[Tutorial] How to use a PS4 controller on PC with ANY DARK SOULS GAME!

[Tutorial] How to use a PS4 controller on PC with ANY DARK SOULS GAME!

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Technically it’s ANY game, but this is probably the only game in the world you’d want to play with a controller as opposed to a mouse and keyboard.

This video shows you:

How to use a PS4 controller for Dark Souls.

How to use a PS4 controller for Dark Souls II. (Dark Souls 2)

How to use a PS4 controller for Dark Souls III. (Dark Souls 3)

Download InputMapper tool over here:

Download Dark Souls here:

Download Dark Souls II here:

Download Darks Souls II again here, because From Software made a new Steam game for an updated Dark Souls II as opposed to just adding a free DLC for the first game so that they could achieve their goal to get more money:

Download Dark Souls III here:

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everyone today I'm doing a tutorial on how you can get your ps4 controller to work with dog Souls 2 on Steam this also applies to any other games that support controllers that you're having trouble using a ps4 controller on so firstly what you got to do is find the game you want on Steam and check if it's got control support controller support if it hasn't and there's going to be another tutorial for this but if it has all you need to do is go over to the store page on the community hub um the store page and just make sure that over here it says full controller support I guess partial controller support with Brook in some cases but whatever alright so you got to get input mapper which basically fools your application into believing that you're using an Xbox 360 controller Xbox 360 controllers are compatible with controller support games on Steam so our ps3 controllers but for some reason Sony did something weird with the ps4 controller so they're not ok to open up input mapper and make sure that your ps4 controller is not currently plugged in then you open up Dark Souls 2 forgive me if it's loud which it likely will be and use your mouse to navigate and open up the game I hope the game's not louder than me whatever I don't care this is a game server for dark souls2 i hope you can't hear the background noise um and just go to just go to any save or anything just enter a game and skip everything all right here we go now when you're in the actual game just played with the keyboard and mouse jokes um I bet you thought was going to be it okay now now plug in your ps4 everything the USB slot you should hear a few sounds and vol out you're good to go but just make sure that you don't I'll tab out I'm pretty sure bad things happen if that's done and enjoy dog souls 2 with the way it's supposed to be played the controller you can enjoy dogs souls 2 with the controller anyways thanks for watching if you want to see more gaming videos on all of them will be tutorials make sure to subscribe and if this video helped you make sure to leave a comment and a like because that's your that's my payment my tech support I guess so thanks for watching and good bye

27 Replies to “[Tutorial] How to use a PS4 controller on PC with ANY DARK SOULS GAME!”

  1. RitzKritz

    For some reason, when I try this on SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN dark souls 2, it only lets me play with the touch pad on the controller, while the buttons and everything else dont work

  2. Timmonsisold

    I now it's a late comment but just plugged in ps3 controller and its a no go on trying to get it to work. May just wait till my son can come over and DL that inputmapper program and use my ps4 instead. M&K target locking is a nightmare to try and circle : ( Thumbs up on vid .

  3. RSSpeacemaker

    I don't know man this software was kinda fucked. I don't know what the hell was up but my pc started doing weird shit the second I committed to the download.

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