Tutorial - Support: Updating an inReach Mini (PC)

Tutorial – Support: Updating an inReach Mini (PC)

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Learn how to update the firmware on your Garmin inReach Mini using your Windows computer.
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today we will show you how to update the firmware on your garment inReach mini using garment Express on a Windows computer to complete the update you will need a Windows computer in reach mini and a micro USB cable begin by taking your inReach mini and connecting it to your computer now open an internet browser and navigate to garmin.com slash Express on the Garmin Express page select download for Windows download and install the Express application agree to the terms and conditions and select Install once the install is complete select launch garment Express click the plus sign to add your inReach mini once it is found is select add device the next page shows the registration information and allows you to sign up for offers and promotions select next you will have the option to give your in reach mini a nickname once completed select next now you can see the home page of the device this is where you can check to see if there are any updates for your in reach mate click the view details link to see a change locker when you are ready click install accept the terms and conditions then select continue to start the update when the update completes Garmin Express will show you're in reach mini is now up-to-date check you're in reach mini and the update will start automatically it will return to the home screen when completed and that's it thanks for watching for more help visit support garmin.com

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