Transformers 2 ROTF Movie Deluxe Skids aka MC Paddington Review

Transformers 2 ROTF Movie Deluxe Skids aka MC Paddington Review

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My Video Review of the Transformers 2 Revenge of The Fallen Movie Deluxe Skids AKA MC Paddington!

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well uh transformer fans is a showing long-headed transformers matrix being a Transformers Revenge of allmovie toy review this time a Transformers here revenge of the Fallen movie deluxe MC Paddington decayed skids OMC penny can looking so fresh though look at that paint job oh yeah he's fast and furious up in this job anyway he looks really nice but a really nice color scheme here and the cool little black pink scheme I'll block got the jams growing right there and it says his name on here cuz MC manga needs to know that you need to know his name's thanks kids you definitely had better paint job than his brother and samosa so here's the twins back to back you can see the similarities but they are both there for instance there are Chevy be than the Chevy Trax you can see that MC Paddington's pink oh this is so much more fresh than the muff oh man more fresh to the mofo okay the part I was looking for to buy my show anyway and let me show you the transformation of silver contain tar start by taking out the side pieces here with the door to bring down the legs here let's bring down the other side this can get a little messy but we're gonna do this so we're gonna bring it down alright now we're gonna bring down the feet here bring down the feet and bring them to the side do the same bringing that bring them to this side right here at least pieces are really cool Lots this lets us okay so I know rotate these side pieces down we're gonna fold in this one show we're gonna fold this in and this whole is gonna tap into their or this household something like that you know anyway so we're to bringing this in yes it's nice there we go and straighten out the leg here there we go we got that see the other side so fold in the window bring this down now shame the leg real quick to bring this down alright hold this hand and we're gonna tab this in you got the legs now we're gonna focus in this part so we're gonna tab this my school fold this in because we're gonna pull the bad in later I bring up the head while you're doing it so cool that in bring up the head is cool Paddington ahead right here we're gonna fold a friend card in like this what you're gonna do we're gonna take the back so I guess for the arms here spread them out pull them out here this is gonna be a little messy but it's okay we're gonna get this good get through this each on this back right here you push this and there you go might seem like you're breaking but don't worry you're not now we're gonna rotate this 180 degrees sure this piece is folding back like that so this low tab will go into that hole so we can put these tabs into these holes let's do this to your pillow for a while everything will tap in and get out quite nicely that way you can put this little piece into the back of this head right here make sure you're bringing these parts up like so are you God revenge upon deluxe gifts in this MC Paddington mode once the Penningtons looking first with his grille and his monocle he'd be blinging you very nice you can see that he has an Autobot symbol along his crotch you know even his crotch is blinging very nice cute little feet got the big old masturbating hand from a mill phone for articulation Paddington's head can rotate 360 degrees as well as go up and down his head arms can rotate 360 degrees they've been at two points at the elbow rotate three and six degrees at the elbow this wrist can rotate 360 degrees this hand the finger of the thumb I mean can go up and down and the fingers can go in so he does have finger articulation kind of in this hand his legs can go forward and back and then I've been at two points at the knee here and this feet are on the ball joint so they can rotate go up and down see Pennington has two gimmicks you see on this arm you clint's this button in like you know if you give him his money boom yo where's my money man first Michael I can make if you push down on this grill these parts pop up in his head Bob and stuff so I'm MC Pennington I'm here to say I'm in the Transformers movie directed by Michael Bay I'm a Chevy Trax and I am green my brother is the muffler but I Amy hey that is mean this comparison time so here you can see MC Pennington same size as his twin brother a little bit smaller than deluxe sideswipe so there's a little bit shorter and if you only get one a penny thins the way to go he definitely has some more fun look has a better paint job his transformation is a little more complex but you know I really like him but you definitely should get both the twins they have good articulation they have fun gimmicks and they're just durka durka fun anyway hope you guys enjoy my review stay tuned for more transform reviews as well as letter tour you subscribe to my channel if you like it was how long my god your mother Mississippi tracks in I am green Tim

47 Replies to “Transformers 2 ROTF Movie Deluxe Skids aka MC Paddington Review”

  1. 22MINIMAN22

    mudflap: I got kung fu grip you cant get me kung fu gri

    skids: hoo hoo hoo hoo waaaaaaaaaa


  2. grayfire777

    i love your reviews man but they always look and sound like you had 50 redbulls and 2 hours of sleep, but keep up the good work!

  3. theprimo100

    pmmtetepmmmtetepmmmtepmmmm,im mc paddington
    and im mofo
    we be rappin' for sean long
    cuz hes our bro
    and for all those people
    who think that we're racist
    you can suck our popcicle
    love mudflap and skidz
    stick with the twins yo
    shut up!

  4. nightslash3535

    You can choose between Soundwave and Mixmaster, which is which, it's your guess(don't buy Sideswipe, he's awful).

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