Trying to FIX a Faulty PlayStation Vita Game & Memory Card

Trying to FIX a Faulty PlayStation Vita Game & Memory Card

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Hi, in this ‘trying to fix’ video I attempt to repair a PS Vita Game (Rayman Legends) and 4GB memory card.
Mike’s Amazon Store

Remember that this is just for entertainment and I am not an expert in these repairs. The processes in the video may not be the best way, the correct way or the safest way to fix these things.
I do love fault finding and trying to fix broken things so I hope that comes across in this ‘Trying to FIX’ series.
Many thanks, Vince.

hi there my name's Vince from my mate Vince comment in this video say stop my fix it video another video where I've bought something 40 off ebay and I'm gonna do my best to fix it now I think I've bought is only tiny yet the package is quite big and that's because the seller actually recognized by eBay account and he's thrown in some extra bits as well so first of all let me just show you what I have actually ordered i've ordered up a 40 PlayStation Vita game this one here Rayman legends earns it says it was up for 4 pounds now obviously I didn't know the seller and I put an offer at 250 because I thought to myself I think it's unlikely that this is gonna be fixed it's free delivery so obviously there's next to no money to be made on that for the actual seller but I thought I'll put the offer in at 250 and I'll see what happens and then I'll show you the message I got back so where it says here 40 the game will not load up no matter what system I've tried it on it will not recognize it in there no idea what anybody would want to buy it but I've listed it for $4.99 in case somebody wants to was it $4.99 I had 4 pounds so maybe it was listed for $4.99 originally please see the pictures for the item you buy free UK postage now if I was to actually get this working and I think you've had a box and stuff you could sell this to cex for 7 pounds I think buying it from cex in the UK is 15 pound so obviously you see nobody would really buy it for 5 pound when you can only sell a work in one for 7 pound although cex sell it for 15 pound that doesn't mean that that's the market rate that's what they sell it for because they've got to give a two-year guarantee and obviously they've got premises to up keep staff and everything like that I'm sure you could probably then get this game I haven't looks but I'm sure you could probably get it working on eBay for 10 pound so realistically to power 50 is a very fair price because it's broken and it's unlikely that it is gonna be repairable but anyway oh yeah I didn't know whether the seller wouldn't accept it or not and this is the message that I got back that you can see why it made me laugh hello Vince from my mate Vince so basically obviously I never knew this seller watched me or anything so says hello Vince from my made Finn's I wouldn't have usually accepted a really low offer which it was a very low offer but trick to see if he can get it sorted on a vid was impressed with your Xbox one pads even if they were Frankenstein ones Mike so then I message Mike back he messaged me we had a bit of a chit chat back and forth and he's actually thrown in other bits here now Mike does actually sell on Amazon so let me just show you his Amazon shop and then if you want to get anything gaming related have a little look on there because there might be something that you might find interested why ok this is the name of his Amazon shop one-up gaming limited and there is loads and loes pages and pages of games and also films as well so check it out there might be something on there that you might like but so now let's open this up and let's see what's in here ok right let's start with the Vita oh well it's in detected by Vita oh he's given me a little memory card as well walk them plays fine but doesn't fast forward and reverse joique on motherboards right excellent so what he said was he had a couple of gherkin motherboards that he just stripped for parts one of them I think the rail was broken where their joy Conrad attaches and the other one I want to say here sorry of them droidcon rovers when connected to the switch it syncs physically but couldn't get any buttons to work though right ok oh no give me that as well please give me loads right so this is the one that it syncs up apparently the buttons don't work and I thought that would make a really interesting video so it syncs up it recognizes it's there but then the buttons don't work I can't see any obvious sign of corrosion or anything on it but obviously there's a chip on here somewhere that controls that and I thought that might be quite a nice video so I'm looking forward to doing that one so keep your eyes peeled for that one right I can't remember the main floor but the latch has come off the rail connector the latch has come off the rail connector to latch it must be on the inside hold on there it's the the you know the clip where this clips into so basically this goes into here and then there should be a little cover that clips down onto it that's what so that's what that is right okay yep so again I haven't got spare bits of joy' cons so I'm looking forward to looking at both of them I think they'll make her make a good video my door on one video might be two videos now what we have here is a Sony Walkman this looks like quite a modern one so this one says that's her it plays fine but it doesn't fast forward and reverse so basically that's perfect for me isn't it I've still got a couple of walk with videos to do but that's that's going to be a good one to work out why it plays so it's not about fall unless you know what it could be about fault because maybe when it's fast forward or rewind in the belts on the slightly more strain and then it starts it starts slipping possibly but that's going to be an interest in what I always like working on the warp ins so now let's check this out now i wonderful walkman after zoom both of these are not being detected now straight away I'm looking at that and it looks perfectly clean so I think this is probably going to be a fault with the chip inside here but it's worth so we have taken it apart and check it out just in case and we have this here as well so this isn't Lea recognized now with these I don't think you can take them apart I think they're all I think this is part of it if you know what I mean I think it's just molded around the chip because if you look really really closely then just give that a little clean it's gonna be so hard to say how done that it was focusing now I don't know if you can sort of see a pattern where the light bounces off it but basically I think this is the actual chip self like her like an SD card so there be little traces going everywhere and then the chip will be you know will be just inside I suppose the plastics just kind of molded round it so I don't know I don't actually think these separate as such I think they're just all molded together but still maybe what we could do is maybe we could get a fiberglass pen and rub it all away to see if any of the traces are missing but again they're gonna be absolutely tiny but still it's gonna be interesting right so here's the game so there's pop it in my veto just to make sure that it is definitely not working yeah it's definitely not recognized yeah it's not doing anything so a working game will do this yeah and then that will move to the actual one yeah so whether I put that one in or out it's still just coming up with zero gigabytes here managed content on memory card so it's not recognized at all that's what it looks like when you put a memory card in that works it will come up with up here so for example you can see that this is a 4 gigabyte 4,000 megabyte card right so I think in this one we'll start on the PS Vita game anyway see if we can see anything obvious with that right so looking around here it looks like there's a scene that goes right the way around the edge this is basically being glued shut so it's not like a sort of old NES cartridge that you can just take apart this is glued so by opening it up probably when will end up breaking it but before we do it let's just clean it I mean it looks perfect at the moment absolutely perfect but I'm gonna clean it because obviously once I open it up there's a very good chance it's not going to go back together again or I might end up snapping the case so we might as well do this just just to prove 100% that it's not the fact that it stays clean no definitely not being recognized alright let's give it a little scrape with this just in case I know this all looks absolutely perfect so are no really I'm wasting my time no 100% that has not been recognized let's crack it open so it looks like this is not going to be repairable but BHS and see the inside of it anyway I think I'm gonna have to use the blade so it looks like it goes across here and then it jumps up for this bit I was across the front and then goes back up to the seam again managed to break into the corner there so now hopefully I can work my way along look excellent look at this it really is coming apart quite nicely there we go and that's the front bit there look at that alright okay this is it's absolutely tiny SanDisk there you go so the same ones that make the SD cards wonder what they all have that number on them so what must have happened one of these traces somewhere must be damaged or do you know what I had an SD card once which I applied heat to well doesn't mean to indirectly applied heat to and basically it wasn't recognized I wonder whether this might have overheated might overheat might have got to this is if it was if it was repairable which I know it's not going to be because what is there to repair just see what I mean but if it was repairable then this would definitely be repairable here right okay so you can see now that for example this one here if you have a look at this one so this one goes up and then it will go through that via to the other side but obviously we can't actually get to the other side so unless I'm going to see a break along here then there's gonna happen I wonder why we've got order are these test points here or something I wonder why we've got all these here maybe I'll would this be to put the game on the car to begin with so for example you slot it into a machine maybe it gets air programmed by these points here wrong another very close to clip myself and if I find anything then I will show the camera probably but no I think I found what the fault is I won't be able to fix it but I think I found out I'm gonna zoom in and show you in a minute but check this out so basically we have some of them that are ground so if you have a look here the first pins ground the third is and then the second last one is to check this out also the last one is as well there I'm going to show you the circuit board in a minute it doesn't look like that last one should be now if we go on to my other games that all test in the same so the first third and then the second last the look not the last one this one here third second last not the last and none of the others so they seem to be the same on all of them but definitely not the last one so I've got a pin in that that's why this Raymond one is not working so there nothing nothing nothing second last and not the last one so that is that appears to be what's wrong with it that last one is acting as a ground when it shouldn't be now when i zoom in I'll show you why I mean by the circuit board well so basically you can see now if you look at number one here which is ground can you see also goes round two it's gonna be so hard to show in the camera but if you have a look odd odd but if you have a look up here can you see it kind of looks like a bubbly mess but look it goes up here and can you see it goes backgrounds can you see that that's joined there forget about this one that goes there through a fire to the other side of the board but with this one it goes around here and it goes to there now it doesn't go to here because you can see that that's separated it doesn't go to here cuz that's separated all they're all there that one goes up to there it goes all the way up here and it comes all the way down here can you see it goes round here and it comes down to this one but look it shouldn't be on this one because look that is separated there so why is it on there it must be the chip on the other side has God has got a short inside just in case it was something through here I am gonna get a fibreglass pen and I'm gonna clean all around this area just in case there's something that I can't see with my eye and when I get it back to copper I might be able to see it but look it does look absolutely intact here so if it's not here it must be actually on the chip on the other side that's causing it but I'm gonna clean it like this this game is ruined it's never it's never gonna work so I might as well be I might as well learn something from it I wonder does that last pin actually do anything if I was to remove it would it would it make a difference I wonder or would only would would maybe part of the game work but not the whole thing and it's good that it also gonna clean the sides as well just in case it's somehow doing short at the sides right you can get a much better look at it now well let's measure it again I mean there's no join there whatsoever is there no it's still short and you see so why is it shortened if these two are not joined it must be the other side you can see that there's a gap going all the way along here it doesn't make a difference so it's whatever's happening on the other side that's join them two together do you know what just for a just for the hell of it before I completely break it I'm gonna get a bit of masking tape and I'm gonna cover up this last one so it's the same as it not be in there and I'm gonna put it in my Vita and see if it makes any difference or not see what happens now you can see I've got it completely covered up nothing so obviously that last pin isn't is needed yet nothing's happening at all right let's start scraping away the back see if we can see if we can see anything I've never really seen what's inside these I'm quite curious as to know you know how is the chip actually formed I presume the chips made and then the plastics just poured all over it so I'm just gonna be concentrating on this side here because it looks like this is where the fault is I must stress that will I do this obviously I'm gonna be damaging the the wires and stuff the traces when I get to it it's just that what else can I do you know this is not repairable and I obviously haven't got the equipment to try and get the game back on there and even if you had I've got a feeling that it has actually got a short hence the reason that these two are going together so I don't think even if you had the equipment to put the game on there that this particular one would work I think I'm gonna be here all week I'm not making any difference to it at all all I've done is taking the shine off it look hasn't gone down at all how else to get into it I really want to see the other side of it both so use sandpaper I just scraped off the bit there as well because I just want to know why there was a little bit kind of at the end of the pins right now if all the sort of pressure on it you can see I've cracked it here right okay well it's never going to work now but you can see I can see a little bit of glass in there disk there you go so the same ones that make the SD cards I wonder what they will have that number on the rock can you see there so you would see that you'd have to go through a good millimeter of this plastic before you got to it yeah okay well there you go that's safe easy that's not going to work now let's see if this short let's see if the shorts gone on this pit yes the shorts not there now let's leave the shorts on this bit here no okay so there you go that's it's not shortened now so the faults gone but so has the game unfortunately right do you know what the only thing I'm disappointed about is that I didn't get a chance to apply heat to it because I kind of wanted to sand it back see what it was and then at her last ditch attempt I was going to apply heat to it but I know he normally ruins it but I just wanted to see if it was gonna if it was gonna do anything yeah okay that's a shame actually looking at it very closely it's a lot lives basically next to the contacts so to get to it probably would have been you'd have to scrape through the whole thing because if you look closely here now can you see where it's shiny it's right next to the actual goat cold contacts here yeah so you know I knew that once it was a fault with that it wasn't going to be repairable I'm actually pleased though that's how I kind of worked out that it was short in there so I but do believe that we have proved what the fault is I don't think that last one should have been shortened it's not sure than underneath any of the other games and I think that's what was knocking it out but unfortunately because there's no way to get to the chip to do anything then it's not repairable well not repairable with the tools that I've got whether other people can repair them or not I do not know right okay yeah anything anything I can do if that that's gone there I'm wondering is it even worth looking at this thing here because I've got a fin it's gonna be the same sort of same sort of thing here I'd say what we do because this one doesn't work let's on this video let's sand back this as well just to see if we can see anything on there but again it's not going to be it's not going to be anything obvious if for example I sand this back and I don't see anything that looks like it could be repairable then I think just for the hell of it we'll add heat to it just to see if it makes a difference again there's no point in cleaning it because you can see it's absolutely spotless there's nothing wrong with that all the varieties is going to look pretty amazing let's clean it a little bit of IPA and then have a real close look at it wow look at that let me zoom right in Oh My look at that how amazing is that that in itself is a work of art look at that now just to get a perspective of how small it is look at my fingernail compared to those tiny little tracks well what I'm going to do is get my magnifying glass obviously I'm not going to be able to do anything about here but if one of these were broken then that could be for example if one of these weren't connected to the ground then that could be an option look at that is just unbelievable isn't it look how small it is that isn't a big lump by the way they're all separate individual tracks look that is amazing and this is these are quite old this is quite old technology so I wonder now if you were to get 128 gigabyte one would there be even more tracks on it or does it not work like that unbelievable well let me get my magnifying glass have a good look at this alright I'll be looking through my little eye glass here and unfortunately I can't see any breaks here so again it's probably going to be related to the chip itself let's just go across each of the tracks to begin with just to make sure that these pins are actually connecting to these here so I presume all this rounds here is grounds but so that's definitely connecting and this is going to be ground as well yeah okay so this one goes off to this fire here they're so small don't even see it okay we've got continuity there and not on the others let's just see you make sure there's no shorts no this one goes to just here and again no shorts here no shorts they will just go to here that made no shorts that's a shame see if it was broken here possibly if there was just a crack just here or something then that would be fixable oh well okay nothing that can be done that's just in case we thought a scraping I've done something is pop it back in see if it's recognized and then if not we'll heat it up and see then is this gonna short out I wonder now don't want to break my skin a ShoreTel isn't it let's put a bit of tape around there don't I break my Vita well worth taking this apart now not recognized right let's add some heat to it and see if that makes any difference no point in applying any flux or anything I'm just gonna heat up the whole thing I think I could see glowing Wow well that's had a good heat in there to see if that makes any difference some discoloration across the middle there so maybe that was the weak spot on it don't know why is that cool down enough to wrap it up again it's still not recognized right okay time to give up on that let's pop my Oman back in just to make sure that it is still there it is still working all my games are back again Hikari Warriors 3822 megabytes so that is it for this video unfortunately yes it was a failure do you know what it was always going to be a failure unless it was dirty contacts and obviously Mike would already know about that if he's in the business of selling games and stuff like that he's gonna have probably learned about cleaning games a long time ago but I've really enjoyed looking at this one here I mean I just didn't dream it would be so involved I mean that just shows how naive I am but I mean that is just absolutely amazing it really saved that that is a work of art you could wear that as a ring or as a necklace or something look at it I mean that's just that's just amazing if you were to clean that all look at it it's beautiful right so yeah failure but both very interesting so the PS Vita I'm upset that it's snapped because I would have liked to have heated it up just to just to give it a chance I know it's not going to make a difference I know sometimes with things like HDMI chips and stuff you can heat them up and they might work for a short amount of time but then they're gonna fail again but I would have liked to have just heated up just to see I didn't get the opportunity here because it snapped on me because I was being a bit vigorous with it but I it's spots a photonic you know the fact that these two was shorted together and I could have been lucky they could have been some kind of like slight corrosion or something up here but that was not the case so 100% I'm pretty sure that the chip inside of here would have gone would have had an internal fault on BET's and with this again I'm convinced again it's the chip I can't see it being anything I can't see it being anything else because all of these things basically go straight through the wires then into well I suppose they go into the chip but then you've got all these traces here so it's possible if you were to look at every one of these that there might be a kind of short or a breaking in one of them but there's absolutely nothing you're gonna be able to do with that because there's no way you're going to be able to solder a single trace on that but again it was possible that one of these ones have gone here not in this instance but it was possible and with them you would have been able to possibly just repair that and it would have been working so yeah of course I couldn't get them working but you know I still enjoyed the video and it's still nice seeing the inside of it hopefully you enjoyed it too big thanks to Mike for sending them over and also I'm really looking forward to doing this one here with the the buttons not working so the very fact that rail is not connecting we might be able to just put the rail in and put a bit of captain tape over that might be able to get away with that one but with this one here the fact that it's not recognizing any inputs I think that's going to be a really interesting one so I'm really looking forward to checking that one else about them two are going to be in another video or it might just be the one video not too sure yeah and then of course the Walkman again has me intrigued why it doesn't fast forward and rewind yeah it does play because the thing is it all comes from the same motor unless it is an actual mechanical problem to say that they all seem to be going in okay so again I think it's going to be an interesting one so Mike big thumbs up to you thank you so much for sending those over that is one up game in if you're having a look on Amazon give them a little bit of support check it out see what he's selling and if you want something maybe buy from him and then you help everyone out so yeah that is it for this video if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and please subscribe for more trying to fix videos take care bye now

25 Replies to “Trying to FIX a Faulty PlayStation Vita Game & Memory Card”

  1. IndiiSkies

    My Mate VINCE, Heat isn't the answer to everything. If the chip had a tiny wire ran across it, it would disconnect or snap due to stress when you apply heat.

  2. Mitchell Olislagers

    I would actually love to see you turning that memory card into some kind of jewellery. It would make such an original piece to wear or gift!

  3. Sergiy Botsman

    I would try formatting it on PC using a vita memory card to regular sony memory stick adapter on a USB card reader and some partitioning software

  4. slysnake96

    @My Mate VINCE As soon as i saw it was San Disk the first thing i looked for was a crack XD and with the Vita memory card the issue is most likely a filesystem corruption causing the memory to become read as raw rather than it's correct format. The filesystem corruption issue happens allot to SD, Micro SD and USB drives alike.

  5. TheSlysterII

    Good video Vince, and now we know Mrs. Vince is getting a ring or necklace for her birthday lol! Keep up the videos mate, I really enjoy them.

  6. TheMapeha

    most of the memcards needs a homebrew formatting tool to revive. PS2 has that and it works. console couldn't format the memcard but the tool can do it. a hacked vita is gold

  7. gamermanjames

    have you thought about getting a blanked or something to kinda off dampen the beeping so you don't have to turn the video volume down for the multimeter? just a thought

  8. Michael Lonergan

    I'm not surprised it cracked, I thought I could see that crack at the very start when you took it out of the casing before you did anything to it. That was my first thought when you took it out, "oh looks like a crack on the back! " and it looks like the proper crack later was exactly along the same trace as the crack I saw at the start, with a slight curve to it.
    Update, Oh, now I see you acknowledged the crack 😂😂. Commenting too early haha.

  9. ian styles

    That fold looks like the game was twisted when it bust, so when you put games in don't tug back as you push them in the vita.

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