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Total war three kingdoms is the latest release from creative assembly in their line of total war games which feature grand strategy and real time strategy RTS battles. As I am of course a huge fan of exploiting strategy games I took it upon myself to see if I could cheese the economy and the battle AI in 3 kingdoms total war. Today however I will be asking is total war three kingdoms a perfectly balanced game with no exploits. Or is it a game with exploits?? Who knows… well I do know that unlimited horses that have no maintenance as well as unlimited gold and armies might imbalance the game to a certain degree. Is that an exploit? Well alas this game break is going to be something special!

Who even reads these anyways? I could probably just repeat The Spiffing Brit and Tea 40x and no one would notice πŸ˜‰

What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.

So sit back relax and enjoy this total war Exploit!

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hello there ladies and gentlemen I'm the spiffing Britain today you join me in the fantastic game that is total war free kingdoms my goodness this game is absolutely smashing it at the moment I'm it's just so fun you sit down you play and then suddenly you look at the clock and you wonder where is all the time gone and what happened to the British Empire but nonetheless it's a fantastic day to be playing total war free kingdoms and Here I am today mostly because so many of you on the last total war free kingdom's video was so excited to see it again so here we are but this time with some even better exploits last time I showed you how to basically choose every single multiplayer game you ever did yes that X would still in the game yes reversion 1.1 now but hey you know can't patch everything can you and with that same logic there's a still a few experts that I'd like to demonstrate to you today ladies and gentlemen oh my goodness it is most spiffing indeed so ladies and gentlemen without further ado let us dive into this video make sure your first sat back relaxed your nice and comfortable because what a wonderful world ride we've got to be having today you're gonna definitely want to be sat back with a nice cup of tea because my goodness there's some very strange things happening today in this world so firstly what do you want to do well we're going to hit new campaign that's right you can have your own new campaign and you compete from any of these fantastic people like cow cow or some Jan bearing in mind I have no idea who any of these people up exactly no clue about total three kingdoms law the only thing I do know about is how do absolutely cheese games and you can even play as EE or gum duo lovely people nonetheless we don't want any of these fantastic characters no no no no no we want someone who's hard someone is a challenge like may tango look at this guy starting situation hard oh goodness what a challenge is going to be ladies and gentlemen well that's where you're wrong turns out it's not gonna be hard at all so why are we going to be playing as the fantastic Mar tank well it's because he has a very special little character and faction his starting situation whilst it is hard is exceptionally unique because he's in a prime location of real estate I mean around him is literally just free real estate he's surrounded by like Yellow Turban that's so easy to invade it's fantastic and to his left he's got a lovely little friend called Han su and to his right he's friends with Daddy dong himself the massive chunky overlord I mean I say overlord he apparently is meant to be evil but it doesn't really matter what does matter however is that this faction has some very unique features our faction specialization is of course that armies can forage for food when encamped they can increase military supplies and their place our focus is entirely cavalry and military supplies and we have some very special unique units free to be more precise we have the Quang hunters who are horse archers and very special they're available to any of our generals provided they're ranked free or higher then we also have the Quang Marauders these guys are even more special and they're available for all characters rank 1 and higher and then we also have the Quang Raiders these are Mellie cavalry available to all of our heroes ranked 5 and higher and as you might notice they all are absolutely special as they have fatigue immunity fatigue basically means when your worries are fighting they can eventually get tired they're gonna want to sit down but because these guys are so unique for some reason they're infused by the power of Yorkshire t gold itself I can't just go forever I'm imagining kind of like the horses riding around and on the back it just has a little kettle and I perfectly balanced teapot and that's what they run around with I mean the archers themselves that like bowstring itself is probably made from a nice little tassels on the tea bags oh that would be fantastic anyway so Martin has access to some fantastical cavalry he also has access to a special line of buildings and he is loyal to the Empire other than that he has some extra special bonuses and these are his character specializations the fact that he gets plus 10% melee damage for shock and cavalry he receives plus 100% income from silk'n spies and minus 15% upkeep for quang units that's right all of his own special units here today he receives minus 15% cost when it comes to actually of keeping them that's their monthly day-to-day running costs I mean it takes a lot to run an army when we were playing rome 2 total war remember we managed to get the costs really low never quite to zero although it is possible but you do eventually reach a point where you're just your army on promises of payment but nonetheless we're going to just quickly start a campaign as Mar tank so here we are ladies and gentlemen in the fantastic game plus you can see that this entire map is huge and it's literally the entirety of China see over here we have career and then down here is Taiwan and I guess over there is Japan somewhere but we're really interested in a very small portion of China and these are areas of China containing a special region this is a horse pasture ladies and gentlemen a very unique little building there are only four regions in the entirety of China which can build horse pastures as one here a second one there a third one there and finally a fourth one is situated right over here the other side of the mountains and it is going to be our mission to collect those horse pastures you might be wondering look spiff okay why do you want to click the horse pastures the crianças units are already 15 percent cheaper how much cheaper can they get and why would you want a horse pasture well that's folks horse pasture is a very unique as we can see just having one of them reduces the recruitment cost of cavalry units by minus 5% and the upkeep of cavalry units by minus 5% however at the final level it reduces the cost by 20% meaning the upkeep of our horses and our crane cavalry is reduced by not only minus 15 percent but it's increased to actually minus 35 percent quite good indeed almost half the upkeep however if you then pick up this horse plantation here and this horse plantation over here and then finally this one over here you might notice that suddenly you've stacked four times the 20% discount on horses meaning horses are 80% cheaper to purchase and eighty percent cheaper to maintain well this is where things can get very arrived because you can also decrease it even further ladies and gentlemen I know you see down here in the tech tree with barded mounts the recruitment cost for cavalry sinks even more in 2-8 and you've also got hierarchical enforcement's and that's where you can have an extra army and all of your units go down ten percent in terms of upkeep so yes today ladies and gentlemen I'm going to be demonstrating to you how you can give yourself a completely free army and by goodness is it fantastically fun now immediately as part of your opening moves you simply just want to move to left and just start invading the Yellow Turban lands and just settle up a nice little power base over here but remember you don't actually need to expand that far it's not really in your imperative to get too wacky and out there but certainly for the time being you can just attack them and I mean it's like a tutorial zone you just simply delegate it whoa BAM easy victory fantastic ladies and gentlemen and then immediately after defeating that stack you want to run on down here to woo do a fantastic little town and lo and behold again ladies and gentlemen just simply delegated and get a nice easy victory there we go fantastic the settlement is now ours and of course all of your opening moves are to just simply upgrade all of your horse pastures if your ally over here is the one to colonize this horse pasture over here exist isn't even a settled error you actually need to send just a random dude over there with like a sack of 4,000 gold and he'll colonize it if you're the ones to do that then fantastic if it's one of your allies or a different empire and it is in your best interest to just simply pay them something absorber in like 20,000 gold and then just have them hand over the land to you anyway that's your first opening move and from here on out you're pretty much given free reign of literally everything the Yellow Turban army which was hanging around your settlement will run away and all you need to do is simply sit yourself in your brand-new town and just fill up your army with a ton of Units now I mentioned that the crane units are absolutely fantastic and that's because they just are that one issue is how expensive they are to buy look at this guy the crane Marauders now crane Marauders are basically a replacement for the Raider cavalry and as we can see they have a slightly improved 1x from around then the next up number is their attack power they basically swim for a hit of 334 instead of 169 I mean they effectively do double the amount of damage that the standard Raider cavalry does they also have well over double the armor and the only thing that they are lacking is that they are ever so slightly slower now I do love the quang more orders and they are fantastic however they are actually the weakest of the cranked units if you could believe it with the best one being these fantastic quang hunters over here now these crane hunters are medium bow cavalry these are simply meant to be archers and they are also one of the fastest units in the and they also have these single largest range capacity of any unit in the game where they cap out at 250 range and I will have to explain to you ladies and gentlemen a bit later on why 250 range for a pair of horse archers is stupid and completely overpowered I mean look at the archers over here this is a normal group of archers arch militia their range is 200 the cavalry have an extra 50 metres range over the regular archers this creates a bit of an issue because these horse archers actually have a further range than even turrets like actual massive mounted wall turrets which are meant to out range everything in the game have less range than a bloke on the back of his horse of a tiny little bow I just don't know what they were thinking here but the crane hunters are also even better bugs they do more damage they are also one of the fastest units in the entirety of the game and not only they fantastic at archery they are also absolutely sterling melee fighters the joy of the crane hunters is that you can have an entire army comprised of only them and they will run around outrunning everything and out ranging everything they will fire off all of their arrows and then what you can do is you can send them in to manually fight everything else that remains because lo and behold they're fantastic in melee combat they are one of the most broken units I've met in this game and by goodness are they fantastic but as always ladies and gentlemen the thing holding them back is they're just so expensive I mean look at that 160 go to upkeep 2,000 go to purchase we just can't afford it instead we're just gonna have to buy the cheap Archer militia as it's ridiculously cheap but nonetheless you basically started out with a perfect new army what you want to do from here on out is to basically run around grabbing up all of the lands of the yellow turbans then picking up a few of the settlements over here and if you can start expanding in this direction and as soon as dong over here dies of I don't know stage 17,000 diabetes then what you want to do is just beeline into his nation and grab the Emperor now you might feel a bit scared to do so because as soon as dog dies basically a massive civil war happens and you will become a war for lots of people if you say you're going to grab the Emperor but if you grab the Emperor and you say you're going to grab the Emperor for some reason they are too busy to actually even stop you so what I did was I just got a single general with a small group of spearman who ran over there and just starved out the city and as soon as you grab it the emperor becomes yours and everyone you were previously fighting suddenly becomes a vassal of yours and pieces had across the land it is one of the strangest mechanics I've seen but hey that's free kingdoms for you but nonetheless this is basically how you start out ladies and gentlemen you want to slowly expand and grab all of those fantastic horse settlements but what happens when you eventually grab them all whoa ladies and gentlemen instead of having you sit down and watch the various hundred or so turns it took me to grab all the settlements I will instead jump to the lovely final golden point where I got all of the settlements up and running ah hello there ladies and gentlemen I've jumped into the midpoint of the video when you were least expecting me and of course I'm here today to remind you about the fantastical beverage that is tea I mean you ever given us a try oh my goodness it's fantastic you know you want to join us join the dark strong us but of course yes tea is absolutely lovely and I'm here to remind you not only to drink tea but if you are one of the greatest people in the world and I know you are I know you I know you drink tea you're fantastic you all know what makes you even better someone who likes the video oh they're just amazing are they absolutely wonderful I'd salute you the Queen salutes you and also the person who sent in an a free portrait of the Queen which is now actually hanging above my computer it is huge and fantastic thank you to ever send that in as part of the fan mail competition and I'm also here to ask you what would you like to see next and also what beverage are you drinking is it tea is a different kind of tea but also would you like to see here is a bite and magic free next or would you like to see Kenji or I don't know something completely different it's all up to you anyway ladies and gentlemen I trust in your judgement and as it will be fantastic and so I will leave you to enjoy the rest of this video because yes we have some horses to multiply anyway ladies and gentlemen good bye for now and go get that cup of tea so here we have it ladies and gentlemen we are in about turn 80 of a random campaign of total war free kingdoms where as you can see we did the classical thing we grabbed the Emperor and as a result the entirety of the Han Empire became our vassal admittedly the Han Empire is just absorbed by everyone but they're pretty chill about absorbing all of your vessels as long as you're pretty nice and what we've done is we've grabbed all of the horse pastures in the game we have the water to hell with them we colonize this one over here leveled them all up to level five we traded for this one over here we purchase it off of someone and then we slowly fought our way up to this region here and then we traded for this horse pasture over here with the lovely faction that was holding it so there we go we basically got half of the horse pasture in the game by just simply trading for them oh and also if you want to rush the construction of stuff to get these horse postures up and running you can just whack on an instant construction and there you go horse pastures completes but now what happens if we want to say buy a unit or an army well here is the fantastic Mar tank him in his army they've been doing a lot of fighting and suddenly we're ready to recruit a horsey to fill up this slot well when it comes to recruiting horses something interesting has happened as you can see ladies and gentlemen you will remember a few moments ago to buy these Cranmer orders would have set us back around about 2,000 to 800 gold now they'd cost nothing the upkeep is also nothing and yes these are the best cover units in the game better than all the other ones around them why is this the case well they're just completely and utterly broken but also if you have a general who remember is level 5 they can start hiring the quang Raiders the crank Raiders are even better look at these guys they have a morale of 45 they're Meli charge bonuses 275 they're melee attack rate is 45 which is almost double the Quang Marauders oh they are absolutely fantastic and they also have fantastic missile defense if they're getting shot at by range units ever 65 percent chance to blow all of the missiles coming their direction hello and behold they're free oh I'd love where we've taken this so yes we have created the perfect army as you can see ladies and gentlemen it's lovely but of course let's say you get attacked by someone quite spontaneously you weren't expecting it you need to defend yourselves like say I don't know what if say hands we overhear your trade partner suddenly turns his back on you he wants to take your horse pasture well don't worry he'll give you one turns notice he'll basically declare war on you and then typically the AI attacks the turn after that giving you one turn to raise up a ridiculous army because what you can do is just hit raise army here and just buy some random cheap generals you see it doesn't really matter which ones you buy as we're going to create something fantastic so we go to buy sang yang because he's only a thousand then Cheng here who's only two hundred nice and cheap who else is really lovely and cheap to buy sim yah he's quite cheap as well fantastic so we have free lovely little generals here all of which have some cavalry and some standard archers that's not really what we're looking for here today we instead want to make them an army fit for fighting off everyone and so in that case you just want to literally flood their army with some Quang Raiders and then as these guys can't recruit the Quang Raiders just get them recruiting cram your orders and this lovely general he's super high level so he can actually recruit these lovely guys the quaint Raiders good stuff in the meantime I'm also just going to grab some horse cavalry and all of these standard Archer militia that came with our army no no no no that won't do instead you just want to swap them out for actual cavalry units we have no need for real archers we simply want horseback archers they're much more fun so here we have it ladies and gentlemen we have added a nother army in 12 mix this is an entire full army we've picked up this turn and how much is this army costing us in upkeep right so in upkeep for the entirety of every single turn it exists on this battle map it's going to cost us 14 gold 14 gold that means this silk trader over here giving us 763 gold can pay for this army how many times how many times let's do a quick calculation ladies and gentlemen this single silk trader can support this army fifty-four times over and by the way ladies and eaze aren't bad units they're fantastic they'll even win sieges for some reason I have no idea why but if you're ever in a siege what you do is you just swap out two of these horses for I don't know two trevor shades and you can get through just about anything it is physically impossible to lose oh and also we're making a ridiculous ton of money from this I mean just look at what we have we have seven armies active in the world two of them cost us absolutely nothing one of them costs us fourteen another cost is 412 one cost is 214 and then this army up here costs us 2020 and it only costs us that because we're using a ridiculous amount of Trevor shades because Trevor shares are also very broken what a world we live in what an absolute world we live in but I would like to demonstrate the power of just how fantastical this army up here is this is the best optimal army build in the entirety of this game it costs you 2020 normally an army build like this if we hadn't done the exploit we've done would cost us an extra two thousand so basically we've half the cost of this army and we filled it with some of the best units in the game but it's worth I'm going to show you just now and why this is the best army in the game is to do with one group of heavy spare guards for this build to work you need one heavy spear guards as many Trevor Shay's as you like and then just a ton of cavalry so I'll load up the quicksave ladies and gentlemen well we're about to attack someone and you can see just how overpowered this army build is so a bit later on in a campaign you find yourself in front of a city that you'd like to attack well next time we're going to attack this city and I will demonstrate to you the lovely ladies and gentlemens home how even though this city is going to display itself as a defeat for our army this is the best army composition build and we physically can't lose anyway so let's end this turn an extern will be off for a fantastical attack so this army is pretty much overpowered because it can move really quickly really far and as the ability to instantly siege tower settlements so what you want to do is this level 5 city yep this is a level 5 city pretty fancy as we can see if we were to attack it now we'd get a Pyrrhic victory and apparently medium predicted casualties but what we're going to do is we're going to set it to a night battle and even though they have an extra 1000 men than we do we're going to start this battle off right remember ladies and gentlemen the game predicted medium levels of casualties so for me to simply demonstrate the power of this all I need to do is just not do that many casualties so here we are in the game with this fantastical settlement for us to invade now as this is quite a high level settlement this settlement has the ability to actually summon Trevor shades I know so they're going to probably place down a trebuchet Trevor they have one of these Ares I'm not really a big fan of Trevor Shay's as they can be very annoying so what you want to do is just simply deploy on a section of the wall where they can't deploy trebuchet like I don't know if this random gatehouse over here so we're going to deploy our entire be positioned right here what you want to do is select all of your Trevor Shay's group them up and just line them up right at the front don't worry the AI is never going to actually rush out to take oh and make sure you set all of your Trevor shows two flaming round because flaming round it is the most overpowered feature this game has it's crazy it does morale damage it does explosion damage it has crazy range oh it's fantastic I love it anyway what you then want to do is get your spare infantry all lined up and put them into turtle mode and then when in total mode spread them out and get ready to advance them basically as soon as the game starts then you want to select your fantastical cavalry and get all of your ranged cavalry nice and lined up and line them up behind the turtle formation and then what you do the rest of your cavalry it's up to you you don't really need to do anything if I'm honest but here we go ladies and gentlemen let us begin so the battle will begin and naturally the AI is smart it will deploy facing towards you and they are in a good position as you can guess ladies and gentlemen mostly because they have free towers on their side all facing towards us now these towers are amazing if these towers were to hit any one of our units they wipe out several of them in one go no need to trip a shade they chat of the trebuchet instantly that's a huge loss for our army but what if there is a way around it well allow me to demonstrate we're going to march forwards all of our fantastical Turtles now these turtles are special little units because for some reason when in the turtle formation these spearmen receive 500 percent charge resistance and 100 percent ranged block chance meaning if they are hit by anything they have a 100 percent chance to block it the exception to this being Trevor che bolts but the enemy only has one Trevor che and had positioned it on the wall over here meaning it can only shoot in this direction so it's no threat to us but anyway you know what it started so let the trebuchet begin and here come the first few volleys of trebuchet fire oh and there we go we've just killed 20 men instantly here they come I love the trebuchet it's fantastic it just shreds through armies and also it sets fire to everything there you go another volley of trebuchet over and suddenly their best unit their infantry captain is looking a bit worse for wear now our lovely turtle formations are now within range of these towers you see if we didn't have them in the total formation we probably would have lost about 70 men now because these towels are absolutely shredding them however in the turtle formation you'll notice no damage is being taken so yes now we're in range of the actual peasant archers on the ground they're also going to shoot at our lovely heavy spearmen but the heavy spear guards once again 100 percent range block chance they can't be defeated oh and those stuffed we were shooting the trebuchet is out yet they've all completely routed they can't stand up to what we were doing so here we go basically we're in a situation where the AI is just standing around waiting to get hit by massive flaming balls of fire whilst my lovely spearmen soak up all of the enemy's ammunition and you see these lovely archers are actually really effective they're fantastic at defeating just about everything however they're terrible in melee combat and they have a limited supply of ammunition as you can see this army is down to 56% ammunition surprisingly we've lost no one absolutely no one yeah and whilst they're busy shooting our spearmint the enemy AI for some reason similar to very old RTS games is coded in a way that they will shoot the unit which is closest to them meaning these fantastical ranged kraang hunters they will never be hit provided the spearmen are standing in front of them I love this game anyway great balls of fire continue no for the time being I'm just going to hold all of our fantastic lovely Trevor shades and away the cavalry goes as the cavalry is now able to shoot whilst the archers aren't able to shoot back because the AI is too busy sinking all of their arrows into things they can't even defeat I mean just look at this fantastic turtle formation we have but one thing that's even more impressive is that the fire archers that we have is lovely little fire horses they have a little bonus meaning they can shoot fire arrows and you can shoot fire arrows at the towers yes that's right these fantastic towers normally you'd think you'd have to lob a trebuchet at them to defeat them no you shoot flame arrows into them they will just set on fire and destroy themselves it's amazing anyway as you can see most of the archers are running out of ammunition now and we've also managed to simultaneously burn down all of the archer towers fantastic now some of our poor horses yes they have sadly run out of ammunition but don't worry they will just go into melee mode and they can fight at a wonderful rate are these these fire arrows are doing fantastic work but also I forgot yeah we still have a lot of trebuchet ammunition left don't we right Trevor Shay's away we go lob those balls in oh my goodness what a successful battle this is going to be oh it's going great any horses with spare ammunition just hit their cavalry over there there we go the enemy's towers are mostly being shredded up now they've lost all of the towels on their front line here meanwhile we're just setting fire to their horses now in my many efforts to basically strive to having no casualties in this fight what I'm doing instead of actually sending in any of my horses or very high-quality cavalry just to prove a point I am only going to send in my general Mar tank and he is just charged into the enemy spearmen who are perfectly designed to defeat him and they're just going to run away instantly especially if we activate our negative morale modifier and just lob in a couple of trebuchet bolts there we go their entire army is now routing over here fantastic oh yes we're actually going to be able to do it zero casualties fantastic oh well the trebuchet crew actually just routed away from the trebuchet I've never seen that happen before this is going on there I think we've done it I think that could be a victory while the game really is stuttering I think he's struggling to comprehend what's happening here oh wow it really is it's slowly dying there we go that's a victory right there ladies and gentlemen oh my goodness what a situation we find ourselves in and of course when you have a fantastical victory like that you can just charge all of your cavalry to mop up all the kills oh my goodness what a game so there we go a perfect victory a decisive victory remember the game said Pyrrhic victory with moderate losses well today ladies and gentlemen we just want a siege with no losses at all oh no ladies gentlemen lost zero oh goodness oh my oh my advice oh yes we're just going to occupy this head we could sack it for 8,000 gold and then just run in the next turn to steal it oh yeah right we'll just go to occupy it I don't I don't want to sack it Oh fantastic so there you have it ladies and gentlemen this is total war three kingdoms how to choose the game but there's another exploit ladies and gentlemen of course there is I'm dismissing Brit there's always another exploit to be has and this very special exploit is to solve the wand limitation of our current exploit yes we have a free army and can raise free armies that are fantastic I'd say we've raised this fantastic person here well they're great and by great I mean pretty cheap and of course we can fill them up with fantastically free cavalry units the best kind of units in the game but what is the one major restriction of this fantastical feature well it's the fact that we have a limits of the amount of armies we can have we only allowed 14 armies running around the map at any one time at the moment we have 12 if you can believe at 12 horse-based armies running around costing as practically nothing effectively recreating the Mongolian Empire but what if there was a way to have more armies well the easiest way to having more armies is to either research it in the reforms but even then there's a limit on the amount you can have or in the court section have another administrator administrators are fantastic they give you plus one extra armies they give you extra money they give you extra everything they are perfect absolutely perfect however there's a limit on the amount we can have you're only allowed five normally there is however one exception a Empire called the Yellow Turban rebellion have access to a special building where is we a fantastical normal people can build a palace which gives us 30% income from all sources and 30 prestige the Yellow Turban rebellion instead build a Yellow Turban Palace one of the features of the Yellow Turban Palace is to have +1 administrators now the yellow turbans can't get our incredible free horse units but what we can get is their +1 free administrators and the reason why is because whenever a rebellion fires in this game a Yellow Turban rebellion is formed the yellow turbans will come into the settlement and replace all of the settlement buildings with their own buildings meaning if you build a palace here they will replace it with the Yellow Turban equivalent of a palace oh no indeed because this can be exploited quite heavily allow me to jump to a different save file to demonstrate this so here we find ourselves a few turns later when I've unlocked the ability to build the palace now building the POW is very easy wha-bam it's just done fantastic we now have a strong economy but most importantly you want to now incite rebellion the best way to incite a rebellion because quite simply charge them taxes and build this lovely building the rural administration office anyone can build this low is public order by 8 it's fantastic so this lovely building giving us taxes racking up a lot of unhappiness is perfect what you want to do is just build up a nice army situate it away and wait for the rebellion to fire so I'll hop back to ladies and gentlemen once the rebellions fired so here we are ladies and gentlemen leave rebellion has fired the fantastic yellow turbans of laid siege to our wonderful Imperial City if you want to speed up this process a bit you can just hire a random character level one and have them surrender the city to the person seating them requires a little bit more setup but it only costs you about a grand and for the payoff you get from this it's very much worth it I mean money is lost all meaning to me at the moment because all armies are free so here we are the lovely little Yellow Turban rebels our length siege of the city and I'll jump back a few tons later once they've actually won the siege for the city and have taken control of it so here we have it a few turns later once the yellow turbans basically took the city we came in with two fantastic armies and just absolutely annihilated them out of the place now because they took control of the city as you can see they swapped out all of our lovely buildings with their own versions like they replaced our tax collecting offices with debating pavilions debating pavilions come on people love tax why would you want a debating pavilion so what you want to do is instantly convert that and were BAM we got our tax offices back but the building that they left us with which is very impressive the Yellow Turban headquarters hmm very unique this lovely birdboy provides plus one available administrative positions and even though we don't actually have access to this building because it's not part of our faction we're able to keep it and use its effects meaning if we go to our court head we have a spare administration position Wow and remember ladies and gentlemen a spare administrative position means another army so which is going to grab kweep he here or whoever is and just Lobby mean to the administrative position fantastic and we'll just put him in control of one of our random settlements remember by doing this as well he's also going to make the settlement much better now ladies and gentlemen he has become an administrator and that's fantastic but what if I told you that this process can be repeated let's say you want to keep that building there that's fine you can build another Palace of literally any different city say this city here we've got another Palace slap-bang right here we can incite yet another rebellion over here the rebels come in swap over all the buildings we come in defeat all the rebels lo and behold we get another administrator position with another available army more available armies more unlimited free horses oh it's just a cycle of life but of course if for some reason you don't actually want that building there you decide hey it's not for me I don't like it I'd like another administrator then don't worry ladies and gentlemen simply convert away from being whatever it was convert it into literally anything else and of course by getting rid of that we get rid of one of our available administrator positions however we don't really because the administrators already been hired so he's already got his job and what's even more interesting ladies and gentlemen is if you fire off the revolt again and of course it will fire off in just two more turns will get another rebellion they'll come in replace it again and for some reason in my testing you get an extra administrative position but instead of it saying okay it's now going to be seven out of seven administrators it becomes seven out of seven administrators and gives you an extra slot to hire another so you can make it eight out of seven administrators oh goodness and you can farm this repeatedly ladies and gentlemen constantly you can be repeatedly farming this until you have 40 administrators 40 unlimited free horse armies running around the map setting fire to all of China drinking all of the tea and that today ladies and gentlemen is why Toto walk free kingdoms is a perfectly balanced game we've no exploits whatsoever excluding free horses horses are broken bugger me sideways with a tea bag I think I'm now broken and of course there's always a massive thank you to all of the patrons especially all of you new ones we've had quite a large influx of brand new patrons so hey thank you welcome I hope you have a nice loot lovely time make sure to try out the patreon only minecraft so everything we've got running in the background anyway thank you very much as well as also all of you fantastic people buying the merchandise merchandise in my opinion it's not really ever in my you never going to become an income stream for me it is simply about just knowing that there are fantastic people out there looking very nice and jazzy in a very nice line looks terrific Oh much oh what a fantastic video it's been today ladies better if you have enjoyed what you've seen here today then make sure to give the video like it would absolutely mean the world to me thank you very much we have a huge amount of thanks for me and also if you're wanting more video to watch next then look no further than this one on screen now trust me it's gonna be right at the early anyway hoping they're splitting Britt ladies and gentlemen thank you very much for watching I will see all of you in the next one have an absolutely lovely day and good bye for now


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    Spif, sir, if you happen to read this, I must say, I love the new video style, thanks for the great laughs and the awesome exploi…. I mean balancing of the game πŸ™‚

  2. γ―γ‚Šγƒ»γͺγ‚Š

    -80% from pastures, -15% from faction bonus = -95% … + -10% from tech is -105% … does that mean the army pays YOU to function? holy shit

  3. Verdiekus ___

    Please break Lords Of Magic, it’s very easy. Start with the fire warrior and custom start with the dragon armor. Tell him to defend and watch your enemies kill themselves as they attack him.

  4. Intyalle Valinquen

    Turtle formation does that because that's actually what it did, and precisely why it was developed in the first place… XD

  5. Adam Mithrandir

    What is the install size of Three Kingdoms?.. I'm not talking about minimum or maximum requirements.. I'm talking about the actual install size in pc..

  6. TalynCo

    "Would you like to see HoMM3 next?"
    "Oh hell yeah there's nothing I'd want to see more!"
    "Or would you like to see Kenshi?"
    "OH WAIT"

  7. Akrafes

    I cant stop laughing at the one of the best presentation of exploits. I dont even care about the game but laughing my ass off due to how things progress

  8. GoDoFcRaP42

    15:30– my thoughts
    "He's just gonna grab the cheap ones… oop, double strategist, not a good idea there's no front line gener- DID HE JUST BUY SIMA YI FOR 2K LIKE IT WAS NOTHING!?"

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