler and an artist with the work I make I spend a lot of time hand cutting so right now I'm selling pieces sort of as almost limited edition because I can't physically output them not because I want to be making in a limited edition waser would allow me to not only make a lot more but also to lower the price point so they be available to a broader audience I think you know people tend to have their ideas constrained by their tools and things are capable of working with and having a water jet cutter which has the ability to cut a broader range of materials hard materials like steel and glass will be enabling and make them think in different ways and have them build different things they couldn't build before the future of manufacturing is in custom local fabrication people will be able to make things in their own workshop that they can use every single day and will last a lifetime as mechanical electrical and manufacturing engineers we design products manufactured components and set up assembly lines in the past now we're preparing for production but we moon enough orders to produce the machines cost-effectively we've created a unique desktop tool and we're really looking forward to all the amazing things that people create with it 3d printing is amazing we use it to get innovative bring our designs into real-life objects however most 3d printers may not live up to your expectations cost you a lot of time and money until now introducing the snap maker 3d printer it makes all the things you do with your printer more reliable enjoyable and affordable a full metal body and industrial outlook highlight its premium design along with the metal body all major components are cnc machined from aluminum alloys to boost the precision and capacity then they go through the anodized process to obtain a protective oxide layer the all-metal designed snap maker focuses on every detail to consistently deliver the very best result snap maker also features an innovative modular design giving you an easy set up of 10 parts in only 10 minutes which is the best ever on a 3d printer it comes with easy-to-use software simply drag and drop a model into it and click start you do the design and let the snap maker do the rest its hassle free from start to finish high performance snap maker lets you tinker and explore in unique and exciting ways giving you the most enjoyable experience all the time now there's no need to focus on a fixed screen you can check and control all settings using its movable and intuitive touchscreen in your hand the snap maker also features expanded options of laser engraving and CNC carving with interchangeable heads snap maker can be easily transformed into a laser engraver that sparks your creativity and CNC carving machine that lets your imaginations run wild snap maker is versatile inspiring you to create in more ways we're very excited about what we've built so far and want to invite you to enjoy the creative life with us therefore the snap maker 3d printer is at an amazing price of only $2.99 now we need your support to bring snap maker to life back us on Kickstarter today this is Eva 1 since a machine made for anyone if you are a maker designer or company it doesn't matter you will be able to express your creativity and give life to complex project in just few simple steps with everyone you can meet any material plastics boots aluminium brass PCB and many other the softer permits to use even quite easily furthermore thanks to the preview you will control the process in real time with the touch plate you will have the possibility of quickly position the material with high precision you just need to draw your idea choose the material and start the manufacturing process everyone is easy to use beautiful and powerful you will produce real 3d object with the best quality we focus our effort on making it a functional product and at the same time nice to see anywhere like choosing a person mix of aluminum and wood for us the qualities on top we use high precision guys and ball bearings to on every axis that make everyone a real machining center in miniature we have designed a real spindle more powerful faster and with the high speed brushless model we won't give you the opportunity of making huge items for this reason the work area is the biggest in it now we are here on Kickstarter to ask for your support our dream is to create a community for people like us where we can have the chance to share projects idea and knowledge this is why the electronic and software are open-source we want to offer you all these at the probable price your help is really important for us it would allow us to reduce the cost needed to start the production and that she with you this amazing process thanks for watching everyone in Zach from Inventables and today I'm here to give you a tour of the new ex car one of the coolest parts about x-carve is the vibrant community that's been built up around it that's really meant two things first an unbelievable amount of sharing and camaraderie as people are working on the machines and making stuff and the second is a lot of feedback everybody in the community has been really active and giving Inventables feedback about what they want out of machine and how they want it to improve in the future experiments great machine to get you started on your 3d carbon journey we're seeing a lot of you start with learning how to do an engraving and then turning that into signs some of you are even making a business out of selling signs within schools were starting to see widespread adoption teachers are turning the traditional bake sale into a make sale and students are carving out signs and plaques and selling them at parent-teacher nights we're seeing a lot of you pushed forward beyond signs and making things like furniture guitars and some people have even made quadcopters it's all really excited everyone at Aventa bows is on this make or journey with you each week we have new features too easel our free 3d carving software it's not compatible with leading software packages and you can even do things like take a picture import it an easel will automatically convert it department theme of the new ex car is reliability its backwards compatible with the first generation so if you have a neck scarf you can order the upgrades and be up today the ex controller is now the standard electronics on the ex car it's far superior to our prior electronics package it's all on a nice clean box so it can't get dusty and the wires are all secure a big part of reliability is consistent carbs we added more power in the X controller and rigidity in the gantry reliability also means longer carbs in addition to more power we also added a heatsink and fan for when the machine has to run for hours we heard from some of you that sometimes vibrations were causing inconsistencies so we looked around the machine and they'd improvements in three key areas hardware wiring and the police overall the new exocarp has over a dozen improvements help you push beyond what you thought was possible with the next part we're really excited and look forward to hearing your feedback as we continue on this maker journey together

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  1. Adegboyega Kokumo

    Hello my name is Adegboyega Kokumo
    My company is AGBOSKOKS VENTURES suited at 119,Ojuelegba road,surulere,lagos Nigeria
    Really interested in your cnc router engraving machine how can you ship it to me in nigeria and tell me the price
    I will be expecting your reply
    Thanks sir

  2. Frank Mosch

    Look,s pretty cool I set up/Indicated in and programmed real big MATSURA MC-2000V verticle milling/machining centers, fanuc M,G controls we we're building water cooled plastic injection molds of all different size,s also had a manual machine department Wich a also worked in the sky was the limit you could make what ever you wanted to me it wasn't a job it was like a hobby and I got paid for it, enjoyed the heck out of it I've been a machinest for around 20 years I've done all kind,s of differen,t work it,s really cool.🙂🙂…FWM…

  3. David Lumley

    should have known that 'Awesome Tech' would be shit. 1st vid is a jet cutter and 2nd is a 3d printer…. wheres the CNC you jerks.

  4. Jari Sipilainen

    cost too much. new and better should be cheaper. drop kickstarter. if you not believe your product and make 1 million loand build bunch, DONT DO IT

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