Ultimate $500 BUDGET Gaming PC Build 2019! 😱 BEST Budget PC for Beginners! (w/ Benchmarks)

Ultimate $500 BUDGET Gaming PC Build 2019! 😱 BEST Budget PC for Beginners! (w/ Benchmarks)

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Ultimate $500 BUDGET Gaming PC Build 2019! – What’s up guys, ProdiJay here, and today we build a $500 Budget PC that will play games at 1080p 60fps at the minimum! I’ve made a PC build back in 2018, but it’s time to make an updated video as new parts are available and prices have changed drastically since then. But anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the video as this is the best $500 gaming PC build of 2019!


🎮 Benchmark Tests 🎮
Battlefield V:
Far Cry 5:
Metro Exodus:
Apex Legends:


💻 $500 PC Parts List 💻
Graphics Card:
Power Supply:

💻 Alternative Parts 💻
Motherboard (4 RAM Slots):
RAM (16GB 3000MHz):
SSD (240GB):
SSD (500GB):
SSD (1TB):


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you want to save money well this video is sponsored by honey one the best browser extensions to save money at checkout for over 30 thousand sites the link will be down below are you looking to build the best PC on a budget but don't know where to start wait you came to the right video what's up guys it's Friday J here and here's the ultimate 500 PC of 2019 and just for a disclaimer I did not own all these items but instead I made sure to research every single item and look up the benchmarks for them I will not be including costs of Windows as its videos dedicated to the parts of the build now starting off I'm we needing a good budget CPU that will give us nice performance in games and be good for productivity which is why for this build and picked up the AMD rises fire 1600 going for about $115 and don't underestimate this rise in CPU because although the base clock is 3.2 gigahertz at the max precision boost of 3.6 gigahertz which even still can be overclocked fairly well with the stock cooler even reaching 4 gigahertz but regardless this CPU has a lot of value as has 6 cores and 12 threads which is quite good for productivity now the main reason why I chose an AMD CPU Intel the Intel CPU is because they're cheaper than Intel and the CPUs cores are taken advantage of when doing gaming video editing or just anything productivity wise and when it comes to CPUs the resin by 1600 has one of the best price and performance ratios so overall if you're the person that wants to play games of good performance or if you want to make youtube videos or anything productivity wise this rise in CPU is the one for you and now moving on to the graphics card which we're gonna want one that's gonna allow the PC to play most modern games at a good performance but at the same time find one that can fit our budget which is why I picked out an a gigabyte rx 570 going for about 150 dollars and with a bits clock of twelve hundred and eighty six megahertz with lots of room to overclock this GPU is gonna be a delivers 60 FPS for most games at the minimum also when I was looking for a graphics card for this build I saw that there was quite a lot of for gigabyte versions of this card but I was able to budget manage the build so we can get the 8 gigabyte version instead because 8 gigabytes allows for more the rear end we utilized for higher graphics and games so since we'll be getting well over 60 FPS and games we might as well play them look nice in the end if you combine both the GPU with the rise in CPU you'll be able to play most modern games at 1080p at 60fps quite smoothly next up we're gonna be needing a solid motherboard for this build which is why I decided to pick out the ass rock V 450 m micro ATX motherboard coming in at $65 now there isn't much to say about this motherboard aside from that has an AM 4 socket type so you do have the option upgrade to a better rising CPU in the future also I am happy to let you guys know that this motherboard does not need a BIOS update as I have done research and saw that some of the boards require a flash update when using out rise in CPU so there really isn't no need to worry about that also before I move on to next part in the build I will note that this motherboard only comes with two RAM slots so if you wanted to upgrade your ram into feature two possibly for RAM sticks instead you would have to buy a different a m4 motherboard but I will be leaving better alternative parts in a description down below if you guys want to make this PC build slightly better but overall there isn't too much to say about this motherboard as it does come with most of the socket inputs that you'll be wanting to use and in the end it'll fit all our needs for this build moving on we're gonna be needing some memory which is why I picked out eight gigabytes of ddr4 Ram clocked at two thousand six hundred and sixty-six megahertz and Patriot coming in at forty dollars and this is a pretty good deal considering that most ddr4 Ram sticks are more expensive than this and also you'll be able to dual channel with the to six to four gigabytes of RAM allowing the PC to work faster and this is necessary as Rison cpus need a good amount of RAM to perform efficiently which I would say that the minimum you would ever want to go when building a rising CPU build is eight gigabytes of RAM clocked at 2400 megahertz which of course you would want to stakes of four gigabytes of RAM din dual channel but for this Ram I think is a nice sweet spot because it's not 2400 megahertz while also it's not the thousand megahertz but this Ram will still perform quite well especially when it comes to opening up programs and games like Adobe Premiere or minecraft for example next up we're gonna be needing some storage because you're probably gonna want to play some games download programs like discord or even possibly make some youtube videos which will require a lot of storage which is why I chose the Western Digital blue one terabyte hard drive coming in at $45 now this hard drive is gonna have all the storage that you need for installing games or saving videos that you want to render because if you guys can't tell thousand gigabytes is a lot of storage and it's probably more than enough storage that you'll need but that's the good thing about it because you won't need to worry about having to upgrade your storage for a very long time but if you got extra money I would highly recommend also getting an SSD and putting your windows on there because an SSD has two awesome benefit of loading your programs faster so if you're interested in getting an SSD I will make sure to include some options down below now getting near the end we're gonna be needing a power supply to power up or PC which is why I decided to pick out a thermal Lake 500 watt power supply going for forty five dollars and what I like about this power supply is that this is more than enough to power up the build as the most amount of power the PC will need is about 300 watts so you'll be more than fine with 500 watts and also this gives us room for upgrades in the future like if you wanted to upgrade the graphics card for example and for more reassurance you get a five-year warranty on the power supply if something actually does happen to it but I think you guys will be fine as this power supply is 80-plus certified and then finally for our last part we're gonna be needing a decent case for our PC because as we all know all of our parts are gonna be stored inside a bit and we want our PC to look and stay cool while using it which is why I picked out a micro ATX tower case from coolermaster called the master box q 300 L coming in at $45 now one of the main reasons I chose this case is because you're able to see the interior of it from the acrylic side panel which is gonna be pretty cool to look at once you fully both the PC and overall this case is quite good as offers room in the back for cable management it has great airflow from the open design and this case can hold up to six fans if you plan on buying more but Indiana the main key to making a good budget PC is using a budget case because although you could spend a crap ton of money for you dope expensive RGB case it would be better money spent if you manage your money wisely for one as this what-a-light you spend more money on better parts like a better graphics card or CPU which you guys could even look at using some other case that's cheaper than this one if you so please and now if we add up the prices from all these parts it's gone total to about five hundred and five dollars before tax and trust me five dollars more than 500 is really not a big deal especially when you're spending that much but looking back through all these parts you're gonna have possibly one the best budget pcs they'll provide your National Forum at 1080p getting about 60fps at the minimum for most games while playing on high settings and if you want to see a general idea of how this PC performs I'll make sure to link down below some benchmark tests of PCs with similar specs but Indian guys the best part about this PC setup that there's always gonna be room to upgrade certain parts and add more to the setup and before and off the video I do want to mention that since the PC parts are from Amazon the prices are always subject to change in certain products may run low on stock opinion time and date so I would recommend getting whatever items you want as fast as possible before the prices or stock changes for the worst but in the end this is a budget video so that means that we gotta save money and there's no better way to save money than using honey which is today's sponsor honey is a free browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon code to check out for over 30,000 shopping sites in these sites range from Amazon Target Best Buy and way more and this extension is completely free it only takes two to three clicks to install into your browser so if you're looking to save more money while shopping for PC parts you can download honey using link down below but I hope you guys enjoyed the video is so drop a like and subscribe if you want me to make more videos like this also if you guys can come join my discord and link down below as I do love talking to my fans which after every video I always hang out my discs or talking to everyone and at the same time respond to all my comments and also I thought about this for a while and decided that I'm gonna start doing channel reviews on Twitter so if you want some advice or help with your channel just follow me on Twitter and send me a DM about what you need help with and I'll try my best to help you out but if you don't want a channel review you should still follow me as I do post updates of my videos and stuff but anyways guys thanks for watching and be sure to have notifications on so you won't miss any of my videos my name is Prada J and as always stay classy

26 Replies to “Ultimate $500 BUDGET Gaming PC Build 2019! 😱 BEST Budget PC for Beginners! (w/ Benchmarks)”

  1. ThrillerJ

    So happy you made this video I have been watching since 7k subs and really needed to find a great gpu for under 200$ that did not use an insane amount of power! Stay CLASSY

  2. ModzForLife

    hi what on is better setup

    Setup #1

    phanteks eclipse atx case

    amd ryzen 3 122 quad-core processer

    radeon rx 550

    hard drives 128gb ssd 1TB HD

    16GB G skill trident rgb

    2 hp 24 in Monitors

    Setup #2


    8gb corsair ram


    1TB HD

    800 watt psu

    2 asus 27in monitors

  3. Henry Morgan

    Great video. I am looking at building one and this is perfect. The only thing holding me back is building it. I feel like i'm gonna break it 😂. Great editing by the way! 👍

    Also, should I use SSD or Hardrive?

  4. Lars Soforenko

    Really nice video! I just built a similar pc with a Ryzen 3 with a rx580 and 16 gbs of ram and the same motherboard and power supply. Can’t believe you don’t have more subs.

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