Tutorial - X-Mirage: How To Record iPad/iPhone Games

Tutorial – X-Mirage: How To Record iPad/iPhone Games

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what's going on everyone my name is Josh 19 and today I wanted to show you guys how to record iPad games using a program called X Mirage this would be great if you guys want to upload any of your iPad gameplay to YouTube or anything like that this is a great tool to be able to use for that so let me go ahead and first show you guys their website so this is a website which is X – Mirage comm this is the home page the if you click on the X mirage link here it'll actually give you some more information you can watch some videos on how it works and things like that it also has a button here for by now this program is not free it is $16 to have a license for it however it's definitely well worth it in my opinion I think this is one of the the better and best mirroring applications out there for your iPad or you can also use an iPhone with this as well also if you click on the download link you can download the actual program and it does include a 7-day free trial so you're welcome to try it without having to buy it first there are a little bit of limitations with the trial version you can't use fully fully use the record feature for a very long time you're kind of limited on the time limits and stuff on that but it does give you at least an opportunity to try it before you actually have to buy so let me go ahead and show you the program here let's go ahead and open up X mirage and we're gonna say yes because I had already had it running so this is what it'll look like when you open it up the Welcome tab this gives you some examples of how you would actually connect your iPad or iPhone to X Mirage in this case I have an iPad so I would select the iPad and I have iOS 7 I'll actually have iOS 8 now but it still functions the same way so I would choose iOS 7 the settings tab this is you can optimize it for different resolutions I've just left it at the default and then you can change your airplane aim this is how it would display on your air your a airplay on your iPad and then you can set a password in this case I just use one two three for you guys can use something more secure than that obviously but this is so that other people cannot connect to this if they were trying to and then the About tab this is going to tell you if you're licensed or unlicensed I have a registered copy because I've purchased it so it tells me that it's registered to me and that's really I mean that's really all you have to do in this particular case so let me go ahead and connect it and trying to show you guys what it'll look like and then I'll kind of demonstrate how you connect it again as well once I connect it up here okay so we have it connected here now so let me kind of run through this again all I did just swipe up and go to my control panel and then here it would display airplay in this case it already displays X Miraj Josh PC because I've connected it but you would just click there and you would go ahead and just select your X Mirage and make sure that your mirroring is swiped green or to the right so that way it does Mir and that's really all you got to do and that's now it's connected it works really well in my opinion in terms of its performance I've used a couple other mirroring programs and they there was a lot of delay and lag and I feel like this one works pretty good it's live display that you're like you guys are seeing right now is a little bit choppy so it may not be the best method to use if you were trying to livestream or something like that but again it does have a record function which is very very good quality and I'll kind of show you guys that in a second as well this little player that they have is a player that you can use to you can maximize it you can fullscreen it you can also this button here is record or you can click here as well and this is a little record button so that way you can actually record some footage as well so let me go ahead and I'm gonna click record and start recording something for you guys and we'll go ahead and open up a game or clash of clans and that way we can kind of take a look at this okay so again this isn't gonna be a little bit choppy for you guys but I'll show you the playback afterwards from recording and you'll see it's definitely worth it pretty cool I'll try to do some stupid zooms out so you guys can kinda see for you guys it may look a little choppy right here but when I actually do the playback it'll be nice and smooth so that's probably good we don't need to do anything very long then I'll go ahead and click the stop button here and then I'll stop my recording and go ahead and get out of this so you guys don't have to hear that sound okay once you hit the stop it's gonna have you bring up an export this is gonna your output is where you're gonna save it to in this case I'll just save it to my desktop so it'll be easy and you can change the name of it if you want I'll just leave it default for now and then I'll go ahead and click start export so this is gonna export out the actual file in terms of its sexual rendered copy of it it saves it by default as an mp4 as you can see here and I would recommend using the mp4 just because it'll be easier for you guys to upload to YouTube and things like that and as well as bringing it to recording programs and thing or editing programs and things like that okay so it's gonna head and finished so we don't need this open anymore so I'll close it and then I'll go ahead and disconnect my my iPad at this point and you whip I just clean clothes and that'll disconnect it all so if you click the X here it'll hide it down here as well so you can always just double click it here again and I'll bring it back up so let me show you guys a rendered copy that video real quick so you have an idea of how it would work so again this is the rendered version see that it's pretty smooth a little bit loud so it'll turn it down some okay so again when you guys originally watched it was a little bit choppy you kind of saw some of the different characters on the screen like the archers and stuff they were a little bit choppy as well as what I was doing in and out it looked like it skipped up and skipped back a little bit but you can see the rendered version is very smooth so this is great again for recording for YouTube if you guys need a record and you can use pretty much any type of game you want to play or anything I mean it doesn't have to even be a game you can record just about anything on your iPad but it's definitely a great tool here that I feel like provides a really good ability to record things for YouTube if you need to so I just wanted to show you guys that you know I thought it's an awesome tool and I know some of you guys like to record gameplay and stuff so I wanted to give you guys an opportunity to be able to record things from your iPad and stuff like that especially if you guys just recently got one for Christmas or anything like that so I hope this guys I hope this helps you 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  1. Ted

    Thanks, I followed your tutorial, downloaded it and mirror worked well. but I can't record it. no button or what so ever appeared .  How to record it please?

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