TOP 5 desktop CNC machines for your workshop

TOP 5 desktop CNC machines for your workshop

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Top 5 desktop cnc machines for your workshop


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1. Poket NC :
2. Stepcraft 2 :
3. BoXZY :
4. shapeoko3 :
5. The Othermill :

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The Othermill :

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we believe designers are ready to move beyond plastic we want to be able to work with more materials organic materials like wood alloys like aluminum but we need a tool for this the tool that can get work done a tool please with superior finish we need a tool that can reach millions of annual we need a tool the finest the tool that makes our lives easier introducing the pocket and see the burst 5-axis milling machine designed for your desktop the pocket see is made from only billet holloway aluminum and the most quality components of their type our way of making machine may not be the fastest or the cheapest but it yields the best possible product and we definitely have an appreciation for doing things the right way the pocket NC mill currently designed machined and assembled in our garage here in the heart of Montana we've spent over four years designing the pocket NZ now we need your support so we can take this machine beyond development you step craft is the next generation of desktop creative tools it will inspire you by allowing you to go from idea to reality in just minutes we all have great ideas and bringing them to life is now possible for everyone step crap is different because it can transform from one CNC machine into another and second creating things has never been easier to show you we've broken it down into three easy steps first design your project now we know that no one likes learning difficult software so we made step craft works seamlessly with top-rated programs you already know and love it doesn't matter if you're using CAD software or programs like Inkscape or coral draw step craft is universal second choose your material and tool with over seven completely different interchangeable tools available you'll never run out of possibilities and the machine will never become obsolete click start the machine will make it for you it's never been easier to go from idea to finished product and no tool gives you more options or capabilities you can use the 3d print head for rapid prototyping or to make thousands of useful projects that you can use every day turn your Dremel into a precision 3d Carver and mill the high power spindle makes quick work of materials like aircraft aluminum carbon fiber wood and of course plastic as a brief the hot wire cutter makes working with difficult materials like foam sheet effortless and it gets professional results in second step craft will change the way you think we've all spent countless hours trying to make things by hand and manually holding a tool is far from precise and can often be dangerous whether you're a modeler a business owner or a parent looking to give your child the ultimate creative tool step craft is the key to unlocking imagination innovation and success step craft was designed in Germany with three goals in mind first they wanted to create the highest quality all-in-one CNC machines possible all parts are designed and manufactured to aerospace tolerances in many components are hand fit from the factory second it had to be easy to build and simple to operate assembly takes just a few hours and as a pleasure because of the world-class manual that takes you through every step of the way three it had to be affordable step craft with all the optional parts cost far less than what you may expect what we've ended up with is a machine that's beautiful quiet clean incredibly accurate yet it gives you limitless freedom to create with over 2,000 machines sold since 2013 step craft has become the most popular CNC machine in Europe now we want to take it to the next level by putting our newest design into production and bringing it to the North American market and that's why we came to Kickstarter with over 40 refinements step craft 2 will be more than twice as fast 40% more rigid and allowing even larger work space for your project with your support we can develop an enclosure with easy access from multiple angles order materials for bulk manufacturing and create tutorial videos so that everyone can get the most out of their step craft machine all sales support and service will be available right here in the States and with a successful Kickstarter campaign we can have the first wave of step craft to machines ready to ship as early as mid 2015 so here's the best part your support for step craft 2 marks the beginning of something really special it's a new kind of creative revolution where people like you and I can dream and create like never before gifts crafts school projects and new business ideas will never be the same so join us and as you become inspired we look forward to finding out what will you create you moppy is a desktop maker space ring the power of a 1 and a quarter horsepower being emailed a laser cutter the three friends have an all-in-one machine each tool exists as a rabbit attachment providing the user the ability to switch still laser printers for just over our vision is to break the barriers for makers by equipping them with the creative power of a personal machine shop that's small affordable and easy use while immersed in a thriving startup ecosystem of Pittsburgh my brother and I discussed in these boxes here we joined enrich makers and gain access to specialized manufacturing tools accessible Fab Lab maker spaces like tech shot we were inspired by the powerful new tools and access to manufacturing level regime is offered by maker spaces and we wanted more so we focused our attention on creating experience of high quality desktop tools that embody the precision and the features that are one only acceptable workshops with a purpose of making those machines available in the price maker inventor students and designers can afford and thus foxy was born foxy has the precision and reliability of a professional machine with an industry-leading movement resolution 4 microns resource industrial bolts and in fact you're all live in Okolona and added stainless steel hardware and then assemble them into an all aluminum anodized body creating the sturgis accurate machine on the market and one accessible to the average maker box you can shape those materials you can source from plastics the hardwood metal box using truth personal maker space allowing creators to move rapidly to design a bridge and empowering small businesses produce individualized products for some poxy gives fabricators the ability to use message switching rapidly from 3d printing the skinsky Miller the laser cutting the very thing devoted to accomplish this we design boxy to integrate all three tools to one clean easy use interface you Boxey of precise durable and reliable and so easy to use that fresh makers can create complex components with boxing we've decouple professional quality change locations and decentralize the power of precision manufacturing pockety is a mobile machine shop a desktop make mistakes with your help we can start manufacturing boxing and give everyone access to professional level makers kick start boxing so we can make your safe a makerspace now's the time to think inside the box hi I'm Daniel Allison and I'm not guilty and we work a place called other lab which is an RD firm out of San Francisco and for the past year we've worked on low-cost digital fabrication machines and we've designed a miniature mill that lida have to carry with you on public transport but still strong enough to cut them in the other mill is a desktop CNC machine is originally designed just for PCBs the bed size is roughly five inches by four inches and there's two inches of the travel flexors are built into the linear rail or adjustment to get perfect alignment machine is really simple quiet efficient I need to be so simpler taking a work set it on the bed load up the board file this set and hit go and then it will cut your board out so if you build our carrier boards for centers or switches front panel displays button carriers this makes prototyping custom circuit design a lot easier 3d printing is an additive manufacturing process where you stack up layers of material to get a particular shape it's very limited number of materials that you build subtraction profits you cut away the material in addition to being able to cut ECP boards really well it's also useful for cutting metal and wood classically to do all kinds of things like engraving or making your own mold casting things like that so it has a lot of applications cleaned out by of electronics we have expertise software mechanical engineering and Community Development we have the tools in-house needed to make these machines the first match here in temperature bring these machines to you at a price that we think is affordable we need your support to help buy materials and get volume discounts and to build out our factory thanks for watching you you

37 Replies to “TOP 5 desktop CNC machines for your workshop”

  1. md

    1) Pocket NC V2-10 is USD 5500
    2) Stepcraft 2 D210 is EUR 699
    3) BoXZY Complete 3-in-1 is USD 5989
    4) Shapeoko 3 Standard is USD 1099
    5) The Othermill is USD 3199

    All wildly vary in size and and capabilities.

  2. Радион Бурнаков

    Бесконечно жаба давит, могут же люди себе позволить…,

  3. Lets get to 1mill without vids

    I don't think stepcraft is the most sold I think the most sold is like the CNC 3018 but the price isn't bad compared to the other ones on this list. Boxy affordable at $7000 lmao I paid 200-300 for the CNC 3018

  4. JohnJaggerJack

    This video loses any credibility when the guy calls aluminium an alloy… Brass is an alloy, Steel is an alloy, inconel is an alloy, aluminium is an element, gold is an element, lead is an element, iron is an element. An alloy is when two or more metals are combined in a homogeneous material. Know the difference…

  5. jonas duell

    Aluminium is an ELEMENT not an ALLOY for fux sake… look it up, 3rd main group, atomic number 13. stopped watching after that BS!

  6. James Barratt

    So let’s talk about the quick switch heads. Go from router to 3D printer in seconds. Ok so wait up. Is that wise to do that with the shit and metal dust just made from the router?

    Brother repairs washing machines for 30 years. Always says never buy a washer dryer. Get the machines separate.

    My thoughts were on the pocket NC machine. Love it.

  7. DARE to THINK

    first thing i notice is the background voice is interfering with the music. next thing i notice is where is the design come from for the really nice machine?

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