Transfer MP4 Videos/Movies to iPhone or iPad without iTunes

Transfer MP4 Videos/Movies to iPhone or iPad without iTunes

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Transferring a video or movie from a Mac or PC onto an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can be a great way to watch your favourite video or Youtube shows offline. The best thing is, you don’t even need to use iTunes. If you are someone who travels a lot and has poor or no internet connection, you can still watch clips or movies whilst you are out and about. VLC for mobile is a FREE App which can be downloaded to an IOS or Android device.

This process isn’t just limited to transferring videos as you can also transfer music and albums to listen to online too.

The first step to transferring your videos onto an iPhone or iPad is downloading the video you would like to transfer across. Not sure how to download? Follow my Guide to Downloading YouTube Videos

Step by step guide;


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hi I'm Louise Elizabeth and welcome to every bit helps today I'll be showing you how to transfer downloaded videos onto an iPhone or an iPad and I hope you enjoyed this video today and if you do then please give me a like hit the subscribe button and share if you feel that others may benefit I previously created a tutorial of how to download YouTube videos to watch offline and have since been asked how to transfer those videos onto an iPhone or iPad so if you have a favorite show or clip that you'd like to watch offline traveling or have poor internet connection you might want to pop it onto your phone or an iPad to watch whilst you're out and about and that's the process I'll be showing you today with the use of VLC player for mobile and VLC for mobile plays most different video formats directly without the need to convert and it's completely free as well so if you open up the App Store and type in VLC for mobile and you'll see an icon that looks a little bit like a traffic cone if you click on to get and then open up that application we're then going to click on to learn more so there are different ways that you can sync your files across so you can use an iPhone onto your Mac or PC using a cable and using iTunes you also have the ability to share via Wi-Fi now I personally find this the most convenient way obviously you don't have to have the cable with you and this is the process I'll be showing you you can also use the cloud so you have got the ability to upload by a Google Drive or by a Dropbox you have different playback options in here and the application is completely free as I said an open source now the way that I'm going to be showing you today is sharing via Wi-Fi so what we need now need to do is click on the little traffic cone in the top left hand corner and if we then turn on sharing via Wi-Fi and once you have that you'll then see an address in here which we're going to use and we're gonna put into a browser now so now what I'm doing is just typing in that IP address that they provided with me in a moment into a search bar and then it will say sharing via Wi-Fi and all I simply need to do here is I can drag the files into this drop file section or I can click on the plus button now I'm just going to take my file now and I'm going to drag that into that section at the top and it'll just take me through the progress bar here let me know how much is actually downloaded and the file is now downloaded so what will I do is head back to my mobile and if you then open up your VLC player and click on to all files your video will then appear in your all files section and from here you can obviously play your video at any time offline out while you're traveling or on the go so that completes how you transfer a video onto an iPhone or iPad I'll also put a link below to a step-by-step guide which would be available on my website at reviews and tutorials then please hit subscribe or head over to my website thanks and I'll see you soon

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